Will There Be Civil War in America?

The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed…. Therefore they sent their emissaries into the field to exploit the question of slavery and to open an abyss between the two sections of the Union. —attributed to Otto von Bismarck (the more things change, the more they stay the same)

     Just in case you just crawled out from under a large and remote rock, the United States of America has become very polarized over the past few years. The Democrats are whipped up into a state of hysteria by corporate and social media and obediently hate the President’s guts; meanwhile 90%+ of Republicans (mainly conservatives and libertarian types) strongly support him, and are increasingly indignant, outraged, and in a state of profound loathing at the irrational fanatics the left have so recently become. And now of course there has been rioting in the streets at a level unseen in America in several decades, with mobs of America-hating and white-people-hating leftists destroying shops and even monuments to historical figures including George Washington himself. Hatred is mounting on both sides (thus far, mostly on the left, though that is changing), and so naturally, some observers are of the opinion that civil war is impending in the USA, or that it has even already started.

     First I will observe that this is not happening spontaneously, as indoctrinated, naive normies evidently believe. This polarization and hatred and violence is being deliberately orchestrated, and those responsible are not difficult to identify. It all is part of a desperate gambit played by the globalist establishment (mostly Democrats in America now, with a few extraordinarily butt-hurt never Trump neocons, backed up by corporatist mega billionaires who may as well remain nameless at this point). The chronic uproar since the last Presidential election has been deliberate of course, and the rioting and destruction of monuments are just the latest symptom of that. The death of George Floyd no doubt was not premeditated (and was evidently caused by heart failure at all the excitement and rough handling while he was extremely high on drugs), though it was readily sensationalized into a convenient cause for mayhem, especially since the Wuhan coronavirus mayhem was beginning to wane.

     It should be remembered that up until Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party in 2016, BOTH major political parties in the USA were globalist, and the billionaires and their mega-corporations (multinational and thus almost of necessity globalist) would donate to both sides so that either way, they had strings attached and could continue working towards a globalist New World Order agenda in one way or another. Up until Trump, for many decades voting for President in the USA was about as significant as choosing between Coke and Pepsi. It’s a shadowy globalist establishment standing above mere temporary politicians who have been making the real decisions for society as a whole.

     Trump changed that, regardless of the anarchists and far right white nationalist ranters who insist that Mr. Trump is just another establishment stooge (because he supports Israel and conservative Jews instead of the more numerous anti-Israel leftist Jews—or rather he doesn’t just shun all Jews altogether—or because he refuses to drive out all non-European people and establish the USA as a white ethnostate, or because he necessarily compromises on certain political issues, or whatever). But the obvious question to ask these folks is, if that is the case, then why in hell do the globalist establishment hate his guts with such vehement raging fury, and do everything in their power (fortunately unsuccessfully thus far) to destroy him, and all that he stands for?

     Mr. Trump’s first term as President, and even before he won the election, was a process, a veritable saga, of the man defending himself and counterattacking against constant, relentless, and utterly Machiavellian and amoral attempts to destroy him and what he represents. Some of the more obvious attempts to preempt, incapacitate, and/or overthrow the President include: the FBI under the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign under what they knew to be made-up bogus pretenses; the subsequent deep state coup attempt to find or fabricate any dirt on him sufficient to destroy his Presidency; the Trump Tower frameup job; the attempts to nullify the election by persuading the electoral college not to do their duty; resorting to various obscure means like officially declaring him insane; the Stormy Daniels smear campaign; the Cohen hearings; the outrageously hyped years-long Russian collusion hoax; the subsequent hoax in which an ordinary phone call was spun into cause for impeachment; the show trial impeachment itself; the unprecedented multitude of leaks of classified information by establishment bureaucrats to a hostile media; the constant hysterical denunciations in the corporate mainstream media, with more than 90% of coverage being anti-Trump propaganda; the seemingly deliberate and desperate attempt to wreck the American (and global) economy by putting most of the population under house arrest over a pandemic with a death rate at a small fraction of 1%; most recently of course the dismissal of the house arrest to encourage “mostly peaceful” howling mobs to protest, riot, loot, burn, and commit acts of vandalism and violence; and even more recently, I suppose, an utterly hypocritical return to calls for lockdown and social distancing after the rioting has mostly subsided, partly to stop Trump rallies, but mainly just to cripple the economy some more. And all to make Trump look bad enough to lose the upcoming election, so that the globalists will have an obedient stooge in the White House again, and they can go back to destroying western civilization as we know it so the feminized, socialized Brave New World can be effectively implemented once and for all.

