Styxhexenhammer666 and the New Cold War

     I gotta admit, one of my favorite political commentators nowadays, of the few I even bother with, is an intriguing occultist on YouTube who goes by the name of Styxhexenhammer666. I also gotta admit that I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about the fact that the guy is an occultist—or rather that he used to be a flat-out satanist. (He claims that satanism has nothing to do with devil worship, but maybe they’re just supposed to say that.) Then again, it obviously does not interfere with his political acumen. Besides, I consider Led Zeppelin to be possibly the greatest rock ’n’ roll band of all time, and at least one of the band members was into Aleister Crowley-style “Magick.” Jimmy Page even bought Crowley’s house and lived in it, demonic images painted in blood on the walls and everything. So, I figure, give the devil his due.

     I include a transcript below of one of his more entertainingly meaty videos, almost (but not quite) working up to the level of a genuine rant. (Styx generally stays pretty cool.) His output is impressive, considering that sometimes he uploads videos in batches of up to six at a time; and his commentaries on current events are impromptu, with no script, no teleprompter—straight off the black leather cuff. His political sharpness is honed with caffeine, occasionally supplemented with the taurine and inositol of energy drinks.

     I’m impressed by his cleverness and his political insights, mainly because I usually agree with him. I do think he overlooks a pretty obvious likelihood resulting from the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, however: It’s pretty damn likely that Islamists driven out of their stronghold in the Middle East will infiltrate Europe disguised as refugees and resume their glorious jihad in the EU, contributing to the inevitable race (and ideology) wars there. But that’s grounds for a different post than this one.

     Why bother with a transcript when the video is easily available, you ask? Mainly because one misses a lot from watching a video or listening to audio; one can pick up subtleties and reread intriguing passages from a transcript, which is not much of an option otherwise. It’s rather like reading a play by Shakespeare (which one, you ask? William) rather than watching it on stage: both ways are good in their own way. Also, in this case it allows for greater appreciation of the wit of this guy.

     He starts out rather harshly against John McCain; but I have to admit that McCain is about as greasy of a politician as one is likely to find in the US Senate. His treacherous behavior demonstrates 1) his vehement determination to maintain the old status quo of corrupt Establishment politics, including CIA/military meddling in foreign affairs, even to the point of siding with the opposition Democrats against his own party’s reforms, and 2) his seething, butt-hurt hatred of Donald Trump—who admittedly insulted him during the presidential campaign, is catalyzing significant change in the Republican Party, and succeeded where McCain (deservedly) failed. Ah well, at least he has brain damage as an excuse now. I don’t wish brain cancer on anyone; but since he’s got it, I do hope it will inspire him to retire soon.

     Getting back to Styx though: He is representative of a new breed of cultural libertarian, an opponent of the feminized PC Left as well as of old-school elitist Republicanism. He’s sharp, humorous, and richly entertaining—which is more than can be said for the leftist SJWs of his generation, whose feminized emotionality, hypersensitivity, narrow-minded intolerance, “safe space” echo-chamber orientation, and hysterical groupthink pretty much dispel any hint of good humor. This guy’s a sign of things to come. Young people are starting to wake up to the foolishness being thrust upon them by the decadent Left. Oh! Only in the USA! This dude makes me proud to be an American. (I laugh)

     (All that follows is Styx, not me.)


     All right everyone…Trump signed the Russian sanction bill, which included Iran and North Korea, but really, it was about Russia. Congress wanted to hold it over his head and say, “Ah ha ha, we got…Let’s see Trump try to Make America Great Again now, because we’ve got a new Cold War. It’s gonna be so lovely.” John McCain, you could almost hear him furiously pleasuring himself over the very idea of Cold War proxy conflicts. He never met a war he didn’t like. 

     By the way, I have no respect for the dude. Absolutely zero. I think he should’ve been thrown out of office a long time ago—hopefully at some point he’s found incompetent because his brain tumor’s come back and start making him even dumber than he already is. I hope that happens to him; I wish nothing but ill on John McCain. He deserves it. He’s eh…with his shit over Libya and Syria, do you realize how many deaths this dude has caused, how much instability in the world with his warmongering? Yeah, I don’t have respect for him, or anyone who stands with him, by the way.

