A Concise Guide to Progressive Terminology

CHRISTIAN, n. One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor. One who follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are not inconsistent with a life of sin. —Ambrose Bierce, from The Devil’s Dictionary

     In the spirit of Ambrose Bierce, I have troubled myself to create, for the benefit of the layman, a concise glossary of terms, as an aid in wrapping one’s head around the jargon and concepts employed by the new feminized PC left. If this list helps anyone to better understand the new leftist mentality, then my efforts will not have been in vain, and I will be abundantly gratified, kind of. Sort of.

Ableism: Disdain for others because one is physically and/or mentally healthy.

Academia: An extensive international network of indoctrination centers, the primary purpose of which is to promulgate Progressivism (q.v.), although it may have other, subsidiary functions such as education. Similar to, but not the same as, the entertainment industry.

Affirmative Action: The hiring of people not the best qualified, or the acceptance into academic institutions of people with lower grades and test scores than others who are rejected, on the basis of membership of a Victim group, as a means of rectifying past injustices. Reverse discrimination against White males on the principle that two wrongs make a right.

“All Lives Matter”: A Racist response to Black Lives Matter (q.v.). See Microaggression.

“Allahu Akbar”: A statement in Arabic, often shouted after a Terrorist act, which translates loosely as “White people made me do it.”

Alt-Right: A loose assemblage of White Supremacists (q.v.) and young adult video gamers who disdain and reject Progressive ideals and the mainstream media. The orthodox Nazi faction are grim and without humor, in which respect, along with Antisemitism (q.v.), they resemble Progressives (q.v.); whereas the gamers are inappropriately humorous, delight in publishing politically incorrect memes on the Internet, and are exasperatingly open to debate.

Anarchy: An advanced and enlightened form of Socialism (q.v.) in which the government does not own and control industry, and in which there is no welfare state, as in other forms of Socialism, because there is no government.

Anthropology: Formerly, and in some remote, obscure areas of Academia to this day, the scientific study of the human species; now more commonly a more authoritative-sounding term for such Progressive academic fields as Gender Studies and Social Justice (q.v.).

Antifa: A Radical Leftist organization which fights fire with fire by attacking perceived Fascist (q.v.) groups by essentially Fascist means. See Radical.

Antisemitism: Righteous opposition to global economic piracy and the genocide of innocent Palestinians. One of the only positive virtues of Nazis.

Asylum Seeker: See Refugee.

Autonomy: A person’s right to be alienated from other people.

Black Lives Matter (BLM): A political movement the original purpose of which was to prevent Black criminals resisting arrest from being shot by Police (q.v.). It later diversified to include protesting against White people and society in general, thus becoming more fashionable.

Burqa: A garment, usually black, which covers a Muslim woman from head to toe, including her face, when she is in public, in order to empower her and liberate her from the objectifying gaze of men.

Burqa Ban: Part of a massive Patriarchal conspiracy to prevent true Multiculturalism (q.v.) by compelling Immigrants into Western culture to assimilate into Western culture.

C-Word: A euphemism for any of the following: Cancer”; “Chink”; “Cunt”; “Capitalism.”

Capitalism: A greed-based and unjust economic system in which people are allowed to keep what they earn; but which unfortunately is more efficient and more beneficial to the Working Class than Socialism (q.v.), and with which Socialism cannot realistically compete. Consequently, Capitalism must be destroyed.

Centrist: A hypocrite who listens to both sides. A moderate Fascist (q.v.).

Christianity: An obsolete system of theistic superstition and prudishness, founded by Jesus of Nazareth, which considers unrestrained indulgence in sensuality to be harmful. Not to be confused with Islam (q.v.), which endorses a more puritanical ethic with regard to sensuality, but which is beyond reproach.

Cis: Short for Cisgender; referring to a biological male who considers himself to be male, or, in some cases, to a biological female who considers herself to be female. An unfashionable sort of realist. See Gender.

Colonialism: Formerly, a national policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically; more recently the term has become synonymous with Capitalism and/or Western Civilization (q.v.).

Communism: The most advanced form of civilization, in which human nature has been completely eradicated and replaced by an ideologically undifferentiated hive mind. The abolishment of all private property, greed, injustice, and independent thought. Utopia.

