Tumult on the Left, Disorder on the Right

Feminists and SJWs, and their ilk, have ABSOLUTELY ruined the left.
Do they have any idea, of the hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions of people, who used to PROUDLY call themselves liberals, that have just become so utterly disgusted with everything coming out of the left side of the argument, that they no longer even remotely tilt that way politically anymore?
Up until only maybe two years ago, I forget exactly how long, I was proudly a liberal.
And then the SJWs and feminists took over, and it just become a machine of hate, fear, and blatant censoring of ANYTHING they didn't agree with.
Remember the good old days, when being a liberal meant you thought abortion should be legal, except for that third trimester super late term shit?  And that you had no issue with gays and lesbians getting married?  And that weed should be legal?  Oh and remember you could still think all this, but when work got out on Friday you could still go have dinner with your friends who were very conservative, and you still laughed and had good times and enjoyed each other and confided in each other, and just DIDNT BRING UP politics because your political views didnt define you as people, and would just cause needless and unsolvable arguments with your good close friends?
Hopefully enough people will continue to wake up and see the left for what it is, and soon enough Libertarian and Leftist parties will switch places, and the left will become the minority forgotten about third party.  Libertarian would be a breath of fresh air, for soooooo many people who just are disgusted with the left.  The side they used to support.  someone named Jeff Cirelli, in a YouTube comments section

     I certainly am not the person best qualified to write on this subject, as not only do I not have a degree in political science, I’ve been almost completely non-political up until relatively recently, spending almost half of my adult life literally living in caves. So there are all sorts of complications and permutations that no doubt are significant, but which I won’t mention and don’t even know. But the issue is a very important and interesting one, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, and I haven’t seen much of anything written on the subject at large (although I must admit I haven’t done much searching for it). And anyhow, I am awake enough to describe the way things look.

     The American political establishment is in a state of upheaval and crisis, the likes of which might occur once or twice in a century at most; we appear to be at a turning point in history, and no matter how things turn out, even if they seem at first to revert to the status quo, they are unlikely to wind up resembling what came before. The thing is, BOTH major political parties in the USA are in a state of insurgency, with both parties divided into two factions. The more or less centrist, traditional, extraordinarily corrupt Establishment is under attack from both sides; with people in each party looking at the other, and away from their own, and cackling about how the other is doomed. But it seems to me that both parties are in danger of disintegration—which, however, would no doubt result in new, reformed parties emerging from the wreckage.

     The primaries of the latest presidential election may serve as a good, illustrative case history of what I’m talking about here. It was during the primary elections that the situation came out into the open for all to see. On the Democratic left, Hillary Clinton had been secretly chosen by the Democratic National Convention to be the nominee years previously, as leaked emails made obnoxiously clear. However, an outsider, a socialist who could hardly even qualify as a Democrat, a guy named Bernie Sanders, crashed the party, so to speak, and ran for President as well, to the exasperation of the ruling elites of the DNC. In fact it started looking like Bernie might even win against the outrageously flawed Clinton, so the corrupt Establishment elites resorted to rigging the election process. I watched a video of one of the Democratic primaries, Colorado I think, in which the vote was taken orally; Bernie got by far the louder chorus of yeas, whereupon the dumpy middle-aged female chairperson’s face darkened, she blurted out that Hillary was the winner, banged her gavel on the podium, and rushed from the stage amid howls of indignant protest. The Bernie supporters were so angry that a few of them threw some folding chairs—whereupon the mainstream media, backing Hillary no matter what, implied in their reports that the Bernie supporters threw the fit because they were childish sore losers, and violent besides. The big California primary was predicted to be a close one, based on preliminary polling, so a non-profit organization declared their intention of monitoring exit polls to see that all was conducted fairly—whereupon the DNC promptly cancelled the exit polls, and Clinton won by a much larger margin than was expected, or maybe even than was real. To make a long story medium-length, Bernie was shafted by all means necessary by a corrupt political machine who essentially appointed their candidate Clinton, regardless of democracy.

     On the Republican right the situation was not so very different. Instead of secretly choosing their nominee in advance, the Republican ruling elites were quite willing to let a bunch of easily manageable party insiders run for the candidacy, and to let the voters make a not-so-important token choice between Coke and Pepsi. But to their amusement, then consternation, then horror, a rich, vulgar, loud-mouthed businessman who had never before held a political office, Donald Trump, capitalized on a new, growing sentiment of Republican voters, rose through the ranks, and became the favorite for victory. The RNC also began making shady deals and rigged the system to keep the outsider out; for example by cancelling the Nevada primary election altogether and simply awarding the electoral votes to Ted Cruz; but maybe due to a greater sense of justice, or maybe just because the Republican Establishment has become relatively gutless, their attempts failed—resulting in the spectacle of a shark businessman essentially perpetrating a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. And of course the underestimated tide of the new sentiment of the people, causing even many erstwhile Democrats to vote for Trump, resulted in the Establishment nightmare of a political outsider, someone not easily controlled, becoming president. Some high-level Republican elites even went to the desperate extreme of voting for Hillary! At least she was part of the same corrupt political system.