     As for Trump though, he’s trying to warn us, “Hey, you know, Congress is trying to start a new Cold War,” and people are so caught up with the Muh Russia bullshit they don’t even realize it. They don’t even, they don’t even care! They don’t even reject the premise. They don’t even come out and say what would be sane, which is, “Yeah, the Russian State has problems; they have an authoritarian regime, and Putin does crazy shit.” But that doesn’t mean that we need another Cold War everybody! It doesn’t mean we need a nuclear rearmament and stalemate, or something like that. 

     Trump comes in very early on—I think this was before he even took the oath of office—says, “Oh, I think we need to modernize our nuclear deterrent.” And, at the time, all of the Democrats, and a lot of the Republicans, said “Oh this is warmongering! He’s trying to get us involved in a nuclear conflict! He’s trying to get us involved in a nuclear war!” They talk to all these generals, and they keep asking them this loaded question bull-crap: “Oh, if Trump ordered you to nuke China, would you press the little red button?” Well no shit they would! That’s kind of a responsibility that they have, to listen to the Commander in Chief! You just have a problem with it because it’s Trump.

     Meanwhile, Trump is the one trying to conduct diplomacy with Russia, trying not to intervene in other countries’ business, trying not to be a warmongering world policer—and people who proclaim themselves to be part of the Left actually oppose it. My goodness! How far that is from the days of the Iraq War when they were basically unified in saying “Oh, Bush is gonna start a nuclear war! Look at all these wars we don’t need. Look at all the dead civilians. Drones! Oh, evil! Automatic soldiers on the battlefield! Oh my God!” Obama takes hold, he gets in…they suddenly have no more problem with civilians dying. So long as it’s more covert in nature. “Oh it’s okay if you kill a hundred thousand civilians, just don’t let us see it on the news. We don’t want to know about it. We don’t want to think that our Messiah did something wrong.” A bunch of sellouts is what they are. 

     And then Trump gets in. They immediately declare that he’s gonna start a nuclear war. Then when he starts attempting to work with Russia, they say he’s working with Russian espionage agents, and we should start a nuclear war. That’s basically what it boils down to: They think we need to reheat the Grand Chessboard thing, and start talking about giant robots and spacemen and stuff.

     Now, this will be great for movies, maybe. It might be great for music and style, because people will be like “Oh, we’re all gonna die anyway, so we’re gonna go really, really out there.” And so you’ll get like, like true drug-soaked culture will come back for the first time since like the, the early 90s. Okay, that part I like. I eagerly await it. I can’t wait to hear all the good music replace all the shit that’s on the radio right now, because 90% of it is total crap. It’s talentless nonsense. Actual songwriting—people, you know, reflecting upon their own mortality. Oh it’ll be great. That’s wonderful. See, the problem is we might actually get annihilated. All those politicians will be the ones scurrying like rats to the bunkers. 

     You think that because you made a blog post saying how much you dislike Trump that you’re gonna be spared the nuclear fire? Nah, you’ll get roasted too. And you’ll probably deserve it. In all honesty a lot of these people will deserve what’s coming to them. You’re the ones propping up this next war. You’re the ones encouraging a new Cold War, and all the proxy wars that will inevitably come with it, as an unchained, incoherent Congress decides, “We need to take this nation out, and we need to oust this person, and we need to nation-build over here, and we need to arm this group of militants and attack that other group of militants—because we’re so, we’re so wonderful. Look at all the liberty we’re spreading around.” And it’ll never be for freedom. And they’ll use the same bullshit excuses, like with the Patriot Act, or Vietnam, or anything—they’ll use the same excuses: “Oh, we’re perpetuating liberty. We’re keeping the American people safe. We’re staving off the menace of some ill-defined foreign enemy.” Only this time they won’t have the USSR as an excuse; now it’ll just be Russia—bland, boring, much smaller, much less powerful Russia has now to be a stand-in for the USSR, and now the people over there, who never as far as I know screwed me, I have to watch them get screwed over by D.C. And then of course Putin and his various vassals, like the Iranians, would be trying to screw us. And so everybody gets screwed, instead of getting along to some degree and trying to conduct normalized diplomacy. Wonderful! A new Cold War, woowoo! What an accomplishment. 