Conservative: See Fascist.

“Cuck”: A pejorative term frequently used by members of the Alt-Right (q.v.) implying spinelessness or effeminacy in its object, but now hurled back at them by Progressives without any real concern about its meaning, which is merely a Cultural Construct (q.v.) anyway. Similar to “Snowflake.”

Cultural Appropriation: The social crime of White people adopting what is good from other cultures, for the sake of the enhancement of their own. This applies only to White people, as all other ethnicities on the planet are eagerly imitating Western culture in almost every way they can, which is not a problem.

Cultural Construct: Anything artificial with no intrinsic meaning or value. Approximately synonymous with “Phenomenon” or “Thing.” In Postmodernism (q.v.) it has come to replace such terms as “Quality,” “Fact,” “Common Sense,” and “Empirical Reality.”

Demonstration: A hysterical outburst or meltdown of more than one person at the same time and place.

East Asian: A person from East Asia, especially China, Japan, or Korea. Representing a group that is somewhat of an embarrassment to the Progressive (q.v.) ideology, and best ignored as much as possible, as they perversely refuse to conform to the orthodox doctrine that non-Europeans are poor and marginalized due to oppression from European Whites.

Elitist: A successful person of whom one disapproves. A wealthy, useful, gullible idealist who helps bring about a Revolution (q.v.) and is afterwards shot.

Emotional Labor: A Racist Microaggression (q.v.) perpetrated when a White person harasses a Person of Color by asking them to substantiate with evidence and Facts their claims of being oppressed. 

Empowerment: The gaining of strength, self-confidence, and self-determination as a result of finally getting the odds stacked in one’s favor.

Equality: Sameness of outcome, as opposed to mere sameness of rights, opportunities, protection under the law, etc.; a utopian state of justice which will spontaneously come into existence after the oppressive influence of White men is destroyed. At present a semblance of it is maintained through reverse discrimination.

Fact: A kind of opinionated bias used in conjunction with logic as a tool of Patriarchal Oppression (q.v.). See Cultural Construct.

Fake News: The propaganda of the other side. Any information in the news which fails to uphold the official or preferred narrative.

Fascist: Anyone as far right politically as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. For that matter, anyone in the center as well. A proponent of Nationalism (q.v.) or of law enforcement.

Fat Shaming: Expressing one’s preference of healthy, shapely women to obese ones.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): The removal of the clitoris from infant girls (and sometimes older ones) in some Muslim countries, as a way of preventing them from sinfully enjoying sex as adults. It is tacitly considered a trivial non-issue by Third-Wave Feminists (q.v.) who are justly preoccupied with battling such rampant social scourges as Mansplaining (q.v.) and sexist stereotypes in video games.

Femininity: A term which has ceased to have any meaning whatever, but is still occasionally used in conversation as a way of covering over confusion, or as filler. 

Feminism: A movement, or elaborate system of complaint, based on women’s disapproval and resentment of men, and on their insistence upon the right to imitate them. The movement has divided into hostile camps, so that now feminists are also allowed to resent each other.

Frankfurt School: A totally mythological and best ignored group of Jewish Neo-Marxists who were forerunners and developers of later Progressive (q.v.) ideas. They realized that the Working Class (q.v.) was too prosperous in the West to rise up and overthrow Capitalism (q.v.), so they developed an elaborate system to overthrow the Working Class.

Freedom: The right of every person to unrestrained indulgence in sensuality, so long as they are Politically Correct in thought, word, and act.

Gaslighting: Insidiously manipulating another person or group of people by calling into question their preferred narrative. Using rationality to confuse and/or traumatize an indoctrinated person. See Fact.

Gender: Any of a broad, multidimensional array of sexual identities, each with its own set of Pronouns, based upon feelings rather than empirical Facts.

Genderfluid: Referring to a person whose Gender (q.v.) continually changes, due to the fact that Gender is no longer based upon genetics and sexual organs, but now is based upon transitory feelings.

Gender Studies: A recently developed academic field representing a movement to systematize complaints about men into a serious-sounding and fashionable social science. The fact that a university degree in Gender Studies is practically worthless in western Capitalistic society proves the degree’s validity by demonstrating the existence of systemic Patriarchal oppression. See Feminism.

