Europe: An Interpretation and a Prophecy

And if I should prophesy…and if I should prophesy and lie, then who would hear me prophesy?      —my father’s second wife (not my mother), while channeling in a hypnotic trance

     Western Europe is at a turning point. It is at a crossroads, and either route it takes into the future will involve it turning into something radically different from what it is now: moving straight forwards is just not an option. The purpose of this article is not to analyze the past causes of this critical juncture (something I’ll do later, insh’allah), but to describe it briefly as it is now, and then to predict the near future. The more distant future is anyone’s guess.

     The story begins, for the sake of convenience, with feminism. Western Europe is the most feminized place in the world. By “feminized,” however, I don’t mean necessarily feminine. A female feminist is a woman who has renounced much of her own femininity for the sake of imitating men—imitating men of whom she disapproves, ironically. On the other hand, the feminized men of Europe are more inclined to imitate eunuchs. Maybe both biological genders imitate eunuchs. At any rate, the million-year-old distinction between male and female has largely broken down. With regard to how boys are raised in Sweden, I happened to come across a long comment in a comments section some time ago, apparently written by a Swedish woman, of which the following is a part:

Swedish boys are treated from kindergarten to behave like girls and are punished if they show any tendencies to lead, to defend themselves or to take initiative. Boys are simply oppressed and not permitted to identify themselves as boys. They hear constantly all their childhood that gender is a social construction! Thats true! You find it in many articles and pedagogic books, Its like a mantra in Sweden: there are no boys, no girls, its just a false social construction, a mirage. And nobody dares to question this mantra because it would be a social suicide.

Partly due to civilized, sophisticated, and decadent European feminists rejecting the most feminine lifestyle possible—bearing and raising children—the population of Western Europe has been declining in many areas. There are other reasons for this too, however, such as feminized men not liking girls, unfeminized men seeing western women as monstrosities not worth the trouble, aversion for raising children because they interfere with making money and/or a hedonistic lifestyle, conscientious desire not to add to the overpopulation of the planet, loathing of the white race and aversion for perpetuating it, etc. But the long and the short of it is that western Europeans, in their civilized, androgynous sophistication, are not reproducing adequately to maintain a socialized welfare state like the one now prevailing in the European Union. A more or less socialist system requires plenty of young working people to pay taxes into that system. When more old people are reliant on the system than there are young people paying into it, the system collapses.

     The socialized welfare state is also in part an artifact of feminism, as is the aforementioned hedonistic lifestyle, as are the irrational, subjective policies concerning migrants soon to be mentioned. Feminists are too irrational to acknowledge that women, generally speaking, are less rational and more subjective than men. Consequently they refuse to see the foolish and possibly suicidal divorce from empirical reality their feminist ideologies entail. That socialism is not a viable system, as the entire 20th century testifies, is an unwelcome “hate fact” to women who are instinctively timid and empathetic and want mandated security for everyone; that women becoming as immodest and sexually promiscuous as men removes the moral brakes of society and results in mainstream depravity and decline, is rejected as “sexist,” as is any objection to replacing ethical codes with feminine sentiment; and that the sentimental ideal of everyone around the world being the same and equal in every way is simply unrealistic, is viewed by feminists and sophisticated progressives as racist bigotry, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Evidence itself is dismissed as irrelevant, as feelings now outweigh empirical facts in a feminized world.

     So we have a civilized, sophisticated, feminized, effete, materialistic, atheistic, hedonistic, androgynous civilization in which even so-called conservatives endorse some form of socialism, and a population not fecund enough to maintain that socialism. And so what do the feminized leaders do? Rethink an unrealistic ideology? Of course not. They invite literally millions of Muslims from North Africa and West Asia to move to Europe! Regardless of the world’s ecosphere, they must keep the population booming for the sake of keeping the socialist ship afloat. And besides, to dilute the white race out of existence is good, because feminism also happens to hate white men, along with their patriarchal civilization, if only ideologically. 

     That traditional Islam is in many respects the exact opposite of feminized liberalism is ignored, or angrily rejected as “racism” or “Islamophobia.” That traditional Islam comes very close to Fascism in many respects also is ignored or hysterically rejected; instead, those who point out this fact are themselves called Fascists. That many Muslims hate what western civilization stands for, hate “immodest” women and homosexuals, endorse terrorism, and would like to see western civilization replaced by an Islamist State and shariah law, simply cannot be faced by people who imitate eunuchs and think like women and can’t bear to face harsh realities. And that people from Africa and Western Asia have significantly lower intelligence on average and higher rates of violent behavior is dismissed with vehement denial and howls of “racist!”, regardless of empirical facts, or else white men are somehow blamed for it. Consequently, acts of terrorism increase, crime rates skyrocket, more neighborhoods become Islamist enclaves, women are afraid to walk alone outdoors, and foolish feminized eunuchs continue to bring in more migrants. The crimes, no-go zones, etc., are covered up and denied as much as possible, with those speaking out being arrested or otherwise silenced, and the media censored, primarily because of feminine wishful thinking and refusal to face reality; and gradually more and more because it’s too late now to acknowledge the truth anyway, without triggering the apocalypse.

