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Paññobhāsa Bhikkhu, a.k.a. David Reynolds, is an American-born Theravada Buddhist monk, formerly a professional biologist, occasionally living in Burma, a.k.a. Myanmar, but now residing in California. He is pretty well fed up with political correctness, and is moved to make a stand.


  1. Bhante 🙏🏻, are you in the States now? Are you teaching somewhere?

    1. Yeah, at present I'm staying at a Burmese place in the soviet socialist republic of California.

    2. Nice. I'm fledgling Theravadan Buddhist practitioner up in Ohio, of a right leaning disposition. Evola's book was very big influence on me...but I'm not as far out there as Brian up in Canada. Mostly I choose not get to involved. I would like to ask more questions about your practice and whatnot. Do you have an email or are you on Skype now?
      By the way, I used to read your old blog a few years back and used to get some genuine belly laughs out your journal entries 😂

    3. If I remember correctly my email address is on the nippapanca.org website. Also I do have a Skype account, although I haven't used it much.


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