Globalism: A movement to convert the world into an enlightened world state resembling an ideologically unified, compassionate, sensualist, matriarchal Soviet Union. It is recognized as obviously good by people on the Left, and as expedient by Conservative Elitists (q.v.) who stand to make money by it. See Marxism.

Hate Speech: Any speech that political Leftists hate.

Hero: A person who publicly renounces traditional Western values; for example one who declares herself a member of the opposite Gender, or who threatens to assassinate a Conservative politician.

Heteronormative: Denoting an archaic world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal sexual orientation. A combination of Homophobic and Transphobic (q.v.).

Homophobic: Referring to a person who does not engage in homosexual acts.

Honor: (Actually, this term has dropped out of the PC vocabulary, and is best avoided.)

Human Nature: A totally debunked myth which claims that human beings are a species of animal, and, like other animals, have evolved behavioral tendencies conditioned by brain structure, hormones, and inherent psychological traits.

Identity Politics: A means of ensuring societal peace, harmony, and happiness by dividing up all of humanity into factions based on dissimilarities and grievances. These groups are then lumped into two categories: the more successful, or Oppressors; and the less successful, or Victims. The Oppressors are blamed for the inability of the Victims to compete effectively, and are thus set up as the Enemy. The only groups constituting the Oppressors are White males and Israelis, with everyone else being a Victim. If the Victims can successfully overwhelm and destroy the Oppressors before turning upon each other as a result of emphasized dissimilarities, then a Utopian Golden Age will result. Compare with Intersectional Feminism.

Immigrant: In general, any person who comes to another country to live. More specifically, a person who comes to another country because they are eager to enjoy the benefits of a Socialized Welfare State (q.v.).

Intersectional Feminism: A complex form of Third-Wave Feminism (q.v.) which encourages Feminists to divide up into hostile factions based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, body weight, etc., and thereby attack each other, in addition to attacking men. 

Intersex: Formerly, in biological jargon, hermaphroditic; more recently, in the context of Progressivism, denoting a form of sexual ambiguity too nebulous to fit under the blanket term Queer (q.v.).

ISIS: An acronym standing for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” an Islamist (q.v.) organization based in the Middle East and completely unrelated to Islam.

Israel: A festering sore of anti-Islamic violence and oppression located south of Lebanon and West of Jordan; ironically the only functional democracy in the Middle East; more correct name: Palestine. The land was violently stolen by Jews from Muslims (who happened to acquire it from Byzantine Christians, who stole it from Classical Polytheists, who stole it from the Persians, who stole it from the Babylonians, who stole it from the Hebrews, who stole it from paganistic Canaanites, who stole it from prehistoric Neanderthals).

Islam: A wise and peaceful religion founded by the Prophet Muhammad in 7th-century Arabia, which has absolutely nothing to do with Muhammad’s own endorsements of war, murder, slavery, repression of women, wife-beating, punishment of homosexuals, promulgation of the religion by violence, etc. etc.

Islamism: A monstrously aberrant movement endorsing Terrorism (q.v.) and murder in the name of Allah, created by White males destabilizing Islamic countries, which has absolutely nothing to do with Islam (q.v.).

Islamophobe: A Racist (q.v.) who considers traditionalist Islam, which inconveniently includes discrimination against women and homosexuals, to be incompatible with Western Liberal values.

Judaism: A 3000-year-old conspiracy to own and control the global economy. It is centered in Israel (q.v.) and New York. 

Leftist: One who is sane, compassionate, and wishes to save the world for future generations. Opposite of Rightist (q.v.) 

LGBTQ2IA: An acronym standing for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, and Anyone else who has risen above obsolete biological heterosexuality.”

Liberal: A Progressive Socialist who desires the overthrow of Patriarchal Capitalistic society. Not to be confused with a “Classical Liberal,” who is actually a shameless Conservative (q.v.).

Male Entitlement: A malignant and primarily Sexist (q.v.) form of Privilege (q.v.) which causes men to assume that they should have freedom of thought and expression when interacting with women. Includes the faulty assumptions that a man has the right to observe with interest a young woman who is scantily clad, and that men should expect as much consideration as they are required to give in a relationship.

