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Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu, a.k.a. David Reynolds, is an American-born Theravada Buddhist monk, formerly a professional biologist, occasionally living in Burma, a.k.a. Myanmar, but now residing in California. He is pretty well fed up with political correctness, and is moved to make a stand.

Old website: nippapanca.org

Also: With the good intention of helping me to be more self-sufficient in the west, a dear friend has set up a SubscribeStar account on my behalf, with the proceeds being applied to requisites, and to general support of activities such as the writing of this blog. Anyone interested in supporting the cause may find the account at:


  1. Bhante 🙏🏻, are you in the States now? Are you teaching somewhere?

    1. Yeah, at present I'm staying at a Burmese place in the soviet socialist republic of California.

    2. Nice. I'm fledgling Theravadan Buddhist practitioner up in Ohio, of a right leaning disposition. Evola's book was very big influence on me...but I'm not as far out there as Brian up in Canada. Mostly I choose not get to involved. I would like to ask more questions about your practice and whatnot. Do you have an email or are you on Skype now?
      By the way, I used to read your old blog a few years back and used to get some genuine belly laughs out your journal entries 😂

    3. If I remember correctly my email address is on the nippapanca.org website. Also I do have a Skype account, although I haven't used it much.

  2. Jangchup777@gmail.comJanuary 29, 2020 at 6:53 AM

    Hello Sir Pannobhasa, you are an inspiration, thank goodness some monks are getting it. I was brought to ruin by evil sanghas and jews they all work together as an evil hive mind army, we live in a giant rackett cult world. Could you say more about the wall one hits after intense practice? You're so lucky you don't have to use money and own crap. Must be very realxing when you finally relax.. I was denied even the chance to try ordination and i did nothing wrong. They sit on million dollar properties, tell me to give my life away and not fight evil then theres "no room" at the monastery! I wish simile of the saw on them all the time! Please dont forget how bad it is out here in laylife. Goto the caves and never look back! Perhaps I could go too and be your attentent? I have about 18 years of buddhist study and been to most monasteries/groups. Anyway you are right to use medicine, it is one of the requisites, you are hardless heedless and you were probably being poisoned.

  3. Hello Bhante, The recently deceased Danish monk who lived and practiced in Sri Lanka for decades (Bhante Nyanadipa) has also translated the Attakavada.

    I thought you might be interested in his translation, he was reputed to be a very good Pali Scholar. Book below:


    Also, his official biography is published here - fascinating read given you are very complimentary towards forest monks who are like the lone rhinoceros.




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