Ideological Civil War

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world.  —Robert E. Lee

I have stood your meanness as long as I intend to. You have played the part of a damn scoundrel, and if you were any part of a man I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it.  —Nathan Bedford Forrest

     Nowadays people occasionally speculate on the likelihood of real civil war occurring again in the USA. A recent poll by Georgetown University has determined that some 70% of Americans (at least of those polled) think civil war is immanent—which I assume means “very possible” and not “inevitable.” I have two observations to make with regard to this: 1) As I’ve said before, real, hot civil war is still more likely in Europe, methinks, with the USA possibly getting caught up in it by a kind of contagion after it begins elsewhere, though more likely warned away from it after it really breaks out somewhere else. Mass hysteria in America is pretty idiotic, but it also helps people to vent their passions, hostilities, and frustrations well enough that pressure doesn’t build so easily to the point of an eruption into nation-wide berserk homicidal frenzy. 2) Nevertheless, as many have observed besides me, we are already in a civil war in the west, a kind of ideological civil cold war. Very little blood is flowing in the streets, but still we’re not exactly in a state of “peace.” The United States does appear to be polarized into two hostile camps.

     What is happening, as far as I can tell, and grotesquely oversimplifying the case, is that an increasingly corrupt political system has been infected by a number of horrible ideas, especially on the left, including cultural Marxism and contempt for America, the European race, and western civilization in general, and this new ideology or cult or hysterical fashion trend or whatever it is has about half of Americans following it (and more than half in some European countries), or else just passively watching television and drinking their favorite beverage while their representatives, and bolshevik-style neo-Marxist activists, work to destabilize and undermine pretty much everything that not only America but much of western civilization has been based upon.

     Meanwhile, largely due to a strange combination of traditional values and alternative sources of information on the Internet, there is a resistance to the so-called resistance consisting of traditional conservatives, many of them Christians, and red-pilled “anti-SJWs” consisting of various groups, including cultural libertarians, classical liberals, and, yes, white nationalists.

     It seems to me that people on the left especially, but also to some degree on the right, are now ideologically manipulated through indoctrination (“education”) and propaganda (mainstream “news” and entertainment). I have already mentioned elsewhere the pseudo-democracy that this generates: the attitudes and beliefs of the masses are carefully controlled by a corrupt establishment, so that they are likely to vote for whatever the ruling elite wants them to vote for—and if the vote goes “wrong” for some reason, well then the ruling elite simply push for another election to undo and supplant the first one, or else go around the will of the people through some backdoor quasi-legal expedient. With modern technology especially the ruling establishment have made considerable progress towards creating a kind of Brave New World with the masses a huge flock of obedient sheep. Largely due to alternative news on the Internet, which the elites are trying to silence, the system is being demonstrated again and again to be utterly corrupt, shameless, and devoid of integrity or honor—mostly among leftists and globalists lately, but really it’s everywhere.

     Two of the most obvious examples of the empire striking back against the will of an uppity people who voted the wrong way are Brexit and Donald Trump, with the elites hardly even trying to conceal the fact that they’re working feverishly to cancel the outcome of those two great elections. But the manipulation and sleaze pervade Europe and the Anglosphere, with a vast multitude of similar cases; and a classic example is the raging hysteria whipped up by the media and the Democratic Party not so long ago regarding judge Brett Kavanaugh. The man is a totally vanilla, nerdy rich white Christian guy with a stellar professional and personal reputation…until President Trump tries to appoint him to the Supreme Court, at which point leftist activist accusers come forward claiming that Kavanaugh was a sexual predator when he was a teenager. All of these accusations were unsubstantiated, and made more than thirty years after the alleged misdeeds. The mainstream media was implying, if not flatly accusing, Judge Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist, with many on the left, especially females, howling in hysteria against this horrible monster an even more horrible monster was appointing to the Supreme Court. And of course when Kavanaugh became upset at the relentless slander and attempts at assassinating his character (purely for Machiavellian political reasons), the left claimed he was too emotionally unstable to be a Supreme Court judge. At the time of his admission to the Court there was literally a crowd of hysterical protesters outside the building beating on the door and trying to get in so they could disrupt the proceedings, and Democrats are still occasionally floating the idea of impeaching him based on nothing more than the same unsubstantiated accusations, plus of course Machiavellian expediency. I could go on and on, as there are a vast multitude of such examples of the globalist/leftist establishment manipulating the opinions of normies to further the “progressive” agenda. And to hell with truth, justice, and honor if they don’t serve the cause.

     Strangely, people on the left seem to see all this hysteria, including political correctness hysteria, as obvious common sense, even to the point of accepting as irrefutable gospel that men can menstruate and women can have a penis and Y chromosomes. Western civilization really is going through a time of mass hysteria, not so different in its humanness from witch scares of the early modern era or the choreomania, public self-flagellation, and antisemitic riots of the 14th century. The hysteria also facilitates some raging hypocrisy and double standards which those on the left especially accept with complacency so long as it’s their own side doing the cheating and lying. It’s all justified by the grand cause of bringing down western civilization and replacing it with Marxism 2.0 and feminized multiculturalism, supposedly.

     But the smug willingness for one’s own side to cheat is less bizarre than the fact that a great many lefties really do appear to be perceiving reality in a way very different from anyone else. What we have in America, and throughout much of the west, is two mutually incompatible alternative realities. This is no exaggeration. The society is divided up into two groups who interpret reality very differently in some important respects, more so than conservatives and liberals, or men and women, have traditionally yet usually peacefully disagreed in the past. To some degree the left has adopted a more feminine sentiment (and more than half of them are indeed women), which has much less use than their opponents for empirical, rational objectivity.

