Trump for Dictator Part 2: How It Could Happen

Fortune, which has a great deal of power in other matters but especially in war, can bring about great changes in a situation through very slight forces. —Julius Caesar

If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it. —same

     Some months ago I wrote a post comparing Donald Trump to Julius Caesar, especially with regard to the political and social roles they played in their respective secular cultures, with regard to their iconic audacity, respected by many, and with regard to their respective populist calls for their nations to turn away from progressive degeneracy and chaos and back towards some semblance of strength and order. And then just a short time ago I wrote about how a reset to our civilization may be necessary to avoid total or near total collapse, and how making Gaius Julius Trump Dictator for Life as a kind of latter day Caesar might actually accomplish this desirable aim. Then, on the evening of the same day that I published that post, while I was engaged in walking meditation outside under the stars, it suddenly occurred to me how making Mr. Trump Dictator for Life was really quite possible, and how it could be done…so this post will explain that, as well as I can manage it. So here we go with a plan for our glorious reset of the cycle of history.

     First, the Republican Party would have to win big in the upcoming election of November 2020. Not only would Mr. Trump have to win a second term as President, but the Republicans would very probably have to retain their majority in the Senate and retake control of the House of Representatives. The bigger the majorities the better, of course, considering the goal at hand; and also the more state governments leaning rightwards the better.

     This is very possible and should not be too difficult, assuming that Republican politicians still retain some guts and backbone and that Americans are not total sheep in thrall to corporate globalist (and Democrat) propaganda. The left is degenerating into a hysterical freak show at present, and is not keeping it a secret—rather, it is whipping up as many sheeple as possible into a corresponding freakish hysteria, into loathing their own country, and, if they are white, into loathing themselves. The entire Party’s ideology and attitude are increasingly sustained by the force of indoctrination and mass hysteria, plus fear of the vindictive intolerance of the “woke” mob, with globalist forces and billions of dollars doing everything they can to overthrow Trump and nationalistic Trumpism so the globalist New World Order agenda can somehow be gotten back on track and propelled once again towards the socialized globalist cyberpunk dystopia of indoctrinated and culturally castrated social eunuchs dependent on an all-controlling welfare state and taking their soma and listening to ultra-lowbrow illiterate rap music.

     Thus the Republicans should fight back vigorously by exposing this Neo-Marxist freak show for what it really is. Then of course the latent sanity and inherent common sense of the American population would have to be relied on to massively reject the leftist vision of open borders, no more distinction between males and females, no police (other than leftist thought police and bodyguards for the ruling elite), socialism, institutionalized anti-white racism, sexual deviancy taught to small children in school on on morning cartoons, shemales in the military, the abolishing of petroleum and replacement with the power of wishful thinking, destroying history, outlawing honest objectivity, banning Christianity if not religion altogether, hating one’s own nation and civilization, and on and on. Just pounding away relentlessly at the truth about the left, so that it becomes widely known or even common knowledge, through alternative media and maybe Fox News, could facilitate a heavily Republican-dominated federal government beginning in 2021. While patriotic and red-pilled voters are at it they could also primary out all the vestigial globalist neoconservative politicians still skulking about in the Republican Party.

     The next step, after democratically winning control of all three branches of government, would be to prosecute to the full extent of the law all the criminals on the left (and also among the globalist neocons) who have attempted to overthrow the President in the most outrageous coup attempt and political scandal in US history (but which indoctrinated leftists can’t or won’t see because of corporate propaganda and the aforementioned mass hysteria), and to jail every criminal demonstrably involved in grave political crimes. This would no doubt include George Soros and Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff and any number of Democrat members of Congress, the bureaucrats involved in the coup attempt who are too numerous to name, the leaders of leftist propaganda outlets like the New York Times and CNN, and, if he provably directed the attempts to spy on and defeat the Trump campaign in 2016 by his own CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc., even Barack Obama himself.

     Then of course the globalist corporate media—those not already jailed for deliberate lying and promulgating violence, etc.—would whip up as much rage as possible among the still indoctrinated and blue-pilled leftist masses, leading to even greater riots and “unrest” than those ostensibly triggered by the death of a career criminal named George Floyd. The action to take in this case would be to send out the (respected and well funded) riot police, the National Guard, and the Army if necessary to reestablish law and order quickly and efficiently, even if a few skulls are cracked by batons, with no apologies whatsoever—no more cowering at outrage mobs, but simply and unapologetically restoring law and order and some semblance of peace.

     While the police and National Guard and citizens’ militias are still mobilized and deployed to deal with the rioters, they might as well be employed to round up and drive out ALL illegal immigrants, who mostly will be in the same left-leaning urban areas as the rioters anyhow. Efforts might even be made to persuade some of the legal immigrants to go back to where they came from, or possibly to one of the suicidal feminist welfare states that abound in the western world nowadays. Just the elimination of illegals would be a devastating blow against the socialized left, which uses immigrants with their hands out for socialized assistance as a powerful voting bloc. Democrats in California in particular may rebel against this, but any actual civil war would be brief. At worst the Left Coast might be allowed to secede from the Union, with shouts of Good Riddance to them, though that would not be optimal.

     Also, the new rightist government would, if it had any sense at all, take very serious measures to stop the relentless onslaught of leftist indoctrination taking place in the American educational system, defunding universities if necessary to stop the raging hysteria running rampant there, so that an education in the USA will once again teach some semblance of sanity and emotional maturity, along with a relative diversity of intellectual views and a respect for western culture—one of the greatest cultures the world has ever seen, before it was vitiated by feminism, anti-white racism, weakness, and degeneracy. The federal government might even revive some relatively reasonable version of McCarthyism to flush the leftist toilet of the entertainment industry, possibly with the aid of a new law or two which punishes anti-American rabble rousing and just plain neo-Marxist bullshit, let alone pushing falsehoods as a means of propagandizing.