     As I keep saying, the globalists and the left are obviously willing to burn western civilization to the ground, if necessary, in order to regain power and continue with their Brave New World agenda. Some idiots in groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are simply nihilists wanting to burn everything down and then hoot like gibbons among the flames, with no clear concept of any actual improvements.

     Nevertheless, an increasing number of Americans, including vast swaths of mainstream normies, are becoming painfully aware of the obvious sleaze indulged in by the globalists, the radical left, and the corporate entities that act as their subservient lackeys. Also, in addition, and in all typicality, to carrying their “protests” too far and into the realm of outrageous atrocities, the rioters and provocateurs on the ground are mostly irrational, undisciplined, and disorganized, the white ones being mostly soy-consuming, LARPing snowflakes at best; and the billionaires funding many of their disruptions have plenty of influential money but hardly any more balls than the protesting soyboys and feminists.

     Meanwhile, the nationalists (i.e. patriots) on the right have most of the guns, and the backbones, and the balls, and the police of course by this point, and most of the military, I assume…though the globalist left have most of the money, and control of most of the main propaganda outlets, though of course their fighters are little better than sheep, plus some low-IQ violent criminals. So a real civil war would be primarily a matter of grim, defiant, and determined rednecks and libertarian patriots (plus some actual far-right fanatical fascists) against mostly Antifa soyboys, feminists, weak and pampered urban liberals, and a rabble of ignorant, low-IQ welfare class pawns—who nevertheless are backed up by billions of dollars, and urged on to a frenzy by the corporate mass media.

     Thus any hot civil war would probably be short-lived, especially after the SJWs and rioting welfare class realize that finally, at long last, the white people who are armed to the teeth and refuse to be universal whipping boys and scapegoats are fighting back in earnest. The LARPing soyboy revolutionaries, in the event of an actual hot conflict with real guns being fired, would either be cowering in their parents’ basements or else be slaughtered like sheep and hung from lamp posts. Thus the globalists and their obedient minions would be only too happy to return to a feminine war of words and boycotts and shitstorms on Twitter. The socialized globalist left evidently has enjoyed the advantage during times of peace, because their strength is in howling and complaining and threatening and lying; but when the shit really hits the proverbial fan the nationalist right will have an overwhelming and devastating advantage in actual firepower and courage and honor (the very concept of honor apparently being rejected by the left as fascistic and patriarchal), if they ever are sufficiently provoked to rise up and take their country back.

     Again, in such a case as an actual war, the feminized left would have an advantage only in the ability to buy the official propaganda narrative on mainstream media, which fewer and fewer people take seriously, and also the ability to pay for some militant stooges who would be unworthy of the other side anyway. Most on the left are so emasculated and feminized at this point that they are mostly incapable of taking on any group that is pissed off and grimly eager to fight against them. (This is one big reason why they have failed thus far to defeat Mr. Trump: he has balls of brass and does not hesitate to fight back.) And so, it is to the advantage of the left to prevent an actual hot civil war; and the ones in charge probably have enough sense to realize this.

     Another important point to remember, which USA-centric Americans ignore, is that this not-yet-hot ideological conflict is happening all over the world, and the growing numbers of nationalists in places like South America and Europe are looking to the USA as a shining hope for their own cause. This is another reason why the globalist establishment is willing to see America in smoking ruins, to crush not only the acknowledged world leader for independence and national sovereignty, but also to crush nationalist morale worldwide.