     Thus we see that the political status quo, both sides of the same debased coin, has fallen into disfavor with tens of millions of American voters. On the left it’s neo-Marxist Progressives (so-called Social Justice Warriors) against the old center-left Establishment, and on the right it’s a new nationalist, populist, more libertarian movement, heartily sick of political correctness hysteria and the self-serving Republican ruling elite, against the center-right Establishment. So the two established Party machines, which have become pretty much the same in most respects anyway, especially with regard to selling out the average citizen, are beset on both sides, and are huddling desperately in the middle. The situation looks grim for the old status quo.

     The left is less polarized than the right, it seems, in the sense that it is distributed along a spectrum, with radical “alt-left” anarcho-communists at one end, merging into young social justice warriors and PC Progressive “Starbucks Socialists” of the urban elite, merging into the marginalized “victim classes” and dumpy middle-aged feminists, and at the other extreme the old-fashioned white Democrats who haven’t yet realized that their own leftist ideology has turned against them, and against their civilization in general. Obama himself was seen as a kind of leftist messianic figure largely because he had one foot planted near each end of the spectrum—partly with the radical Progressives and partly with the ruling Establishment elite. But aside from Obama, almost the whole spectrum does share certain unifying features, such as more or less feminine thinking, endorsement of socialized health care, insistence upon abortion on demand (preferably free of charge), a vehement call for open borders, and of course adherence to political correctness hysteria and viewing white males as the enemy of the human race. The new left isn’t so much trying to eliminate and replace the old Party leadership as to employ leftist, feminine herd instinct to get everyone to conform to the new way, i.e. a borderless multicultural welfare state. And they appear to be relatively successful thus far…which endangers the Democratic Party due to the new way’s own irrational mass hysteria and incapacity to face or to deal with some pretty damn obvious realities. To give just one obvious example, up until recently even the mainstream media, let alone Democrat politicians, declared anarchist antifa rioters to be heroes as they attacked not only anyone who looked like a Trump supporter, but also the police, with rocks, pepper spray, and bottles of urine. Well, another example: the whole left stands behind Nancy Pelosi, possibly only because they haven’t been able to find even a semi-qualified black transsexual Muslim to replace her.

     The political right is more in a state of classic insurrection, with the new populist movement threatening to remove the ruling elite and replace them with a new breed of politician, or at least a different breed. The followers of the new movement utterly despise as traitorous scum such members of the ruling “swamp” elite as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain (ptu!), Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney, and Bush II, just to name a few. (This insurrection has some of its roots in the Tea Party, which I missed out on entirely, being still an inhabitant of caves in those days.) The new right appears to be a reaction mainly against two things: a corrupt, incompetent ruling class who has failed to help or respect the common American, and the raging hysteria of the new left, which is literally attempting to undermine western civilization, even if the leftists themselves are too muddle-headed to see it. But before they can take on the new left effectively, the angry new populists must first deal with the Never Trump elitists who are fighting tooth and nail to maintain their own power and privileges, even to the extent of siding with the Democratic elites against their own voters. The only thing giving a semblance of a spectrum to the fractured right is the spineless Republican politicians who are sitting on the fence, maybe giving some lukewarm support to Mr. Trump, until they can be sure which side is going to win the contest. But the new right is gaining ground, including the so-called alt right, which is itself elicited by, and in turn further elicits, the equally or even more odious and extremist alt left.

     So, the American political theater is becoming more polarized, with the center, where the two main parties had pretty much coalesced, imploding—with the center-left Democrats veering towards neo-Marxist socialism, and the center-right Republicans being mostly eliminated by a pissed-off electorate, leaving only classical liberals, libertarians, and independents somewhere toward the middle. This could result in a very lively political scene in the near future, more lively than now, with plenty of fireworks, possibly including a minor civil war or two.

     What I consider most likely, perhaps, is that the leftists will settle into a compromise amongst themselves, becoming more socialist and less hysterical; and the rightists will compromise less, with lots of Establishment swamp creatures thrown out of office, although with the new reform becoming corrupt and largely nullified quickly enough. (After all, we are human.) At the very least, the rottenness of the established system has already become painfully obvious, which in itself will no doubt inspire some sort of reform, at least on the less hysterical side of the aisle.

     But what I consider to be the best we could realistically hope for from all this, is this: The new left will become so insanely radical and intolerant that it will tear away from the moderate left, splitting off and become a minor fringe party (which event will be more likely after feminized, “progressive” Western Europe eventually erupts into flames); the new populist movement will succeed on the right and effectively take over the Republican Party, “draining the swamp” and turning it into a more nationalistic and more libertarian institution; and the remnants of the Democratic Party and the ejected Republican nobility unwilling to accept the reform will coalesce into a new centrist or center-left Party, representing mainly the elites and the welfare class—since after all, the two ruling establishments have become pretty much the same machine anyway (hence top Republicans siding with the Democrats against Trump). This would prevent the center from continuing its leftward drift, and return American politics to a more balanced, more sane position. As I see it now, if the new left becomes less fanatical and evokes compromise, as happened with the old new left in the early 70s, the “center” will continue to drift further and further leftwards until we wind up with the European predicament of even “conservatives” being some sort of socialist.

     Anyway, may the gods smile upon the revolution.



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