Is Judaism Some Kind of Grand Cabal? (Why Jews Rise to the Top)

I never saw a stupid Jew;
I never hope to see one;
But anyhow I can tell you
I’d rather see than be one.
     —old rhyme (slightly modified)

     So here’s the question: Why are the Jews, especially the Ashkenazi ones, so successful, influential, and powerful in western society despite their relatively small numbers?

     For starters, continual repression and persecution of Jews, for whatever reasons, over the centuries have apparently inspired them to stick together and support each other, either becoming more extended-family-oriented or just retaining an old family ethos that the rest of the west is gradually losing. I’ve been told that it is an embarrassment and source of shame for Jewish people to have a poor relative, so they make sure everyone in the family, even a cousin or nephew, gets a good education and/or is well set up in business—which of course results in more Jewish bankers, lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. This also no doubt results in some of the same sort of resentment felt by medieval Christians against Jews becoming rich and powerful through committing the sin of usury. (As a similar case in point, I read recently that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Christians in Turkey were more prosperous on average than the Muslims, mainly because they had better schools and got better educations, resulting in widespread resentment and hatred from Muslims.) This could be a case of compacting the snowball, or of the old saying, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Jews, for the sake of survival in a frequently hostile world, have evolved or adopted strategies that make them more likely to weather the occasional antisemitic storm. It also makes them more likely to be rich, successful, and influential, and thus also to inspire some hard feelings from Gentiles. But that’s just part of the story.

     One rather indirect, back-door sort of way that “the Jews” have been blamed for attempting to overthrow western civilization is that Marxism, along with some of its later developments, has been dominated by political and economic theorists of Hebrew ancestry—Karl Marx himself being one of them. Leon Trotsky was another, and the members of the notorious Frankfurt School, the founding fathers of the cultural Marxism or neo-Marxism that is running amuck nowadays as “progressivism,” were almost every jack one of them “Jews.”

     But I use the term with quotation marks because I fail to see how a Marxist, an atheistic dialectical materialist, could actually believe the Jewish religion. Karl Marx despised religion, calling it the opiate of the masses (and apparently wanting to replace it with the new religious opiate of his own system). In fact one might even get the impression that these guys were rebelling against Judaism, or their own Jewish conditioning, by becoming communists—a possible example being the standard communist desire to abolish the nuclear family, whereas, as has already been mentioned, traditional Jews are more family-oriented than the average European. Another example could be the communistic desire to abolish personal wealth. But a white nationalist might assert that communism is intended only for the goyim. The Jews want to abolish wealth for everyone but themselves.

     Maybe so, but I just fail to see it. Maybe I’m just dense, but I get the strong impression that most Marxists, including the more or less Hebrew ones, sincerely believe that Marxism is an improvement on capitalism, something really beneficial, a way of actually improving and humanizing society—regardless of history demonstrating repeatedly that it isn’t. That Marxism, including Frankfurt School style neo-Marxism, endeavors to destabilize society in order to facilitate the glorious revolution is not necessarily indicative that Jews, or Hebrews, are attempting to destroy the order of things out of spite, or for their own personal gain. It could just be selfless commitment to a ridiculous and repeatedly debunked ideology. (Why Marxists and other communists persist in clinging to systems that have proved to result in totalitarianism, failed economies, and genocidal atrocities again and again is a big question, which I have no desire to tackle here. But I suspect part of it is a willful ignorance of plain human nature.)

some more famous "Jews" (still in alphabetical order)
17. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump; 18. Geddy Lee; 19. Marcel Marceau;
20. Herbert Marcuse; 21. Karl Marx; 22. Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner;
23. Ram Dass; 24. Carl Sagan

     Also, it is important to bear in mind that not all Jews are Marxists, or anywhere near to being Marxists. Which leads me back to a major stumbling block in my attitude toward the Jewish Question: How is it that Marxist “Jews” who despise religion in general and Judaism in particular, ultra-strict believing, practicing Jews like the Hassidim who won’t flip a light switch on Saturday, masses of people who are more or less lukewarm or even indifferent to the fact that they have some Hebrew ancestors and are totally assimilated into western culture, and possibly also people without a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins who converted to some form of Judaism, either by marrying into a Jewish family or by a superstitious desire to be one of God’s Chosen People—how is it that all these people, or even most of them, could share the same agenda, for world conquest or for anything else?

