Who Is a Greater Threat to Western Civilization: Muslims or Jews?

For the wrongdoing of the Jews, We forbade them good things which had been lawful for them, and for their dissuading many from the way of Allah, and for their taking of usury while they were forbidden from it, and their consuming of the wealth of the people unjustly. And We have prepared for the infidels among them a painful punishment.  —Quran 4: 160-1

     Some of you may recall that I wrote a post some time ago considering what has been the greatest disaster to befall the human race in recorded history, and I came to the tentative conclusion that it was the advent of Islam, mainly because of all the great civilizations it wrecked, or at least distorted and homogenized into Muslim societies. The closest runner up was Marxism. In what follows I intend to discuss what western civilization’s greatest threat might be in future, especially considering two very influential and more or less anti-western-civilization religious movements, Islam and Judaism. More specifically, I am interested in figuring out as best I can which Middle Eastern ideology is more dangerous to the civilization of the west—not just with regard to death and destruction of individuals, but with regard to the classical liberalism, individualism, and respect for individual rights which have made the west the leaders of world culture.

     Of course to the politically correct masses the title question is totally invalid, or worse than merely invalid. It is perniciously non-PC heresy, since the only acknowledgeable threat to western society must be white (European) men. On the new left it may be allowable, in some circles, to speak of a threat from western Jews, but I would guess that these particular leftists conveniently lump Jews, or at least the Ashkenazi and Sephardic ones, into the category of “white,” thereby allowing leftist radicals to loathe Jews and Christians simultaneously. Muslims tend to be brown and “marginalized,” however, and so they are victims to be defended, and never criticized, regardless of any crimes or other rampant nastiness committed by Muslims, past or present. Whenever brown people do something undeniably bad, it’s because Whitey compelled them to do it.

     I’m not insisting that either Jews or Muslims are necessarily an imminent existential threat to western liberal (in the Enlightenment sense) civilization, but nevertheless there appears to be some controversy amongst right-wingers over which group, or members of which group, will stick the dagger in first, or deeper, or into a more vital organ. I suppose a survey of the situation is in order, especially considering that I also would like to know which west Asian ideology is more of a danger to European values and ways of life. I’ve been contemplating this more than usual lately. Please bear in mind that I’m no expert, but I take a look at the big picture and call them as I see them. Both Islam and politicized Judaism have their own peculiar formidability, and also their own mitigating factors (i.e., strengths and weaknesses), which will be weighed and compared before I come to some semblance of a conclusion.

     According to one source I found on an Internet search, dated 2005, Muslims compose 22% of the earth’s population, or approximately 1.5 billion people. (Another source dated January 2019 had those numbers at 23% and 1.7 billion.) According to that same survey, the 2005 one, Jews compose 0.22% of the earth’s population, or around 14 million people—roughly 1/100th of the population of Muslims. (The 2019 survey had the Jews at 0.3% or 20 million.) Since I’m officially a Buddhist I may as well toss in, by way of contrast, the survey’s figures for world Buddhism: 6% and 376 million; although I have read that around the 4th century of the Common Era Buddhists composed more than half of the world’s population, including India, China, Central Asia, and large areas of Southeast Asia. So anyway, going with population numbers, Islam is obviously more likely to overwhelm a society and dilute it down to something more or less Islamic. Jews simply do not have the numbers to conquer the earth, or even a large nation, in an obvious militaristic invasion or occupation of territory.

     Also, Islam is more likely to be openly, blatantly anti-western, which of course includes an antipathy toward all the Jews in the west. More importantly perhaps, Muslims are also traditionally more violent. Jews are more inclined to adopt more or less peaceful means to further their religious and ethnic interests, for example by lobbying for changes in laws within a society, or by promoting propagandist narratives via the educational system and mass media. The Jews were formerly much more violent and barbarous than they are now—Yahweh may have originally been a Midianite or Edomite war god—but as they have become more civilized, they and their God have increasingly promoted attaining their ends, whenever possible, by peaceful means. Thus the Jews have been more willing to assimilate into surrounding non-Jewish cultures, and indeed they have assimilated, at least to the minimum required to get along, almost everywhere, as a diaspora living in symbiosis with a host civilization.