     And you see Donald Trump has set himself up to be remembered more fondly. I don’t think—I think he’s playing long game on this one. He’s saying, “I don’t support this. I think it’s a fucking crappy idea. I think it’s terrible to start a new Cold War, this is deeply flawed, I have reservations—but, you know I don’t have any choice, they’re gonna override my veto anyway, so I might as well just sign it and get it over with.” And he’s hoping to throw, he’s hoping to throw that ideological sort of statement to Putin too, to let him know, “Hey, I’m not on board with this, but these people are gonna play hardball. You’re gonna have to deal with that fact, because they’ve obviously got the votes to start another Cold War.” And so we’re right back where we started. How lovely.

     And this time around the Democratic Party is the standard bearer of the new war. They want conflict; they want death and destruction. They don’t want to think about all the civilians that’ll suffer and die because of this, especially if there’s a nuclear exchange; but even if there’s not, let’s say we drag on for thirty more years, in Cold War rhetoric. How many proxy conflicts is that? It seems to average one every, you know, seven or eight years or so. So…okay, do some math, maybe four or five proxy conflicts or something like that, depending on how long it lasts. Wonderful. Yeah, that’ll be millions of deaths probably. 

     What are the next nations on the docket, let’s see…hmm, Iran’s definitely on there, but it’s difficult ‘cause they’re more directly associated with Russia. North Korea’s on there, but that’s hard too because they’ve got atomic weapons, and also because they’re centralized and far Left, the Democratic Party here probably wants their donations; so, let’s put it that way. So who else? Let’s see…maybe we should march into Libya. Because we got rid of Gadaffi thinking it was a good idea; now there’s instability, so we need to march in and restore order. Let’s do some more nation-building. Maybe march back into Iraq: we’ll have Iraq 3.0 this time. Okay, that’s great. Another hundred, two hundred thousand people can die. A bunch of…thousands of US soldiers can get exposed to nerve agents or something, and come back crippled, like after Desert Storm, and the government won’t even give them care, because “Oh, no nerve gas was launched! We swear it was there, we can’t find it now, but none of it was actually dispensed during Desert Storm. Don’t worry, people! The fact that you’re half-paralyzed is not our fucking problem.” That’s what they did to the veterans of that conflict. 

     Well, who else? Hmm, let’s see…Maybe Afghanistan—no, we’ve already done that. That gets boring. Maybe somewhere in central Asia. Maybe we gotta go occupy Turkmenistan, or Tajikistan or something. Okay, that sounds good—they’re former Soviet, maybe they’re kind of, they lean Western but they also have kind of relations and trade with Russia. We’ll chip one of them off, we’ll just go in and assassinate everyone, put in our own regime that’ll abuse people, and then obviously the native population will love us just like all the others do….That’s…Are you crazy? When you’re supporting these ideas? It’s been done. We’ve tried this for a long time, it didn’t work.

     What worked is that our economy dwarfed the USSR, and we spent them to death basically. With Star Wars suggestions and stuff like that, and cock-blocking them in Afghanistan which leads…although it was a good idea at the time, leads, as you know, with 9/11 and such, to its own problems. That sort of opens this whole can of worms in the modern era.

     So instead of worrying about things that are sane, people are worried about Russia, and then I see, even funnier, they’re more worried about ISIS and climate change than almost anything else—that and Russia. Why, wha….are you crazy? You don’t need to worry about Russia if there’s no Cold War rhetoric going on. As for ISIS, we can easily denigrate them, we have been now that Trump’s been elected. Under Obama we were indirectly arming and funding them by propping up the FSA. They’ll begin to wither now that the FSA is dying off. 

