On All That Alleged Systemic Racism and Oppression Raging in the USA

There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public. —attributed to Booker T. Washington

Contrary to the Black Lives Matter narrative, the police have much more to fear from black males than black males have to fear from the police. In 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer. —Heather Mac Donald

     The politically correct left has a number of rallying cries that they parrot mindlessly, not knowing or caring that their interpretation of reality is based very heavily on emotional wishful thinking, propaganda, and ideological bias rather than on rational objectivity. (Then again, there are some on the radical left, and some even on the radical right, who just flat-out disapprove of rational objectivity, with lefties calling it a “tool of white patriarchal oppression.”) One of the most important of these parroted rallying cries, a veritable foundation stone to the systemic delusion of the new left, is the idea, accepted as sacred and unquestionable gospel, that everyone is not only equal but basically the same, and that all demographic groups of the human race (all ethnicities and however many genders there supposedly are) are identical with regard to innate talents, capabilities, and potential. Consequently, any difference in outcome between groups of people—say, males and females or whites and blacks—is considered to be inarguable proof of systemic oppression, perpetrated of course by evil Whitey.

     A case in point is the alleged “systemic racism,” highlighted by the death of a black man named George Floyd under the knee of a police officer, inspiring hysterical mobs (and quite a few cynical anarchists) to riot in the streets of western cities lately. Actually, the death of Mr. Floyd itself was insufficient to cause several cities, including a few in Europe, to be looted and set on fire: it also required the cabin fever of an unnecessarily mandated pandemic lockdown and the frenzy-inducing propaganda of the corporate media to produce it. In other words, the riots were artificial products of the globalist establishment’s desperate fury to stop Trump and nationalism and regain power, by any means necessary, so they may go back to their agenda of establishing the Brave New World Order…but I digress.

     In support of the claim of systemic racism leftists may refer, in knee-jerk fashion (that is if the occasional cherry-picked and massively propagandized white-on-black murder is insufficient), to higher rates of incarceration for blacks, or lower wealth, or lower academic performance, or even the long-abolished institution of slavery, for example. Also these same folks take for granted, even accept as some sort of self-evident axiom, the idea that white “patriarchy” is an established system kept in place by the aforementioned evil Whitey to maintain white males at the top—when in fact white males aren’t even the most prosperous demographic group in America. Even without setting God’s Chosen apart as a separate people, East Asians are more successful in the west than are people of European ancestry, on average; they are favored with better academic performance, higher salaries, greater wealth, etc., than whites, on average.

     For hysterical leftists this is a paradox not explainable by their own irrational ideology, so they conveniently ignore it as much as possible. But the reason for it is fairly easy to see for those with the stomach for it, and with the moral backbone to face ugly facts: just for starters, East Asians have an average IQ of around 105, whites around 100, Hispanics and Native Americans around 90, and blacks in America around 85, and it has been this way since IQ testing first began in the USA more than a hundred years ago, primarily by the US military. Furthermore, there is a statistically significant correlation between IQ and prosperity—in fact IQ has been found to be one of the most important factors for accurately predicting a person’s worldly success in life. It is more important of a factor than the economic or social or marital status of one’s parents, one’s education, or one’s outward ethnicity.

     Jews and Asians historically were discriminated against in America also, not just blacks; yet they have managed to overcome their economic and social disadvantages fairly quickly, to the point that they are more prosperous than the people who engineered the civilization, namely people of European ancestry. On the other hand, black and certain kinds of brown people have not. The relative levels of prosperity pretty obviously have more to do with average intelligence (or cognitive abilities) than anything else, and the distribution of individual wealth follows the intelligence gradient, not any leftist-devised paradigm of systemic oppression.

