Is Judaism Some Kind of Grand Cabal? (Preliminary Considerations)

Remember my children, that all the Earth must belong to us Jews, and that the Gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing. —attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, on his deathbed, in 1812

     This post, and the one that follows it, are a kind of companion piece to the already posted “Is Muslim Immigration Some Kind of Plot?” It is as though there is a great debate raging over which group is the greater threat to western civilization: Muslims or Jews. As with the other post, I really don’t have certain answers; I’m mainly just wondering out loud—or would be if I were vocalizing this instead of typing it. Also I’m trying to get a few things straightened out, or at least trying to point out what seems to be a bit cockeyed.

     The idea, or conspiracy theory, that “Jews” (the exact meaning of that word being somewhat vague) are insidiously working toward the overlordship or overthrow of western Gentile civilization depends upon relatively arcane information that I have investigated little. I’ve never been particularly alarmed about Jews. Consequently I may be innocent and relatively unbiased on the subject, somewhat like the little kid who pointed out that the Emperor was naked; or on the other hand I may be ignorant of really conclusive evidence. Again, I just don’t know if the conspiracy theories are true, and some conspiracy theories out there really are true.

     As for the outrageous quote attributed to the first (rich) Rothschild, I didn’t even bother to try to verify it. I figure it’s appropriate either way: it either demonstrates some ugly truth to the charges made by antisemites, or else it demonstrates the willingness of those same antisemites to cook up really unscrupulous propaganda for the sake of their cause—maybe like early Christians accusing Jews of sacrificing and eating Christian babies, or late Classical Pagans accusing Christians of sacrificing and eating Pagan ones.

     Anyway, there’s lots of talk against Jews on both sides of the political chasm—consequently, this post may be politically incorrect if only because it’s not particularly antisemitic, or anti-Hebrew. (Technically, Arabs are Semitic too; and of course antisemitism against Arabs is totally non-PC Islamophobia.) The second installment of this post will be politically incorrect also because it acknowledges genetically conditioned psychological differences between human races.

     The new left’s antisemitism (“Judeophobia”) predominantly takes the form of Israel-bashing, because of course Israel, allegedly the only functional democracy in the Middle East, marginalizes and victimizes those poor Palestinians. The Israelis have already built their wall and actively deport illegal aliens, thereby being way ahead of Mr. Trump in their diabolical insistence on national security. But personally, Israel could drive every last Palestinian Muslim out of the Holy Land for all I care. For Israel to follow the demands of the new left would be even more of a self-destructive fiasco than the end of apartheid in South Africa or the flood of Muslim migrants into Europe. Without their more or less draconian policies the nation of Israel simply could not exist. That should be fairly obvious. But a lot of leftists probably know that too.

     Right-wing antisemitism is more ambiguous, as it apparently lumps together devout believers and practitioners of Judaism with people merely of partial Hebrew ancestry who abandoned the Jewish religion—for example by becoming atheistic Marxist materialists. In other words, the religion is treated as a race, or vice versa. Many right-wingers are actually pro-Israel (Breitbart is an obvious example), and of course many outspoken apostles of American conservatism are Jewish. Ben Shapiro even wears a yarmulke sometimes.

     This leads to some confusion on my part with regard to the protean ambiguity of the term “Jew.” It technically is a religious term, denoting a believer and/or practitioner of Judaism (and one may certainly be one or the other without being both). “Jew” is not necessarily a racial term any more than is “Muslim.” Many European Jews have blond hair and blue eyes, and obviously possess more European or even Aryan than Semitic DNA in their cell nuclei. Sammy Davis Jr. was a Jew also, and he was a black guy. I see little distinction made between followers of the religion (regardless of race) on one hand and people with Hebrew ancestors (regardless of their religiosity) on the other.

     To muddy the waters even more, there is a large group of “Jews” in the middle of these two hands who are Jewish in only a superficial, traditional sense and technically aren’t really Jews at all. The Jewish Bible clearly states that people who break certain rules, like eating the fat of animals suitable for sacrifice or eating leavened bread during Passover, are “cut off from their people,” and thereby, ergo, are no longer Jews.

The LORD said, “For seven days you must not eat any bread made with yeast—eat only unleavened bread. On the first day you are to get rid of all the yeast in your houses, for if anyone during those seven days eats bread made with yeast, he shall no longer be considered one of my people. On the first day and again on the seventh day you are to meet for worship. No work is to be done on those days, but you may prepare food. Keep this festival, because it was on this day that I brought your tribes out of Egypt. For all time to come you must celebrate this day as a festival. From the evening of the fourteenth day of the first month to the evening of the twenty-first day, you must not eat any bread made with yeast. For seven days no yeast must be found in your houses, for if anyone, native-born or foreign, eats bread made with yeast, he shall no longer be considered one of my people.” —Exodus 12:15-20

I am reminded of Ram Dass in one of his early books saying that as a kid his Jewish family kept a kosher kitchen—they only ate pork when they went to Chinese restaurants. Technically speaking, Jews like this aren’t really Jews, by the authority of their own God Almighty.