     Moving on, I may as well let the cat out of the bag here and give my best guess at the main reason (not the only one) why Ashkenazi Jews in particular are so predominant, and so rich, successful, and influential, in western society—they’re the most intelligent people in the world. I’ve written quite a lot about IQ in previous posts, generally with emphasis on those groups at the lower end of the cognitive spectrum; but I’m no white supremacist by doing so because the same studies have shown that, whereas white European types have a mean IQ approximating 100, East Asians are up around 105, and Ashkenazi Jews (not all Jews, just Ashkenazi ones) may average higher than 110.

     Charles Murray gives some examples in his book Human Accomplishment illustrating the situation. For example: 

The famous Terman study of high-IQ children in the early 1920s found that 10.5 percent of California children with IQs of 135 or higher were Jewish. This percentage was found even with a definition that did not define any child as Jewish if he had even one non-Jewish grandparent, in an era when many Jewish families hid their ethnic identity, and in an era when many of those who did identify themselves as Jewish used Yiddish as the primary spoken language at home (the children were tested in English). Terman himself believed that the 10.5 percent estimate was a substantial underestimate of Jewish representation. In 1954, a psychologist took advantage of New York City’s universal IQ-testing to identify all 28 children with measured IQs of 170 or higher. Twenty-four of them were Jews. 

Another example he gives is with regard to Nobel Prizes. Jews and women were relieved of a great deal of repression and discrimination at around the same time, i.e. the second half of the 20th century, so Murray compared their shares of Nobel Prizes in science and literature. During the period from 1951 to 2000, Jews were awarded 29% of all Nobel Prizes in the fields in question, despite the fact that they constitute only around 2.2% of the population in Europe and the USA, where most Nobel laureates reside, and a small fraction of 1% of the population of the earth. This was more than twice the share of 14% that they earned during the first half of the century, when they were more discriminated against. The Nobel Prize in economics has been awarded only since 1969, and Jews received 39% of them up to the turn of the century. Females, on the other hand, were awarded only 3% of the prizes in science and literature, despite the fact that they constitute somewhat more than half the population—which was actually a decrease from the 4% of the first half of the century. And from 1969 to 2000 the number of prizes in economics they received was zero. Thus it appears that as soon as the restraints were lifted from Jewish scholars, they shot upwards, rocket-like; whereas women obviously did not.

     I assume that the high intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews is another case of “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” or of survival of the fittest. Jews have been persecuted and massacred so many times that most of the stupid, slow-moving ones were weeded out of the gene pool. Murray also hypothesizes that scholarship has been so respected among Jews, even when their only avenue of study was rabbinical, that the smartest Jewish fellows were the most successful at getting the best mates, and thereby propagating their smart genes. Anyway, as Murray pointed out in his infamous book The Bell Curve, high IQ is the one main factor that determines economic success—more important than the social and economic status of one’s parents, one’s formal education, or anything else. So if Jews are the most intelligent people on average, and intelligence is that important for success, then it’s no wonder at all that they are so abundantly represented among the “cognitive elite,” and among the filthy rich and powerful. Going with Occam’s razor, this strikes me as a more straightforward and reasonable explanation than supposing a grand cabal—regardless of the fact that “cabal” is derived from the Hebrew word qabbālāh. Their intelligence allows them to rise to the top of pretty much any group, including those viewed as insidious—which may then be interpreted as Jewish control of insidiousness. But intelligence is undoubtedly not the only factor to be considered.

     In addition to high IQ and better family support, there may be other genetically conditioned factors than braininess at play. My experience with Semitic types has shown that they often have a lot of hot-blooded vitality, sometimes to the point of hot-headed obnoxiousness. I assume that in an intelligent person in particular, a higher level of vitality and “drive” could be more conducive to success. Hot blood would appear to be a genetic Semitic trait not restricted only to Jews. A lot of Arabs seem to be this way also.

     I may as well also mention that I have heard, from a recording of neuroscientist and “Jew” Sam Harris no less, that a certain human gene has been identified which is associated with acquisitiveness and hoarding behavior—and which has a high incidence in people of Jewish descent. If true this also would help the “Jews” to be richer and more powerful (and more resented, and more seen in a negative light), through the genetically conditioned stereotype of the greedy Jew.