Mansplaining: Explaining things in a pedantic manner the way a stereotypical man does it. The word was coined by women complaining about it—although “womanplaining” is not a real word, is offensively sexist, and should never be used.

Manspreading: A man’s act of sitting in public with his knees apart, thereby taking up valuable space and inadvertently displaying his (clothed) crotch. It is viewed by Third-Wave Feminists (q.v.) as a more serious problem than, say, Female Genital Mutilation (q.v.), child marriage, honor killings, or public execution of homosexuals in Islamic countries.

Marginalization: The result of a person’s failure to compete effectively in society, necessarily as a result of Patriarchal oppression and pervasive discrimination. Unjustly falling by the wayside.

Martyr: Any Person of Color who encounters misfortune in relation to a White person (usually a Police officer) for any reason whatever. Compare with Hero.

Marxism: A wise, enlightened, materialistic, and atheistic economic system which resulted in approximately 100 million deaths during the 20th century, after which it mostly collapsed due to its failure to compete effectively with free-market Capitalism (q.v.). It is still essentially right and just, however; and a few adjustments should be sufficient, although with censorship, propaganda, and mass indoctrination of children retained, for it to usher in a golden age of Equality (q.v.) and prosperity for all.

Masculinism: Advocacy of Men’s Rights. A Reactionary (q.v.) movement which perversely insists that Western men should not socially castrate themselves for the good of society.

Masculinity: An abbreviation for Toxic Masculinity (q.v.).

Meritocracy: A pernicious and unjust system in which people are employed not on condition of their Race or Gender (q.v.), but wholly on the condition that they are best qualified to do the job. Publicly endorsing it constitutes a Racist Microaggression (q.v.).

Microaggression: An act of bigotry and violence so small that it cannot be seen without an ideological microscope.

Migrant Crisis: A crisis in Europe brought about by White Racist, Fascist, Islamophobic Nationalist Reactionaries (q.v.) opposed to millions of mostly peaceful, illiterate, unskilled Muslims migrating into the region and refusing to integrate, subsequent terrorist attacks, and the molestation and raping of White women and girls.

Millennial: A person who reached maturity at around the turn of the century. A full-grown person not old enough to remember 20th-century Marxism (q.v.) or a world without texting and Facebook. A young adult trained to have no concept of History and little capacity for critical thought.

Moral High Ground: See Moral Relativism.

Moral Relativism: Acknowledgement of the Postmodernist principle that Morality is whatever Progressives decide it to be. A useful and very adjustable form of self-justification and demonization of opponents.

Morality: The avoidance of offending Leftists and People of Color. Practically identical to Political Correctness (q.v.).

Multiculturalism: The belief that many different groups of people with mutually conflicting traditions and points of view will all blend harmoniously into a healthier, more vibrant, more peaceful civilization. A method of destabilizing and undermining White Patriarchy (q.v.) by importing millions of people who oppose it.

N-Word: Euphemism for “Nigger,” which is now the most taboo word in the English language, replacing “Fuck,” which is now used without restraint on mainstream media and allowable even for small children. Saying the word “Nigger” constitutes Racist Hate Speech (q.v.) unless it is a Black person who says it; in which case it is often an endearment.

Native American: The Politically Correct term for an American Indian, despite the fact that the Native Americans themselves tend to prefer “Indian,” on the grounds that “Native American” practically nullifies their history.

Nationalism: The pernicious belief that the first priority of a government is to promote the prosperity and well-being of its own citizens. 

Nazi: A Fascist (q.v.) who is also a Racist, that is, who does not believe that White people are bad. Anybody who endorses US President Donald Trump. Also, in Germany, a German who loves his or her own country. See Patriotism.

Non-Binary: Avoiding either extreme of the Female-to-Male spectrum of Gender (q.v.), unless one adopts both extremes at the same time.

Objectification: A man’s attraction to, and in extreme cases preoccupation with, female physical attributes evolved by sexual selection to attract and preoccupy men.

Open Borders: A policy which, in combination with the Welfare State (q.v.), is designed to undermine the Patriarchy (q.v.) and Capitalistic White Privilege by attracting People of Color in poor countries to migrate to rich ones until all countries are economically homogenized and equally poor.