     So we could say that Islam has traditionally been rather predatory, whereas Jews have lived in a kind of symbiosis within other cultures, sometimes in a mutualistic relationship (in which both sides are benefited, as when European Christian nobles “kept Jews” as useful moneylenders), but also often parasitic on a society that they have resented and despised.

     It should be stressed, repeatedly, that not all Jews, or even most of them, have deliberately worked to destabilize, undermine, or otherwise damage western civilization in the past, but rather the culprits appear to have been wealthy, influential Jews and Jewish special interest groups working in large part to improve the lot of Jews in general. Anyone who looks at the evidence, and it’s there for all to see, knows that, for example, Jews are disproportionately represented in the mass media, higher education, politics (especially leftist politics), and anti-establishment social activism, let alone banking and economics; and the only thing that keeps this stuff from being obvious to most sheeple is that they (the sheeple) are manipulated by the same media, educational system, etc. which as a rule favors Judaism and Israel. Anyone who is skeptical of Jewish influence steering the west towards some form of Marxism or just plain cultural dissolution is welcome to read the facts, for example those recorded in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique (which is a big reason why that book is reputed to be the only scholarly work banned by Jewish-owned Amazon.com). Some believe that a relatively small number of astronomically wealthy, powerful Jews pretty much rule the world already, although the Rothschilds seem to be mentioned much more in this regard than patently more obvious agents like Soros; personally, I think such claims are exaggerated. No doubt some Jews are very influential in western politics, economics, and culture, arguably even too influential; but they don’t own the world yet, and I suspect that they never will.

     One complication with regard to determining which ideology, or ethnic group, is the greater threat to western civilization is the fact that Muslims are immigrating into the west in huge numbers largely due to efforts made by Jewish activists over a period of more than a century to promulgate a multicultural society—largely because ethnic diversity in general is advantageous to Jews, as it is less likely to be antisemitic. So the primary danger of Islam to the European west, which is infiltration and attack from the inside, may ultimately be due to Jewish political and social influence, which of course could put the Jews at the top of the danger list and answer the title question.

     BUT, it all depends on how you look at it. Consider a house on fire: The primary problem is the grease fire in the kitchen, and putting it out as quickly as possible, with contending with some presumed arsonist being something less urgent, though still an issue which must be addressed after the fire is out. In this analogy Israelites are more like that presumed arsonist, and the Ishmaelites (i.e. Mohammedans) more like the flames. Or let’s say that an assassin has probably been hired by some crime lord to eliminate you and your troublesomeness. Which is the bigger threat, the violent criminal following you or the guy who’s probably paying him? Again, it all depends on how you look at it.

     Another consideration is that the average Muslim, being a Mediterranean caucasian (like an Arab or Moor) or brown-skinned Asian or African, has a measured average IQ of around 90 or so, whereas the Ashkenazi Jews (the most activistic and numerous kind in the west) have an average IQ of at least 110—and general intelligence is much more important than lefties care to realize. One’s score on a standardized IQ test is a more reliable predictor of worldly success, along with a slew of other social benefits like likelihood of staying married to one person or not being a single parent, than any other observed quality, including race, social status of one’s parents, or educational status.

     This matter of mean intelligence also helps to explain Jewish success in the west without having to rely entirely on conspiracy theories (including very plausible ones with plenty of supporting evidence) regarding Jewish plots to shaft the goyim, let alone any collaboration with reptilian space aliens. Jewish people naturally rise to the top of human organizations, partly because of Darwinian natural selection imposed upon their ancestors by antisemitic European Christians in the Middle Ages and early modern era. Jewish predominance in the media, higher education, etc. is not entirely due to some insidious agenda for ruling the world—although of course that does not mitigate any efforts on their part actually to destabilize/undermine western civilization.

     Jewish cleverness is indeed employed to some extent against gentile western civilization, regardless of the (neo-Marxist) political incorrectness of this empirical fact. For example, the aforementioned control of the media and great influence in academia have been very influential in creating and maintaining an official narrative that favors Jews; the so-called Holocaust industry is an increasingly obvious instance of this, as evidence continues to unfold indicating that the genocide of Jews by Nazi Germany was exaggerated to some degree and used as a means of instilling shame and fear of antisemitism in future. So it’s not only a matter of Jews rising to the top of human organizations. Most western Jews do in fact lean leftwards (although globalist neoconservatism was also a Jewish invention), and a high percentage of Communists have been Jews; in the mid 20th century most members of the American Communist Party were Jews, and the proportion among the leadership was even higher. And at this point, after one hundred years of failed economies, totalitarianism, and genocide, anyone who thinks Marxism is still beneficial to society should have their head examined…and not by a Jewish psychiatrist.