     So anyway, getting back to the title question, is Judaism a grand cabal? It seems pretty damn obvious to me that ALL people called Jews are not involved in a conspiracy to overthrow and enslave the goyim. I fail to see how such a diverse group of people, some real Jews, some anti-religious Marxists, most lukewarm or indifferent and totally assimilated, people as different as George Soros and Joey Ramone, could all share the same agenda, or even similar agendas. Also, some groups that really may have designs of destabilizing society and producing a world more to their own advantage may have “Jews” as their leaders; but that could be explained by the fact that pretty much any group, so long as it’s not actually antisemitic, is likely to have “Jews” at or near the top for reasons already discussed, such as high intelligence. Nevertheless, there may really be, for all I know, a great conspiracy conducted expressly by believing Jews and/or neo-Marxists predominantly of Hebrew ancestry, the purpose of which is to overthrow western society and replace it with something more to their liking. Aside from a group like the Frankfurt School though, I haven’t seen any actual proof of this.

     What should be done about the “Jewish Question”? Considering that even in a worst case scenario the majority of people called Jews are in all likelihood innocent of the leveled accusations, the best we can do is to enforce the laws of the land. If anyone is attempting something illegal, then of course they should be arrested and punished, regardless of their ethnic heritage. Also, people should be informed of the truth, and even of suspicions of truth. Freedom of thought and expression, even if it amounts to antisemitism or Islamophobia or whatever, must be protected. So conspiracy theorists should certainly be allowed to express themselves; and who knows, maybe they’ll succeed in proving to the world that they are right. But the only other approach I can conceive would be something in the general direction of a “final solution”: back to repressive discrimination of Jews, maybe even bringing back yellow stars to be worn in public, maybe rounding them all up and shipping them off to Madagascar (which was actually considered by the Nazis before settling on concentration camps), or maybe even what the Nazis finally attempted. But of course, that’s been tried before, and it didn’t work. With the Jews, what with their hot-blooded vitality and all, whatever doesn’t kill them makes them stronger, and smarter.

     So, until I see some real, hard evidence of Jewish grand cabals I remain of the opinion that Islam poses a greater threat to western civilization than does Judaism. First, there’s a hell of a lot more Muslims than Jews in this world, even including all the lukewarm Hebrews who don’t follow the religion. Second, Islam is more jihad-, violence-, and glorious martyrdom-oriented, and many of its followers are outspokenly in favor of Islam conquering the earth. Third, Muslims are less inclined to assimilate, and of their own accord are currently creating exclusive enclaves, hostile to non-Muslims, in western cities. Fourth, a large proportion of Muslims, probably most of them in the west, would willingly follow along with Shariah law if it ever gained authority, which is very probably not the case with most westernized Jews and the Torah. Fifth, they’re flooding into Europe at present, with mainly one person, Mr. Trump, preventing them from flooding into the USA as well. And sixth, the Muslims are of course held sacred by the feminized PC left, thereby presenting obstacles even to dealing intelligently with the situation. On the other hand, Muslims on average are much less intelligent than Jews.

     I may as well mention that the just-mentioned feminized PC left is itself more of a threat to western civilization than the Jews or the Muslims, considering that it represents more of a disease within the system itself. The “progressive” agenda of cultural Marxism may have been invented by people of Jewish descent, and may still be overseen by a few powerful Jews in high places (George Soros being an extremely obvious candidate for this), but by now people like feminists, indoctrinated brown people, and young fools following the current pseudointellectual fashion have taken the ball and are running with it. If the current mass hysteria of political correctness can be withstood and kicked to the curb, neither Jews nor Muslims would present much of a danger.

25. Bernie Sanders; 26. Ben Shapiro; 27. George Soros; 28. Benedict Spinoza;
29. Paul Stanley; 30. Elizabeth Taylor; 31. Leon Trotsky; 32. Ludwig Wittgenstein

some honorable mentions:

Theodor Adorno
Woody Allen
Bhikkhu Bodhi
Helena Bonham Carter
Lenny Bruce
Jackie and Joan Collins
Joseph Goldstein
Sam Harris
Henry Heimlich (inventor of the Heimlich maneuver)
Arthur Koestler
Felix Mendelssohn 
Arthur Miller
Michel de Montaigne
Paul Newman
Paul of Tarsus
Itzhak Perlman
Philo Judeaus
Natalie Portman
Joey Ramone
Edward G. Robinson
the Rothschilds 
Jerry Seinfeld
Steven Spielberg 
Barbara Streisand
Uma Thurman
Barbara Tuchman
Harvey Weinstein
Milo Yiannopoulos 

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