Pansexual: Referring to a person who is willing to have sex with anybody, regardless of the other person’s own preferences.

Partner: Biological mate. The term is used largely because all other applicable terms, including “husband” and “wife,” are becoming Politically Incorrect.

Patriarchal Oppression: Anything symptomatic of the fact that males have tended to dominate in human society for more than a million years. Contributing factors include aggression, “honor,” ruthlessness, deceit, facts, logic, testosterone, and DNA. See Patriarchy, Phallocentric. 

Patriarchy: Men in the aggregate identified as the personification of Injustice. The designated Oppressor in Identity Politics (q.v.), replacing the Capitalist Bourgeoisie of the older Marxist system, and the Satanists, heretics, and Jews of the Middle Ages. Toxic Masculinity (q.v.) as a pervasive social institution.

Patriotism: An extreme form of Nationalism (q.v.) involving love of one’s country and desire for it to prosper, thereby implying a hatred of all other countries. 

Pedophilia: Sexual attraction of an adult for young children; forbidden by archaic Christian moral codes, but representing a new frontier for Progressive sensualism. See Moral Relativism.

Person of Color (POC): Any person who is not of European ancestry, or Jewish, or, depending upon the context, possibly East Asian (q.v.). A dark-skinned Victim of Western Civilization. A non-European for whom all other designations have become unfashionable and Politically Incorrect.

Phallocentric: Literally, “having a phallus at the center.” Masculine. Referring to any institution or concept employed as a tool of, or associated with, Patriarchal Oppression (q.v.). Examples include Capitalism (q.v.), religion, philosophy, Science, history, classical literature, video games, the English language, and gravity.

Police: The enforcement arm of Fascistic political systems. A violent Racist with a badge, a gun, and a pot belly from eating doughnuts. 

Political Correctness (PC): A constantly growing and evolving code of propriety governing actions, speech, thoughts, and feelings, the purpose of which is to keep everyone confused and insecure with regard to how they should behave and feel, thereby rendering them more docile and receptive to the ideals of Social Justice (q.v.). It also has the advantage of making certain weak points in the ideology almost impossible to discuss. See Morality.

Postmodernism: The realization that objective truth does not exist, which thereby allows for promoting any idea whatsoever in the guise of academic learning and Science. It is convenient especially as a means of asserting that everything scientific Western Civilization (q.v.) represents is invalid.

Privilege: A pejorative term signifying any special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available to heterosexual white males, undeservedly gained as the booty of millennia of ruthless oppression. The fact of being White. Any advantage enjoyed by the other side.

Pro Choice: A woman’s assertion to the right of bodily Autonomy (q.v.), and her own dignity, by terminating her unborn children as a form of birth control (with it ideally being paid for by socialized health care). A foundation stone of Leftist (q.v.) politics. See Moral Relativism.

Pro Life: A Conservative (q.v.) strategy of oppressing women by requiring them to use some other means of birth control than abortion. Based on superstitious and scientific beliefs that an individual life begins at conception.

Progressive: A person who advocates Social Justice (q.v.). Similar to Leftist, Liberal, and Hero.

Pronoun: A short but extremely important word, such as “he,” “her,” “ze,” and “hir,” which emphasizes a person’s dignity and worth by confirming their position on the extensive spectrum of sexual orientations. See Gender. To use the wrong Pronoun in reference to another individual, or to fail to ask which Pronouns they prefer, is a form of Microaggression (q.v.).

Queer: A form of sexual freedom too innovative or culturally advanced to fit under standard categories such as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. No longer a pejorative term, but now a term of praise. A convenient abbreviation for persons whose sexual orientation is not heterosexual but otherwise uncertain, possibly even to themselves.

Race: A now debunked, pseudoscientific attempt to divide the human race into different groups based on continent of ancestry and physical traits, such as Black, White, and East Asian. Despite its total invalidity in almost all respects it remains valid as a foundation of Identity Politics (q.v.) and Social Justice (q.v.).

Racist: A White person who believes that human Races (q.v.) really exist, and that there are inherent differences between them. A person who is opposed to Affirmative Action (q.v.). A Police (q.v.) officer, or someone who approves of Police in general. A White person who does not believe White people are evil.

Radical: One who is willing to attain Leftist goals by any expedient means, including deception and violence. A sincerely motivated activist.