     Climate change—who cares! It’s irreversible. Your own scientists are telling you that it is. What are you supposed to fucking do about it. You’re not gonna do shit. You’re not gonna do anything. You’re gonna put, you’ll put the heavy industry out of sight and out of mind, you’ll let it grow up over in China or India for the next thousand years, and they’ll just take all your jobs, and the world will be even more polluted because they don’t even have scrubbing technology. “Workers’ rights? Ha! This is China! Who cares about that stuff!” That’s what’ll end up happening. These people don’t have any solutions to anything. 

     That’s why we need to constrain government a hell of a lot more, because look, you give them more power, they just keep abusing everything. They always make stupid decisions, and there are people who want them to run health care. What a great idea that is! Yeah—federal education worked so well, it was so terrible when we were number one when the states were controlling it, and now we’re like what, number thirty or something. It’s so much better. It’s so much better now: It costs a lot more, it’s a lot less effective, what an improvement. Government-mandated health care: Wow, it’s gonna be a great thing if it passes! Oh it’s gonna be great! Universal health care. Single payer. And when they start siphoning all that money back out of it, so that it still costs a lot, and grinds down the economy, and people can’t get the care they need, and it’s all getting rationed out, or it’s substandard, don’t say I told you so. Well actually you should say that I told you so. It’s exactly what’ll happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, rather. 

     Uh, yeah—that’s the state of the world today: A new Cold War, people are saying “Oh Government, save us! Take more of our rights away! Here, have some more rights for yourself,” like that’s ever been a good idea. The government has the reverse Midas touch: Everything it touches turns to worthless piles of shit. That’s how governments have always worked, if they’re not properly constrained. There are people who want to give them control over every micromanaged aspect of their lives like a bunch of slaves. Where’s your pride? You don’t apparently have any. You’re just, you want to be enslaved, I guess. Well leave me out of that! You can go be enslaved anywhere else in the world if you want to. Go to Germany, where you can’t speak freely, or North Korea, where you can’t even take a piss without a piece of paper saying that Kim Jong Un has allowed you to take a piss, or something like that. If you want to be that miserable, kept safe from people with differing ideologies, North Korea’s wide open. All you have to do is go there physically, refuse to leave. You get thrown in a gulag for twenty years, they won’t even let you leave. You’ll be so happy. You can break rocks all day, and you can go work in a salt mine, or something like that. Have fun! We won’t miss you! Yeah, you’re…trying to destroy the country, trying to destroy all of western civilization by making these dumb decisions. 

     And D.C.’s on the forefront of this. They are trying to convince people right now that we need to go headlong back into the Cold War. Now, sorry, I disagree with that sentiment. I have my own problems with Russia in an ideological sense without wanting to have a nuclear standoff with them. I think that’s more sane. Go ahead and keep waging the proxy wars we all know that you want and will wage, because there’s nothing that’s gonna stop you—you’ve fooled too many people into thinking that you’re liberating somebody. Ah, but do we really need to go for the big nuclear tycoon of the world? You know, the only nation actually capable of destroying us? 

     “Oh yeah, let’s go poke’em over and over, let’s be really annoying. Let’s be really mean, err, sanction you! We’re gonna be mean to you. We’re gonna call our own President an ass-hat for saying you’re not the Devil incarnate. Hah, this is gonna be great! Hoohaha!” It’s almost like a bunch of drunken frat boys’ idea of a joke. “Yeah, let’s go! See that cop over there, man? He’s such a square! Here, you go pat him on the back and distract him, I’ll try to grab his gun!” or something like that. It’s a drunken fool’s expedition in foreign policy, what our Congress is doing right now. And there are people too dumb to even realize it. 

     I think their reaction scares me more than that Congress suggests it in the first place. We know Congress is going to be stupid and corrupt. They always have been and they always will be. That’s why you need to constrain them a lot more. But for the average citizen, my goodness. You’re arguing in favor of wanting the possibility of atomic annihilation. That means you’re delusional. And the fact that you’re able to vote despite being delusional, scares me a little bit. But you don’t deserve to go to the ballot. In all honesty. You’re too dumb. You should be declared insane. The only problem is of course the State would have to be the one to make that determination and they’re run by people who agree with you, because they’re crazy too. What a wonderful world it is. 

     That’s about all. 

     Peace out.



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