     Furthermore, blacks have almost 20% higher levels of testosterone than whites, and approximately 40% higher than East Asians, or so I have read. Testosterone, wherever it is found in the animal kingdom, conditions increased aggression and impulsive risk-taking, particularly in males, causing them to be more prone to violent, impulsive (and stupid) behavior. This effect of testosterone applies to humans as well as fishes, birds, and gorillas, because we also are a species of animal with our own generous share of animal instinctual behavior, alias “human nature.” (And the fact that leftists tend to deny the plain fact of inherent human nature is irrelevant.) So this, plus the cognitive issues aforementioned, are a big reason why approximately 5% of the US population, namely young black males, commit around 50% of the violent crimes. Just look at the video footage of rioting going on during the “George Floyd protests” and see for yourself which ethnicity is doing most of the burning, looting, and murdering (though of course white antifa “activists” are doing all they can to urge them on to further abominations).

"diversity is our strength"

     I should also emphasize that, even though virtually everyone agrees that the death of George Floyd was a reprehensible case of uncalled-for police brutality and probably negligent homicide besides, the fact remains that many, many more cops are killed by black criminals than vice versa; according to Heather Mac Donald and US government crime statistics, the ratio is more than 18 times as many police killed by blacks than unarmed blacks killed by police. (Also I may as well toss in the statistical fact that black police officers in America are more likely to shoot black criminal suspects than are white officers, for whatever reasons.) The key difference is in the media coverage: If a white man kills a black man, it’s sensationalist headlines and cause for rioting in the streets; if a black man kills a white one (which is many times more likely and common), it’s usually ignored, or spun so that it was still somehow Whitey’s fault; and if a black man kills another black man—which is by far the most common scenario—it’s not only ignored but positively taboo even to freaking mention it.

     So the fact is that, even without a ghost of systemic racism, even if every shred of it were somehow abolished, blacks in America will ALWAYS be at a lower level of prosperity, on average. The only way to avoid that, aside from unthinkables like ethnic cleansing or genetically homogenizing the populace, would be to lower the average performance of EVERYONE down to about an average IQ level of 85, which already seems to be the case with pop music, and which of course would wreck America (or any other western nation) and transform it into a third world society, if such social engineering were even possible, considering that correlation of IQ and prosperity applies to entire nations as well as to individuals.

     The only way to have equal or proportionate representation of blacks, and to a lesser degree of brown people, in highly educated professional fields is to place people there who are not the best qualified, if they are qualified at all, as a kind of affirmative action welfare handout. This is already happening on a massive scale in academia, which is a major reason why academia is degenerating into a cesspit; and furthermore we’ve already had one President who got the job mainly just because he was black, with it being politically correct to vote for a black person, regardless of all else. This sort of thing of course results in significant decrease in efficiency and prosperity for a society, and more problems.

     Police brutality exists, but the news is so skewed away from reality that nobody gets a clear perspective on the actual situation. Not only are many more police shot by black criminals than vice versa, it is a fact that a white criminal suspect is more likely to be shot by police than a black one—largely, I assume, due to a kind of Ferguson effect, in which a police officer, especially a white one, is very hesitant to open fire on a black suspect, even if he has good reason to do so, because he knows full well that he could easily be thrown to the lions by rabid propagandists in the leftist media, with his career and his very life ruined and destroyed, even if he did not necessarily do anything wrong. To be fair, though, it has been found that a black criminal suspect is more likely to be treated roughly and pushed around by police officers, by both white officers and black ones.

     Also, police (including black ones) have been found to be more wary and less polite with black people than with any other racial group, in all probability for the very real reason that a black criminal suspect is MUCH more likely to cause trouble, resist arrest, or pull a gun. This is simply a harsh fact, and insisting that the police treat all strangers the same is essentially insisting that police officers behave recklessly and get themselves shot even more than they already do.

     Consequently, the higher rates of black incarceration are not simply a matter of racism among police (including black ones, who are more likely to shoot a black criminal suspect than are white officers) or any racist bias in the American legal system so much as cognitive and behavioral differences among races—which again is so utterly taboo of an idea that people who speak it aloud are at high risk of being silenced and punished, possibly ruined, even though such a statement is demonstrably true, based on a mountain of empirical scientific data and crime statistics.