Rape: The act of a man of European ancestry impinging on a woman’s Autonomy (q.v.), for example by kissing her without having received beforehand her formal permission in writing. The existence of Rape depends on a woman’s feelings to the extent that an act may not be actual Rape until several months after the fact. If dark-skinned men do essentially the same thing, it does not qualify as Rape but is called an “incident.”

Rape Culture: A result of the current Progressive definition of Rape (q.v.) combined with well-intentioned manipulated statistics and inattention to other cultures, indicating that Rape is endemic, and even encouraged, in what otherwise would appear to be one of the least misogynistic societies on earth, and in which women are most willing to fornicate promiscuously. A culture, such as that found on Liberal Western university campuses, in which brutalization of women is more prevalent than in war-torn Equatorial Africa.

Reactionary: A person who opposes the undermining or overthrow of Western Civilization (q.v.).

Refugee: In the USA, any person seeking asylum in a foreign country to escape persecution, violence, or other serious dangers in their own country. In Europe, the term has become synonymous with Economic Migrant.

Religion: A variety of outmoded, archaic superstitions, which resulted in many occurrences of injustice and genocide in the past, and which perhaps should be tolerated so long as they are not taken seriously by anyone; plus Islam (q.v.), which by contrast is exemplary and a shining light to the world.

Reparations: The principle of punishing people now for injustices their ancestors may have perpetrated decades or centuries ago.

Resistance: Declaring the other side to be the aggressor. Opposing Conservatives (q.v.) and/or Donald Trump. Defensive or retaliatory Radicalism. See Radical.

Revolution: Tumultuous overthrow of an unjust political or social system. A Demonstration or Riot (q.v.) large enough to incite a significant move of politicians towards the Left. A particularly influential social mania or fashion trend. 

Rightist: See Conservative.

Riot: An energetic Demonstration (q.v.) by leftists and/or people of color, representing sincere and heartfelt emotion against Patriarchal Fascists (q.v.) and general injustice against Victim groups.

Safe Space: A place where emotionally fragile, easily traumatized people can temporarily escape from objective reality, using such benign methods as hugging stuffed animals and coloring in coloring books instead of using potentially harmful narcotics. Common in Academia (q.v.), where such people abound.

Science: See Cultural Construct.

Second-Wave Feminism: An obsolete form of Feminism (q.v.) sorely limited by its focus on gaining equality for women. Largely replaced by Third-Wave Feminism (q.v.).

Sexist: A White male.

Shariah Law: A wise and spiritual code of life adopted by many Muslims, which is sometimes ignorantly stereotyped by non-Muslims as: 1) no homosexuality (punishable by flinging from tall buildings), 2) no female immodesty (punishable by stoning), 3) public beheading and chopping off of limbs as punishment for non-sexual crimes, and 4) no violence toward other Muslims of the same sect. This stereotype is not exactly false, but is not comprehensive and lacks nuance and is therefore invalid.

SJW: A “Social Justice Warrior”; a pejorative term used by the Alt-Right (q.v.) in reference to a Liberal Progressive (q.v.) activist. See Hero.

Social Justice: A Progressive ideology that promotes the overthrow of Patriarchal Western Civilization (q.v.), and its replacement by a system of total Equality, with everyone being exactly the same except for hair dye color, sexual orientation, and choice of tattoos.

Socialism: An advanced form of Welfare State (q.v.) in which government bureaucracies control pretty much everything, so that competitiveness and striving for advantage are outmoded and citizens don’t need to worry about anything at all except avoiding deviance from the group mentality. A Leftist politico-economic system that is totally compassionate and benevolent toward everyone except those who dare to disagree with it, or who express doubts about it, or who may have the potential to express doubts about it. See Marxism.

Sustainability: Progressive methods for preserving the earth and its environment for prolific ethnicities who don’t care much about the environment, after the white European ethnicity justly punishes itself to extinction.

Terrorism: A kind of accident or unfortunate incident involving the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Although the overwhelming majority of terrorists happen to be Muslims, terrorism has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. See Islamism.