     Clearly not all Communists are Jews, and not all Jews are Communists; but Marxism, primarily a Jewish invention and historically much favored by Jews, is arguably a greater threat to the west as a whole than a few hundred thousand dumbass jihadis. Though it is also true that Marxism has become a global cultural phenomenon and cannot be said to be primarily Jewish at present. Some of the worst Marxists are not of Jewish ancestry, and some Jews are vehemently opposed to Communism, if only because they prefer neoconservatism. So the idea that any threat of Marxist ideology itself should be conflated with Judaism as a threat to the west is debatable. It’s another complication in answering the title question.

     Some authorities, including the notorious Kevin MacDonald, point out that much of the Jews’ manipulation of western culture, though real, is really not intended directly to harm gentiles but rather to minimize the likelihood of violent antisemitism in future, plus of course to help their own “tribe.” (So it is ironic that the Jews’ own efforts to prevent violence against them may be what is primarily eliciting indignation and antisemitism in many westerners nowadays—in a sense they are bringing antisemitism down upon their own heads by their own actions, in accordance with the Buddhist law of karma.) There are no doubt more sinister motives on the part of some Jewish activists, like just hating the goyim and wanting to enslave or destroy the west, but that is drifting into deep conspiratorial waters, and the extent to which such motives are a significant factor in today’s world can hardly be proven, and such accusations tend to be the domain of the more radical sort of white nationalists. They may be right for all I know, but I tend to be skeptical of any worldwide evil cabals. I’ll believe it when I see it—really see it, not just see scraps of circumstantial evidence and more accusations. Global secret conspiracies are infinitely easier to think up than actually to implement.

     So, the Jews are more intelligent and manipulative, and the Muslims are much more numerous, obviously more violently aggressive, and overall more anti-western. Consequently, all things considered, I’d say that in Europe any existential threat is probably greater from Islam, or rather more immediate; though the USA and most of the rest of the Anglosphere are much farther removed from the Islamic homeland, and thus are in considerably less danger of an overwhelming Muslim migrant crisis/invasion. At any rate it really is looking like only civil war and some sort of ethnic cleansing could save European civilization in Europe from destruction at this point. (One other point regarding Europe is that, thanks to Herr Hitler’s antisemitism, and Stalin’s Soviet Union eventually turning against Trotskyite Jews, there are relatively few Hebrews still living in most of Europe; those who weren’t killed tended to emigrate to the USA or the newly colonized Israel. So this also tilts the scales in favor of Muslims to some degree in Europe.) Anyhow, I would like to offer up this prayer: May the ethnic cleansing required to save Europe happen, but may it be no more genocidal than simply sending Asian and African immigrants back to where they came from.

     What will or should become of Hebrew supremacists working against the goyim of the west is problematic. At any rate violent genocide is a very bad idea, and hardly acceptable even as a desperate last resort for the sake of civilizational survival. Besides, the Israelis have nukes now, and if they see themselves or their race in general to be in existential danger, then I suspect they would not hesitate much before using them, out of self defense or mere revenge. The more religious Jews have been fairly apocalyptic since before the time of Jesus, going back at least as far as the Maccabees and the Hasmonean Dynasty—which was eventually sacked by the Romans of an earlier version of western civilization. Some Jews, and also some Christians, would welcome the end of the world, especially if their side wasn’t winning.

     As I’ve said before, the best approach to the Jewish Question is simply to be aware of what some influential Jews have been doing to weaken and undermine western civilization, and to spread the word, but to punish only those guilty of committing crimes. As for the Muslim Question, it seems to me that the best action would be to reduce their immigration into the west as much as is practical, since many of them won’t assimilate and will continue to hate our culture, and their relatively low average intelligence will prevent them from prospering in the west anyway (for which they would blame us, resorting to neo-Marxist victim culture as a guide), excluding a few statistical outriders, and for that matter their relative lack of technological cleverness would in all likelihood cause them to lose any wars they see fit to start against us from beyond our borders. As always, the greatest enemy is the one who has infiltrated and is working from inside.