     So much for the diagnosis. Now comes the prophecy. Within five years, Western Europe will be plunged into a catastrophic civil war. The point of no return has already been reached, with no realistic way of avoiding it. 

     In addition to the continuing influx of Muslim migrants from places like Libya and Morocco, which includes a significant minority of Islamists, the Islamic State (or ISIS) continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq…and where do you suppose they will go after they are driven out? They sure as hell won’t infiltrate Russia, because Russians still have balls and will fight them. Certainly, large numbers of them will enter the EU disguised as refugees, where the men are conditioned to be wimps and the women actually side with the terrorists, and they will be fed, clothed, and housed by the same decadent fools that they hate and wish to destroy. Some of them won’t even have to disguise themselves: some “progressive” societies like Sweden accept radical Islamists regardless. A network of terrorist cells will continue to grow, reinforced by these professional jihadis, and the terrorist attacks in Europe will become more frequent and of more ferocious intensity.

welcome to Sweden

     This no doubt will inspire more and more resentment and outrage from the common European citizenry. They won’t be safe walking down their own streets anymore. Their wives and children will be in danger. They will turn, more and more of them, to more nationalistic and right-wing political organizations like the AfD in Germany, and PEGIDA. Eventually enough of these white Europeans will become thoroughly fed up, those who still possess testicles and a spine anyway, and will start to fight back in earnest. The right will become more radicalized, and Europe more polarized. This will result in increased racism and atrocities perpetrated by both sides, with innocent people being punished for the crimes of others. Equally atrocious reprisals will follow, until the situation escalates out of control. Race wars will commence.

     At first, the feminized, effete governments will side with the Muslim migrants against the white nationalists. They won’t be able to maintain order, however, because they are too feminized and effete. (Consider the recent riots outside the G20 summit in Hamburg, in which 20,000 sensitive, politically correct police officers were incapable of maintaining order among fewer than 1,000 rioters, with the police themselves taking more of a beating than anyone else.) Eventually even the feminists will have no choice but to realize, finally, that the Islamists hate them even more than they hate the right-wingers who oppose them: the jihadis will have no choice but to have some respect for the right-wingers fighting for their own civilization, many of whom are “people of the Book” (i.e., Christians), whereas the shameless, purple-haired, “whorish” feminists are all manifestly worthy of a good stoning. Traditional Islam is itself pretty damn right-wing.

     Who will win the upcoming war I can’t say. That part is anyone’s guess. It may be that too many Western European men have already become emasculated sheeple, and won’t put up a fight even to save themselves. But even if the EU, or the western part of it, does become the Caliphate of Europistan or the new al-Rūm, there may always be another Reconquista. However, the first Reconquista, in which the Spaniards drove the Moorish Muslims out of Spain, took 700 years.

     Meanwhile, the Eastern Europeans, including the hard-headed Poles, still remember what Marxism 1.0 was like, and are understandably reluctant to plunge headfirst into feminized Marxism Lite. (I remember reading that, back in the early 90s, Mikhail Gorbachev exclaimed to the Western Europeans forming the EU, “Why are you rushing into something from which we barely escaped?”) Presumably because they’re somewhat “backward” as a result of being behind the Iron Curtain for so long, the Eastern members of the EU are not nearly so suicidal as their Western colleagues, and vehemently oppose accepting their share of the flood of African and Asiatic Muslims. In a few years they may start accepting a different flood of refugees, however: Western Europeans fleeing the war zone of the new Islamist jihad. Ironically, Eastern Europe may become the last bastion of liberal European values and traditions, and even of the European race.

     So remember: catastrophic race wars, Europeans vs. Islamists and white self-loathing feminized globalists, coming up soon. The spirit came upon me and I began prophesying this several months ago actually, so it’s really less than five years now: let’s say within four and a half. If the civilized, sophisticated EU isn’t plunged into racial genocide by then, feel free to denounce me as a false prophet.

Appendix: a Link and a Poem
The following link is to “Europe’s Future and Jihad,” written way, way back in January of 2015, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and before the floodgates were opened wide by Frau Merckel. It is still well worth reading, however, and demonstrates that the trajectory of western Europe has not been so difficult to perceive, for those with eyes to see. (I still dignify my own prediction above as a prophecy, however.)

An excerpt:
The jihadists, as Europe’s enemy, are the embodiment of Europe’s own existential question. Europe has to learn from them, as from any enemy. Europe will not defeat the jihadists if it will continue to rot and implode. If Europe will manage somehow to reverse the current trend, the jihadists will be automatically defeated. If Europe does not change and insists on the current track, it will certainly cease to exist as a recognisable historical force, and its demise will be well deserved. It will serve as a lesson for others not to embark themselves on Europe’s path.  —Roberto Orsi

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxon began to hate.



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