     Furthermore, the accusations of intended economic world conquest are almost completely limited to Ashkenazi Jews, i.e. Jews of central or eastern European descent. The Sephardic Jews of Spain and Portugal and the Asiatic Jews (for example the Iraqi ones whose ancestors decided to stay when the Babylonian Captivity ended) apparently are not included under the category of “the Jews” who are threatening our way of life. They seem to be not so involved anyhow. Considering all this, I’m not exactly sure who “the Jews” in question are, that is, what it is exactly that qualifies them as “the Jews” who are the problem. It would be helpful if a white nationalist reader or some other person well versed in the Jewish Question would clearly define the term.

Some famous "Jews" (in alphabetical order):
1. Noam Chomsky; 2. Sammy Davis, Jr.; 3. Benjamin Disraeli; 4. Alfred Dreyfus;
5. Bob Dylan; 6. Albert Einstein; 7. Richard Feynman; 8. Carrie Fischer

     I suppose my ignorance on the issue is partly due to the fact that I have known very few people who self-identify as Jewish, or who are aware of having Hebrew ancestors later than, say, Noah. There apparently aren’t many Jews in the American Pacific Northwest where I grew up; I was a college student before I ever was aware of meeting one. Most of my exposure to them has been in the rather non-Jewish realm of Eastern spirituality, in which realm there are lots of people who could be called “Jews”: some examples that readily come to mind are Ram Dass, Andrew Cohen, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, I think, and an old guy who lives in Bali called Nirgrantha. Probably at least half of the “Jews” I’ve met have been practicing Buddhists (who furthermore are willing to eat yeast all year round). I have heard about very strict Jewish people who won’t switch on a light on the sabbath and keep four sets of dishes (one for meat, one for dairy products, one for meat during Passover, and one for dairy products during Passover); but I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to one, or maybe even seen one. I doubt that any Jew I’ve ever met was anywhere near to being actually kosher, and thereby actually a real Jew.

     Regardless of the ambiguity of the term, Jews, whatever they are, evidently have always been resented and despised, and occasionally massacred, by Europeans, although for differing reasons over the centuries. In Hellenistic and Roman times they were disliked mainly because of their stubborn refusal to assimilate into society at large, considering themselves to be God’s Chosen People and looking down their Jewish noses at pagan idolaters as contaminated and inferior. That, plus their marked tendency in those days to revolt, riot, and massacre their fellow townspeople. The Roman Republic conquering the Holy Land of Judea had a lot of Jews really going berserk until finally the Romans, in exasperation, sacked Jerusalem, demolished the Temple, and drove away all the inhabitants.

     In the fanatically Christian Middle Ages the Jews were hated primarily for the simple reason that they weren’t Christians—which in those days was considered practically equivalent to being devil worshippers, an attitude even more extreme than the common “progressive” belief that any supporter of Mr. Trump is a fascist. Perhaps just as importantly, medieval Jews were hated because they were allowed to lend money (to non-Jews) at interest, which for Christians was forbidden, entailing the sin of usury. So, many Jews became very rich and successful through money-lending and banking, as was the case with the Rothschilds themselves—much richer than the average European trying to get by. Successful outsiders almost necessarily breed resentment, which ripens into hate, and sometimes into persecutions and pogroms. Entire populations of Jews were wiped out in medieval towns, sometimes for such reasons as (allegedly) causing bubonic plague by poisoning public wells, and sometimes as a justified punishment for their usury and greed—with of course the Christians looting their houses and shops and taking their stuff.

     In modern times antisemitism has remained in fashion, becoming all the rage in the early 20th century, and not only in Germany. In fact antisemitism reached a kind of fever pitch in the early 20th century, for reasons that historically-minded antisemites would no doubt understand much better than I do. I suppose historically-minded Jews would also understand it better than me—even though their explanations might oppose diametrically the explanations of the white nationalists. Some have theorized that Adolf Hitler hated the Jews so fiercely (one of the few political stances he maintained that was completely sincere) because when he was a young sign painter in Vienna he was infected with syphilis by a Jewish prostitute. Others have theorized that he persecuted them merely as a convenient scapegoat. But Hitler and many other Europeans sincerely believed, as many people still believe, that the Jews were/are attempting to overthrow western civilization, and to take control of it, at least of all the money. He apparently was sincere even in his belief that Winston Churchill was “Jew-ridden.”

     I can’t help but get the idea that the old medieval resentment of wealthy, successful outsiders beating non-Jews at their own game, so to speak, is still a significant factor in 21st-century antisemitism. Clearly, Jewish people (whatever that means exactly) have risen to the top of western economic niches and wield influence way out of proportion to their small numbers within the population. They appear to dominate in banking and the entertainment industry, and are heavily represented in science, medicine, and law, for example. An attempt to explain, at least in part, why this is the case will be the subject of the next post.

9. Flavius Josephus; 10. Anne Frank; 11. Sigmund Freud; 12. Jesus of Nazareth;
13. Scarlett Johansson; 14. Franz Kafka; 15. Henry Kissinger; 16. Calvin Klein



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