     I suppose that the resolution of the title question is ultimately a matter of personal temperament, and that there is no really clear answer, because it consists largely and necessarily of value judgements, conspiracy theories, and guesses. A Jewish-controlled western civilization could be still very western, or else Marxist or neo-Marxist, maybe feminized and ultraliberal. In fact some radical types are convinced that the Jews already rule the world, and western civilization is evidently still going regardless. A Muslim-controlled western world would be, on the other hand, well, Islamic, as well as patriarchal. Which is worse? At least the Muslims have some religious grounding and agreed upon traditional values, and despise all the (neo-Marxist and thereby largely Jewish) rainbow stuff the new left insists upon, including small children being taught about buggery and being entertained by male sexual deviants dressed like women.

     But wait: One other point to consider is that outside of western civilization the Muslims have wreaked havoc and sacked great civilizations, including Zarathustran Persia, the Christian Middle East of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, India, various cultures in Central Asia, and, more or less peacefully, Hindu/Buddhist medieval Indonesia. Jews have wrecked civilizations, or just made them worse, more indirectly, as in the effects of Marxism (invented by a Jew and disproportionately favored by Jews) on Russia, China, and elsewhere. Even so, the menace of militant Islam is less now in the west than formerly, in large part due to western military technology, and also the aforementioned issue of general intelligence.

     So, more or less in conclusion, I consider Muslims to be a real existential threat to western civilization only, or mainly, in Europe, with its porous borders with Islamic hellholes and feminist open borders activists—and even there it is the result of herculean efforts on the part of powerful Jews, along with gentile “progressives” (as though decline and fall were progress), to emasculate European men and to dilute the civilization and the race down with migrants, including Muslim ones. Thus overall a relatively tiny number of Jews have done more than the Muslims, since the Middle Ages that is, to undermine and destabilize western society thus far. In America of course there are many more Israelites than Ishmaelites; more than half of all Jews in the world reportedly live in the USA, more than in Israel itself. Muslims in the USA are reportedly less than four million, though increasing rapidly; and even in 2040 when Muslims are projected to outnumber American Jews and constitute 2% of the US population, still they will have much less influence, due largely to having lower average intelligence. Somalis, with an average IQ of around 70, will NEVER be able to compete at the same social level with the Ashkenazim (or just about anyone else).

     And so, especially outside Europe, I’d have to say that Jews are a greater threat to western civilization, not so much by “taking over” the culture as the Muslims might like to do, but by inventing and helping to implement neo-Marxist policies which destroy the (classical) liberal, individualist culture that has propelled the west to greatness. So yeah, it’s the Jews, though of course not all Jews or even most of them, mainly just the globalist anti-European activists, and of course the Marxists.

     As a conclusion to the conclusion I would recommend that anyone who thinks activist Jews are no threat to western civilization should read The Culture of Critique, available for free on archive.org; and that anyone who thinks Muslims are no threat should read some freaking history.


  1. Just curious if you are aware of a (relatively) new Theravada Buddhist Temple in Olympia, WA They could use an english speaking monk during the rainy season.


    1. I'm not aware of ever having heard of the place before now. But not all temples are equal, and I'm not eager to live at an Asian temple besides the one I'm at now.

    2. I wonder what would happen if you controlled for IQ type of those involved in Marxist occupations for instance. So for instance the average genetal IQ of an academic is 140. But for an academic in the Humanites the verbal IQ must be much higher. Journalists and people who run media conglomerates also have very high verbal IQs. So if you controlled for verbal IQs at this level I wonder if you would still find the Jews to be disproportionately involved in Marxist propaganda. I suspect that it is intelligence and the corollary trait of openness to experience that predisposes people to be attached to ideology and to prioritize ideas over reality.

      Also you say that Jews promote multiculturalim because it benefits them and in the same breath blame them for Islamic immigration into Europe which clearly is the main source of anti-Semitic violence. So clearly the Jews who advocate for Islamic immigration into Europe suffer from the same self-destructive "compassion" that afflicts non Jewish White people. They prioritize ideology over facts and even self-preservation.


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