     Considering the situation, I still am of the opinion that a real civil war is more likely in Europe than in North America. True, there have been riots and demonstrations in America recently, but there have been similar uprisings and mayhem in France for more than a year—and caused by real problems, too, not merely cooked-up ones exploited for propaganda purposes. It is also true that Americans are just more manic and prone to hysteria in general, on average, than the more sophisticated Europeans, and have deeper sentiments of liberty, including chaotic liberty; so they are acclimated to a fair amount of occasional uproar and havoc. Europe at present is more like a pressure cooker with the valve closed, so when the pressure builds up sufficiently there, then something is bound to explode, with violent African and West Asian immigrants very likely to turn up the heat again soon. (Since starting this essay I have read that spontaneous rioting has spread to migrant communities in Stuttgart, Germany.) But because the Europeans are already mostly feminized and disarmed, they may be fighting Muslim hordes with rocks and pointed sticks, rather like the Indians and Chinese on their mutual border not long ago—that is, until hard times make strong men again, and they learn better techniques, and wiseguy capitalists start making big money by selling real weapons to both sides, or to all sides if there are more than just two.

     In any case, what is absolutely necessary for the people of western Europe and North America is that they simply have to toughen up and become less passive as they behold the decline and fall of their civilization. A tough European race is unbeatable, hence the long march towards indoctrination, degeneracy, decline and fall, that has been in progress for many decades. Hard times make strong men; and even without a civil war in the west, those hard times are inevitable, and the cycle of history is due for a reset. So, we’ll see how it goes.


  1. I hope the New World Order elites institute Theravada Buddhism as the framework for society when all this is over. Otherwise the cycle will repeat over and over again.

    Even if they do, maybe aliens will show up and destroy everything. Although, I hope that humanity will become a space-faring Buddhist civilization that brings the (politically incorrect) dharma to worldlings across the Universe. Maybe we will even master inter-dimensional travel and do the same for beings across all existence.

    Is that too much to hope for?

    1. Probably. Actually the NWO elites are already corrupting Theravada Buddhism into a kind of meditative neo-Marxism, with "liberal" Dhamma halls across the USA and elsewhere talking more about systemic racism , BLM, gay and trans rights, and even "reproductive freedom" (i.e. abortion) than about Gotama Buddha. The NWO is spiritually dead, which does much to explain the globalists' agenda and tactics. Then again, Theravada is not well adapted to western society, and would have to be radically mutated somehow in order not to be totally foreign and anachronistic, let alone suicidally pacifist. If you want interdimensional travel, I suggest that you cultivate high meditative states and maybe be reborn in a heaven realm.

    2. Oh well. Maybe Maitreya shows up eventually and fixes things.

      I'll continue to practice my meditation. If I haven't already, I sincerely hope I achieve stream-entry in this lifetime.

      Thank you for the excellent blog noble one.

  2. Would our most venerable be so generous as to share his wise insights with us mere mortals into the heaven realms and his views on the passages/tests of the afterlife? So little is spoken of this nowadays. If you have written of this elsewhere, please let us know.
    What is your views on the Bardo Thodol and on the nature of the Heroic, are we to believe that the millions of warrior souls from the previous wars have not been reborn?
    Would you consider these as karmic sciences of the spirit? If considering that all of our actions dictate our future state, should our beings be focused entirely on the transcendent?

    Again I echo the sentiment of this most excellent blog, if there are ways to support this endeavor I would hope our author could provide an avenue for that. Many thanks.

    1. Hello, with regard to the heaven realms, from the orthodox Theravada Buddhist perspective, my best account is in an essay entitled "On the 31 Planes of Existence" on the website nippapanca.org. As for passages/tests of the afterlife and the Bardo realms, Theravada follows the interpretation that rebirth occurs instantaneously, with no necessary passages or tests: one moment you die, and the very next moment, less than a trillionth of a second later, you are said to take rebirth in a different life. Life itself is the test. However just because Abhidhamma texts say something doesn't meant it's necessarily all true. People's near death experiences do show recurring themes that people experience all over the world, which may come close to the Bardo Thodol, like finding oneself bathed in light, seeing mind-produced spirit guides, etc.

      With regard to warrior souls and heroes after death, their fate would depend on their mental states, and especially the last mental state of their life, immediately before death. Some fighters really are violent and brutal more than they are magnanimous and noble, so they would probably, from a Buddhist perspective, wind up reborn into an existence no better than the one they left; though a truly noble spirit, even though he sheds blood, may find a heavenly rebirth even though the violence of his previous life would have to be faced as karmic retribution somehow or other.

    2. Also I forgot to mention that a friend and supporter of mine has started up a kind of "hype" support page at navakavada.org. Certain people who are close to me are urging me to get a SubscribeStar account or some such, which may happen in the near future.


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