     One argument occasionally leveled against the American legal system is that blacks are arrested for drug possession at a higher rate than whites, despite the statistical likelihood that whites are more likely to have the drugs, thereby indicating spoor of the bogeyman of systemic racism. But this is a faulty argument, because the primary reason blacks are more likely to be arrested on drug charges is that they are arrested for other reasons, like violent crime, at a higher rate, and after arrest they are searched, and then the drugs are found. So blacks are arrested for other reasons, then get searched; and although they may be less likely to be in possession of drugs, the likelihood of the drugs being found on them is higher due to their higher rates of engaging in other criminal activities. Just to give one little amazing example, in New York City in 2014, according to NYPD police records, black people were arrested for shooting crimes (including shooting at, but not killing, another person) at a rate of almost one hundred times (precisely 98.4 times) higher than whites.

     There are of course other factors involved in racial disparities other than genetics. One of these with regard to juvenile delinquency and crimes later in life is that well over 70% of black children born in the United States are born to fatherless homes—partly because leftist welfare policies make it easier for an unwed mother to get checks from the government—and a loving yet authoritative pater familias, though reviled by the feminist left, is a very important stabilizing and disciplining figure for a child of any race to have.

     Racism exists, and I certainly am not denying it. In fact to some degree racism may be unavoidable. To some degree the phenomenon is the product of xenophobic, tribalistic instincts in the human animal, and that too is evidently stronger in blacks than in whites (in fact in the same study I saw admitting that blacks are more biased in favor of their own race and against others, it also claimed that the only major demographic group on the planet that is actively biased and discriminatory against themselves is white-skinned leftists). So racism is to some degree natural, and it will probably never be totally eradicated, any more than anger or hatred or lying will be totally eradicated. Some racism is based on generalizations and stereotypes, which themselves may be statistically accurate, or at worst exaggerations of real tendencies.

     So it seems to me that the best we can do is to judge individuals by their individual character as much as possible. But even that will not cause black and brown people to become equal in prosperity with everyone else. The only two options for a multiracial society like the west has become are inequality and radical leftist tyranny, and the latter also implies a different kind of inequality. Take your pick, but true equality is not going to happen, because everyone is simply not equal by nature.

     Most people on the right in America, most conservatives and certainly most libertarians, would probably agree that all law-abiding citizens should have equal rights, equal freedoms, equal protection under the law, and equal opportunities in a true meritocracy; but that will never result in equality of outcome, because people are not the same, and the very fact that the new left essentially BASES its interpretation of civilization and humanity on this egregious falsehood is just one more morsel of evidence that the new left is ideologically as well as morally inferior to pretty much every other mainstream belief system in the west, and is doomed to destruction, and good riddance.

a screenshot I took a few years ago, concerning the recent rapid decline of South Africa


  1. Generally, I agree with what you are saying. It was ignorant and delusional to think that blacks would integrate into society well for multiple reasons. Perhaps their intentions were noble (or maybe it was a conspiracy of some sort). More sources for your statistics would be better.

    Of the Five Aggregates, I think Form is perhaps the most important factor to human interactions. If the Form is too different (black physical features vs white physical features) then people will have a harder time relating. It is an unavoidable conditioned phenomenon.

    Ideally, the blacks should have been sent to Africa (or slavery should have never happened), and then they should have been helped in creating a functional society. And as far as societies go, I think a world's only chance for a utopia or semi-utopia is a (Theravada) Buddhist society that practices voluntary eugenics.

    1. I included sources for the stats in earlier posts on this same issue, and didn't feel like looking up references for what was essentially a mild rant. But the crime statistics and scientific papers are definitely out there, and if you're interested I could list a few.

    2. I've read and seen enough to see that there is truth to what you are saying, so it's not necessary. People who haven't might be more willing to listen if there is some sort of proof (although I doubt they'll be showing up here).

  2. Reposted on my FB page with the comment: "At the risk of outraging some of my family and friends, herewith a piece on racism by an American Buddhist monk who spent several years in robes in Burma."


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