Third-Wave Feminism: The predominant form of Feminism (q.v.) among Progressives (q.v.), which has abandoned the limited ideal of Equality with men in favor of outright superiority and dominance over White men by everyone else. This is accomplished by insisting in shrill tones that any advantage White men have over women is intolerable oppression, while ignoring, playing down, or indignantly denying all ways in which women already have the advantage. Once feminists gain control of government and transform it into an all-protective feminized Socialist (q.v.) State, White men will become redundant, and will in all probability be enslaved for sperm extraction or exterminated for their past crimes.

Toxic Masculinity: Any symptom of traditional manliness more extreme than volunteering to put the new 5-gallon water bottle on top of the cooler. Any form of maleness that Feminists choose to resent.

Trans: Short for Transgender; referring to a person who identifies with the gender opposite to that of their own body, either because of deep psychological reasons or because it is trending.

Transphobic: Referring mainly to a man who is not sexually attracted to another biological man dressed as a woman.

Trigger Warning: A notice at the beginning of a book, article, video, etc. warning that the contents may not be Politically Correct, and therefore may cause hysterical meltdowns in feminized Leftists (q.v.) and other emotionally fragile individuals.

Truth: See Fact. Contrast with Postmodernism (q.v.)

Undocumented Immigrant: A person who enters a country surreptitiously and illegally, and who is consequently entitled to greater privileges than are legal citizens.

Victim: Any person who is not a heterosexual White male and who is unhappy; especially if someone thinks of blaming heterosexual White males for it.

Virtue Signaling: A pejorative term used by the Alt-Right (q.v.) to denote being punctiliously politically correct in public, especially on social media. Deliberate conformity.

Wage Gap: The doctrine, based on Facts (see Fact) combined with statistics juggled for a just cause, that women who work fewer hours than men, take more time off, and avoid technical and dangerous jobs that pay higher wages, make less money than men do.

Welfare State: A particularly benevolent and compassionate variety of socialized Leftism (q.v.) in which poor people are liberally supported by the government in exchange for their voting for the Left and remaining dependent upon the system; and, in the case of young mothers, for being unmarried. The opposite of Genocide. Sometimes also called the “Nanny State” by Rightists (q.v.), although this term is pejorative and should never be used. 

Western Civilization: A pernicious and unjust societal system, invented and maintained mainly by Patriarchal White Males, responsible for almost all scientific, technological, political, economic, and cultural innovation and improvement in the world for the past 2500 years.

White: Denoting a person of European ancestry, and characterized by relatively fair skin, racism, sexism, an unnatural urge to invade and despoil the countries of innocent non-Europeans, and a lack of natural rhythm. The eventual extinction of this Race is viewed as a blessing for future ages.

White Fragility: An irrational feeling of discomfort felt by White people when told how horrible they are.

White Guilt: Acknowledgement by a White person that the European Race is responsible for all the world’s problems, or at least the overwhelming majority of them, that all positive benefits brought about by Western Civilization (q.v.) are irrelevant, and that White people would do best to atone for their crimes by becoming extinct. Advocacy by Europeans of the political theories of Noam Chomsky. 

White Nationalism: An ideology of Racists (q.v.) who wish to preserve the European Race and European cultural heritage.

White Privilege: See Privilege.

White Supremacism: A pathological condition in which a White person (q.v.) takes actual pride in his or her own heredity and cultural heritage. In extreme cases such persons actually prefer their own ethnicity to others, and wish to preserve it. See White Nationalism.

Whitelash: Reactionary (q.v.) behavior on the part of White people resentful of the fact that People of Color (q.v.) are oppressed less than they used to be. Allowing a White male to assume political power in the USA after Obama.

Whitesplaining: A racist Microaggression (q.v.) and form of hypocrisy committed when a White person oafishly presumes to speak on behalf of People of Color by denouncing Racism (q.v.). Sometimes referred to as “White Savior,” though not by the person guilty of it. It is not as bad as a White person speaking in favor of Racism, but nevertheless both alternatives are blameworthy.

Working Class: The proletariat; the new enemy of the Socialist (q.v.) Left. A group of ignorant Reactionaries (q.v.), mostly White males, who endorse Nationalism (q.v.), self-sufficiency, and working for a living.

Seriously, if I had written this with all definitions taken directly from Progressive sources, it would be almost as ridiculously absurd.



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