Beauties of Meditation

A Pictorial Guide to the Harmonious Symmetry of the Undraped Meditatrix

The Buddhist nun known as Ryonen was born in 1797. She was a granddaughter of the famous Japanese warrior Shingen. Her poetical genius and alluring beauty were such that at seventeen she was serving the empress as one of the ladies of the court….
The beloved empress died suddenly and Ryonen’s hopeful dreams vanished. She became acutely aware of the impermanency of life in this world. It was then that she desired to study Zen….
She came to the city of Edo and asked Tetsugyu to accept her as a disciple. At one glance the master rejected her because she was too beautiful. Ryonen then went to another master, Hakuo. Hakuo refused her for the same reason, saying that her beauty would only make trouble. 
Ryonen obtained a hot iron and placed it against her face. In a few moments her beauty had vanished forever. Hakuo then accepted her as a disciple. Commemorating this occasion, Ryonen wrote a poem on the back of a little mirror:
In the service of my Empress I burned incense to perfume my exquisite clothes / Now as a homeless mendicant I burn my face to enter a Zen temple
—from Zen Flesh, Zen bones, compiled by Paul Reps

Trigger Warning: This post contains images of naked women engaging in non-pornographic religious behavior. If you are offended by nudity, then go away, and have a nice day.

     All my life (thus far) I have had a strong, mating-instinct-conditioned admiration and liking for women, especially pretty ones of breeding age. I can’t really help feeling this way, and can’t even sincerely want to help it. Looking at a beautiful woman is pleasant, like hearing beautiful music or tasting delicious food. I just like it, despite of course being a celibate monk. I’ve been human for longer than I have been a monk.

     I have noticed over the years that my spirit is rather dumbbell-shaped: it’s relatively well developed at both ends, philosophical and sexual, and rather skimpy in the middle. I don’t care much about money, or lots of possessions, or a social life, or a worldly reputation; but I am, and pretty much always have been, spiritually AND lustfully oriented.

     Practices like mindfulness, contemplating death, austerity, and general self-restraint have not been very effective in reducing the vehemence of my libido, which of course conditions my attitude towards healthy, well-proportioned females of breeding age. It is true, though, that as I get older, my blood is cooling down and becoming less hormone-laden, but I suspect that it more a matter of age and impermanence than of Buddhist ethical philosophy and yogic practice.

     It used to be that I imagined, half-seriously, the ideal lifestyle as living in a hut or cave as a spiritual renunciant with a voluptuous, sexually uninhibited female spiritual seeker; but of course reality tends not to work that way. As a general rule, when a guy takes a mate he doesn’t just get a woman—a woman is part of an extensive package deal. Along with a woman there is usually concern for supporting her, or at least of chipping in one’s fair share, and also nature takes its course and generates children. It is very unusual for a man mating with a woman not to enmesh himself more deeply in Samsara. Same goes for the woman. So mating almost necessarily goes hand in hand with worldliness, and the ideal of advanced spiritual practice combined with voluptuous sex acts usually doesn’t work out so well in empirical reality.

     So a lesser, more modest ideal, the compromise that might bring one closer to the best of both worlds, so to speak, might be hooking up with a beautiful yet wise and spiritual woman, and living a lifestyle as detached as having a family will allow. She would still have to be voluptuous though—I certainly wouldn’t want to marry a nun—you know, angel by day, goddess by night. But of course a very spiritual woman can still be just as emotionally complicated (crazy) as any other woman. From a Buddhist point of view, being celibate is best if one can manage it, but it’s not for everyone.

     So anyway, as a kind of symbol of the best of both worlds, I have accumulated some pictures of young lovelies sitting in spiritual poses, some of them without clothes on, or “in a state of nature.” Most of this pictorial post will be a display of aforesaid lovelies.

     The meditating nude is reminiscent of another kind of erotic image that I consider to highlight a striking contrast, almost to the point of paradox: a beautiful naked woman sprawled on a bed or couch while thoughtfully reading a thick book, maybe even one written by Hegel (or better yet, F. H. Bradley). This is the great contrast—a being literally designed by nature to be a sex object, via Darwinian sexual selection, yet also possessing an intelligent mind. It’s quasi-paradoxical in the sense of somebody designing a combination musical instrument and calculator; though come to think of it, this computer on which I am typing can be used as either.

     The obvious ethical question is: What is wrong with displaying images of beautiful young women with little or no clothing on, adopting spiritual poses? For some civilized and/or religious people it may easily trigger cognitive dissonance to see a naked woman, especially a gorgeous one, meditating, or praying, or doing much of anything. (Then again, the goddess Aphrodite posed naked in her temples, and people came from miles away to worship her there.) Is a woman’s body a sex object? Yes! Obviously! It is evolved that way, to inspire males of the species to want to mate with her. But clearly a woman is not ONLY a sex object. She’s plenty of other things too; although without her body being an erotic object our species might not have survived for very long. In addition to a woman’s body being a sexual “releaser” it may also be a vessel of goodness and wisdom…which may just happen also to look stunning when her tits are exposed.

     It is very, very likely that most of the women in the following photos are just faking it, but I’d guess that at least a few of them really are meditating; and who knows, maybe one or two are in some kind of exalted meditative or spiritual state. Whether that would aggravate any lustful mental states directed toward them or not I don’t know. Anyway, enjoy, or not, as you prefer.

(Hentai version)

(I would remark on this one that her meditative posture is not good, despite
her semi lotus. The back should be straight and perpendicular to the earth.)

Twenty monks and one nun, who was named Eshun, were practicing meditation with a certain Zen master. Eshun was very pretty even though her head was shaved and her dress plain. Several monks secretly fell in love with her. One of them wrote her a love letter, insisting upon a private meeting.
Eshun did not reply. The following day the master gave a lecture to the group, and when it was over, Eshun arose. Addressing the one who had written her, she said: “If you really love me so much, come and embrace me now.”
—another Zen story from Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

(May as well observe that in this one I really was meditating. The camera was set
on a timer.)


