A Gallery of Randomly Computer-Generated Inspirational Memes

A fool is the father who obeys his eggs, but an even greater fool is the father who obeys his invisible friend.—InspiroBot

     A few weeks ago I happened to see on Minds.com (it’s like Facebook, except with less thought control, censorship, and spying on its users) one of those touchy-feely inspirational memes that totally make me cringe inwardly. I assume most of you have seen the like: they often involve, in addition to some supposedly inspirational feel-good message, a background photo of beautiful scenery, flowers, or adorable kittens. So, in the comments section I posted a parody inspirational meme which I had created; and the posting of it helped me to regain a sense of cosmic balance. Then—one of those events that can change one’s life—someone else, inspired by my own cynical lack of inspiration, posted a number of inspirational memes randomly generated by an AI algorithm on a site called inspirobot.me. The memes were sufficiently absurd and pointless that I was intrigued…and thus began a little hobby that, apparently, has run its course and finally exhausted itself. I generated and downloaded probably a few hundred of these randomly-generated and thus uninspired inspirational messages; and in what follows I would like to share with you, dear reader, some of the best results (or worst, or whatever, but anyway my favorites).

     A small percentage of them, in accordance with blind, ruthless statistical laws, actually make good sense and could easily pass for a real inspirational message produced by a relatively wise touchy-feely maker of inspirational memes—like this one, for example:

     This one also could easily pass for a genuine creation of, say, a wise, sensitive, New Age lesbian cat lady: 

     This one too could have been made on purpose, so far as anyone could tell, and might even accidentally inspire people to make something great of themselves:

     Because no actual conscious mind is involved in their creation, other than the wiseguys who created the sentence algorithms, chose the collections of words to fill in the blanks, and chose the pictures and fonts, a certain amount of absurd pointlessness is usually to be found. Sometimes it can be subtle enough that most people wouldn’t notice it, like in the next two: 

     Sometimes they can appear to be actually clever and witty, maybe even profound:

     Some, although randomly absurd, can appear to be deliberately absurd jokes:

     This one could be appropriate for trolling posts perversely extolling the horrors of health food:

     At the other end of the spectrum from perfect sense, quite a few come up that obviously make no sense at all, sometimes even with dysfunctional grammar, resulting in what is beyond pythonesque, but may still be entertaining to those of us with a taste for utter pointlessness:

     But best of all, in my humble opinion, are the ones that seem to make sense at first, kind of, but fail; yet they may still cause some poor, innocent, naive, lamblike being to scratch his head over them for several minutes.

     And some are very simple statements inadvertently highlighting the absurdity and meaninglessness of existence, like some sort of Zen haiku, or particularly cryptic fortune cookie.

    If these that I have shared with you are not pointless enough for your tastes, please feel free to consult Inspirobot yourself—perhaps the oracle will tell you exactly what you need to hear. On the other hand if pointless absurdity is not to your liking, well, I don’t know what to tell you. All meaning is based upon unmeaning.



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