     It is noteworthy that one side in our civil cold war is almost entirely driven by a propagandistic mass media and “educational” institutions indoctrinating the masses and urging them on to hysteria. This should be fairly obvious considering that these folks are insisting on stuff that nobody could take seriously until just a few years ago, like taking children away from their parents if the government decides that a child is transgender and the parents won’t call them by the correct pronouns or approve sex change operations. The politically correct leftist position is clearly manufactured artificially, originating in cultural Marxist liberal arts colleges in the mid-to-late 20th century and gradually spreading by contagion to the media, globalist corporations like Google, Nike, and Procter & Gamble, political parties, and the people at large, especially leftist ones. Only recently has it reached critical mass and become aggressive and intolerant, which is one big reason why suddenly there is another large mass of people starting to push back.

     The other side, the anti-progressives, are human too of course and have their fair share of shortcomings, and might eventually become just as aggressively intolerant and Machiavellian if they were in control; but they do have the advantage of a great system, western civilization, thousands of years old, backing them up. In fact the liberal civilization resulting from the Enlightenment is one of the most politically enlightened social systems ever devised and implemented on a large scale, and it is this same tolerance which allows the neo-Marxists to howl in the streets and demand the abolition of most of what America has represented since its inception. (Let the anarchists, grievance studies activists, and radical environmentalists try protesting in communist China and see how far they get before being arrested and thrown in a prison camp, and possibly having their organs harvested.) At present, although I assume this has not always been the case, the political nationalist right throughout the west is less corrupt, less blatantly propagandistic, more traditional of course though still more tolerant and supportive of personal freedom, and now apparently more honest and honorable. The right has recently been freed from the rather narrow ethical dogmas of evangelical Christianity and the Machiavellian elitism of globalist neoconservatives, whereas the left becomes more intolerant of dissent, punishing and silencing those who dare to disagree with their often bizarre ideas, and accuse the right of crimes that the left is obviously more guilty of. Consider for example the Democratic Party’s and the mainstream media’s desperate attempts to find any punishable crime committed by Donald Trump, while running defense for their own side—Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Clinton Foundation taking millions in donations up until Hillary lost, the FBI spying on the Trump campaign, Joe Biden’s son very probably making millions for peddling political influence, the sleazy antics of Adam Schiff et al. in their attempts to impeach Trump, etc. etc. etc. And we needn’t even mention the late Jeffrey Epstein, whose pedophile friends were mostly on the left, and whose crimes and mysterious death have virtually been dropped from public notice by the people running the media and public opinion.

     The really weird thing is that it’s so obvious that the other side is wrong. One wonders how any sane person could take some of it seriously, and the dishonesty and corruption of the ruling establishment and their media allies is outrageously obvious, and people on the left don’t see it at all, or maybe just don’t care. Many of them really do seem sincere. That’s the crazy part. Then again, it may be just as obvious to them, somehow, that traditional western civilization and true liberal ideals are obviously far inferior to a kind of feminized neo-Marxism, which has turned from class struggle to identity politics as a means of seizing power—but, as I say, this sincere belief of progressive leftists is necessarily indoctrinated into them and maintained by a relentless flood of propaganda, with peer group pressure doing all the rest. The leftwing idealists can talk all they like about social justice; but events pretty obviously demonstrate that the struggle is not ultimately for justice, much less for realizing utopian ideals, but for power. The sincere idealists and activists are essentially shock troops for the corrupt globalist ruling establishment.

     At present in the USA, we are literally in the midst of a coup attempt, perpetrated not only by Democrats but also by a few globalist neoconservatives of the old Republican branch of the corrupt Uniparty. That, if it were successful, might trigger a real civil war, considering that Mr. Trump is beloved by most conservatives and is objectively doing a much better job of governing the USA than his recent predecessors. But the people who still believe what they’re told by most of the mainstream news outlets are pretty much clueless with regard to any coup attempt. They see it as impeachment of a bad, corrupt President because that’s what they’re told to believe—despite the fact that their own side is demonstrably much more corrupt. Hell, Trump may actually be less corrupt than any other President in the past hundred years. He’s been investigated non-stop for years by his implacable enemies, and they’ve found nothing really impeachable, so now they’re just making things up. Meanwhile, the normies abide in a relatively comfortable echo chamber, watch their TV, drink their beverage, and enjoy their cheap Chinese merchandise. Nevertheless, people have to wake up sooner or later.

     Who knows, the existence of two incompatible alternative realities, each believed by approximately half the nation, may eventually trigger some kind of eruption on a biblical scale. The trouble is that if the left get the civil war that the more intolerant lefties like Antifa demand, they definitely won’t like it at all. First of all they don’t have empirical reality on their side, considering that their ideology is based on feelings rather than facts. And furthermore, the war would be a matter of dysfunctional and feminized snowflakes, the bungled and botched, people who melt down at the drop of a politically incorrect hat and then call the hat a Nazi, against increasingly pissed off and determined homeland-loving nationalists who are armed to the teeth with pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and backed up by most military personnel, veterans, and law enforcement officers. The result would be lots and lots of leftwing activists hanging from lamp posts.

     An ideological civil war in the west would pretty likely be a no win scenario for the left, even though they might start with most of the corporate money and with Muslim migrants as their allies (until the Muslims inevitably turn against the feminists, shemales, and gay rights activists). They may be driven to start the hot war themselves though, out of sheer desperation and a compulsive need to keep doubling down no matter how bad things get for them. They’re now losing ground in the culture war in spectacular fashion; but if they up the ante to real physical civil war the culturally castrated social eunuchs will be slaughtered like sheep by normal Americans who are totally, completely, exasperatedly fed up with their insane nonsense.



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