  1. You really should have seriously thought about forging a third way that is removed from both the householder life and the monkish life. Given that lifelong monogamy with a single partner doesnot hold the commanding value and respect that it once did in Western civilization, it is counterproductive to recommend householder life for non monks...This can be sen by rampant sex scandals and affairs in devout church goers of the Protestant realm......One big reason is that modern Western women are mini Catherine- the-Greats (not necessarily promiscous but rather serial monogamists)...once the intitial spark of romance dies,they are loathe to to compromise and more likely to move to the next exciting guy (this initial phase lasting anywehere between 2 to 12 years) ...given this is the situation, this can prove beneficial for the dissatisfied woman or the enterprising man

    Would it be possible for somebody like you to propose a third way?

    On that note personally I want to ask, if a woman wants to have sex with me and I tell her beforehand that I am not ready for a permanent relationship and she goes forth in having sex with me anyways but later falls in love with me.....

    Will I be comitting an ethically unwise action by desisting her request for a permanent relationship?

    What I have seen is that women are intitially extremely enthusiastic to be with me, mostly because of my occasional austere/solitary lifestyle...But after they have extracted all the proverbial juice out of me over say around 18 months to 2 yrs, they want to move on......

    I do want to have sex with women, but donot want all the juice squeezed out of me like a mango

    It seems polarity is what drives male female relationship, not enduring love,sacrifice for eachother...once that polarity is demagnetized the woman doesnot feel she is living with a man anymore, nor the man thinks he is living with a woman anymore

    Polarity might be the core of all motive,creative human energy in this world

    would love a response if possible

    And do you really feel white nationalism can be enforced without strictly curtailing the sexual freedom of white women? What would stop her from having sex with other races, what would stop her from marrying and creating family with other races? what would stop her from going abroad on her own and having sex with other races on vacation? without addressing the sexual morality part, any writing on white ethnostate is like building a house on sand...and even if the white ethno state is achieved, the high status leaders most probably would sweep up the young girlfreinds of the foot soldeirs of the said ethnostate

    1. Seems to me that the compromise or "third way" would be monogamy with a virtuous, modest woman. That appears to be what the Buddha encouraged for men unable or unwilling to be celibate renunciants. Finding a virtuous, modest woman in the west may be a challenge, but they do exist.

      As for your question of the ethics of rejecting a longterm relationship with a woman after previously warning her that you didn't want one, the immorality would be more in messing around with her in the first place, not in calling it off or refusing to go deeper with it.

      As for ethnic nationalism requiring more modest women in order to avoid miscegenation, I assume modest women would be an asset to just about any political system other than maybe neo-Marxism or some kind of neo-primitivism, since many "primitive" tribes are sexually promiscuous, at least before marriage. I suppose a white ethnostate would encourage women to avoid interracial intercourse first by being non-diverse racially, and also by propaganda etc. not so different from the PC stuff nowadays. Women are slaves to fashion, usually, and so if interracial love goes out of vogue they won't like it nearly so much. But I see no problem with a small amount of interracial mating.

    2. Thank your for your reply Sir....I would bother you one final time on this thread

      Are you implying that engaging in sex with a woman, knowing very well beforehand that she may fall in love with me despite my forewarning, constitutes an ethically unwise action from Buddhist perspective? ...Since I, with full knowledge, put another person in an emotional situation which may cause suffering in her.....?

      Don't you think either a strict or gentle guideline regarding premarital virginity (for both sexes) is the only solution for strong nationalism? Which man would willingly fight on the frontline (physical and proverbial) when he very well knows that the pretty innocent girls he is defending are rolling in carnal passion with men who didnot join the fight?

      Its the lascivious theatre productions of the 1920s that finally pushed vegetarian semen-retaining celibate Hitler over the edge...There were shows like Sündige Mütter (sinful mother) where a woman has an extra marital affair, gets pregnant and then aborts the baby

      So the most zealous fighters of any ethnostate would want female chastity before marriage and female virtuosity within marriage as one of the many pillars of such a I said earlier, female sexual freedom even within an ethnostate would only mean concentration of women in the harems of generals or the handsomest officers, leaving out little for foot soldiers --->making such a state inherently unstable

      I say this because right now I am of the position that when Feminism is talking about female emancipation, it is in essence really talking of maximum female sexual freedom.

      Modern feminism is really not bothered about the strictly religious married female mother who works in a garment factory to provide education,food,shelter for her children ...chipping in her part along with her husband...

      Feminism is only there to maximize the sexual fun years of under-50 Western women or Western allied women

      by the way one of the most prominent eras of interracial mating in history has to be the Ottoman upper class

      How they changed from East Asian Turkic to Iranian looking to blonde European looking

      Do google Circassian beauties on wikipedia ---->I am amazed an article titled as such exists in that PC, consensus seeking publication

      if you ever get the time please do see two Turkish Grand TV shows (comparable to Game of Thrones) on the Ottoman harem and how the romance and powerplay unfolded there

      muhteşem yüzyıl---->see this one first as more of their episodes are available on youtube with subtitles and focusses on the peak period of the ottomans

      Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem

  2. I am the above poster..I used to comment as Juggernaut in your old blog..sorry it is very hard to determine with which username you are posting anymore on blogspot..blogging is a neglected technology on the internet these days

  3. Have you been reading Bronze Age Mindset?

    1. Not yet. It's on the shelf, and I'll get to it, insh'allah. I receive new books faster than I read them.

    2. The body positivity of this peace made think maybe you. The author is a self proclaimed nudist


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