     Every bit of this that I have covered thus far can be totally in agreement with American laws, the Constitution, and the vision of the founding fathers of the United States. All that would be involved at this point would be democracy, telling the truth, and punishing criminals in accordance with US laws, motivated by patriotism and a sincere desire not to see America degenerate into a 3rd world shithole. This should not be considered revolutionary except in a positive sense, or in an objective, historical sense as in the Industrial Revolution or the much earlier Agricultural Revolution. It would be a kind of Anti-Degeneracy Revolution.

     The most truly revolutionary act (in the possibly negative sense of overthrowing the established political order) towards the lifetime Dictatorship of God-President Trump might be the next one: namely, repealing or altering the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, which limits a President’s tenure to two terms. One argument for this at first could be the pretty reasonable claim that a corrupt and demonstrably sinister globalist establishment had effectively sabotaged Mr. Trump’s entire first term, virtually nullifying it with their constant and ruthless attempts to destroy him—Obamagate, the coup attempt when that failed, the various gratuitous smear campaigns and hyped up “walls closing in” nothingburgers (like the Stormy Daniels payoff and the Cohen hearing), the years-long Russia collusion hysteria, the Ukraine hoax and subsequent show trial impeachment, the pandemic scare and unnecessary lockdown resulting in a deliberately tanked economy, and then the nationwide protests and riots by irrational, frenzied leftists—all essentially to stop Trump, and his non-NWO message from prospering. As I’ve said before and will say again, the globalist establishment (mainly the Democratic Party in the USA after Trump’s hostile takeover of the RNC) are willing to burn America to the ground, if necessary, to make Trump look bad enough to lose the next election, so that they may regain power. So if repealing the 22nd Amendment provokes peaceful protests, then fine, ignore them; but if it provokes more riots, then again, the chaos and criminal acts should be quelled with a ruthlessness that might even make the globalists blush.

     All that would remain would be some political maneuvering to ensure that Trump continues to lead as President until he is deceased, too old, or just tired of taking so much trouble for the sake of glory—the glory of saving America and reviving it by decisively defeating the malignant forces of feminized socialism and corrupt corporatist globalism in the USA. Then, with almost a one party system (opposition parties would not be abolished but would be carefully maintained), his chosen replacement could take his place, possibly reminiscent of the Pax Romanum, in which an Emperor would adopt as his son a worthy successor. Though a modicum of democracy would always be allowed, especially with regard to local politics. America was never intended to be a pure democracy anyhow.

     And speaking of Rome, just as Caesar’s dictatorship hardly did any violence to the established political system and “constitution” (the radical, fundamental changes in the political system away from Republic and towards Empire being effected by the first actual Emperor, Augustus), the rise to glorious Presidency for Life by President Trump, becoming savior of the west in the process, could be entirely legal, and almost certainly a huge improvement on what Democrats would do if they were to regain power and cut loose with the full insanity of their neo-Marxist hysteria, let alone the obvious senility and incapacity of their chronically confused figurehead Joe Biden.

     Some might say that the international community would sternly disapprove of Trump’s restoration of America to firm, dominant first world status. The governments of Canada and western Europe would presumably whine like the impotent feminists they are, and China of course would spew whatever anti-American propaganda it could come up with to make themselves and their totalitarian Communism look better than the USA…but so what. Nobody could stand up to a reinvigorated America anyway, and most of America’s western allies are too castrated and effete to do a goddamn thing about it other than complain and virtue signal. They’d be too weak even to stop being allies, and some of them might even be inspired to follow our example, and stop their own nations’ toboggan ride into 3rd-world Europistani fuckery.

     Anyway, it’s just an idea.


  1. I like your vision, yet perhaps now in these desperate times we are given more to flights of fancy. I cannot blame you but the problem is Trump is for mass immigration and amnesty for the existing illegals ones that are in the USA, thus he thinks solving the problem. Trump has failed his base, and up t 20% of the vote will be lost.

    Perhaps we can agree that the Republic should be abolished but so should the GOP, as it is the one stalwart to white and thus Western interests that exist today. There has never been more oppressive freedom of speech under The Trump admin, never more arrest of dissidents and monitoring by government agents of those on the right.
    Trump's advisors range from the far-left to outright dual citizen Zionists and his son in law is such. This is great danger to US security and IP assets, much of which have been passed on through Israel to China.

    The momentum of 2016 is gone and Trump has not delivered on a fraction of his promises and no more will we fall for his tricks.

    What is best now is to leave Trump be, let him and the GOP fade away into obscurity so the right can re-invent and resurrect itself under new principles. Let the re-radicalization of the right surge under an oppressive unmasked neo-liberal cultural Bolshevism. What we are dealing with is hyper materialist neo-liberal runaway monopoly capitalism of mega corporations who have a socially destructive agenda. They promote individual atomization and culturally Marxist degeneracy (cultural capitalism). Both of these destructive ideological system must be carefully regulated or gone to create a strong nation or Imperium even.

    1. Allowing the GOP to fade into obscurity, as you say, would essentially surrender the west to socialized globalism, possibly for decades. Trump has delivered on many or even most of his 2016 promises, and most of the remainder that he has failed to deliver were stopped by a globalist establishment, including activist judges overstepping by far their actual responsibilities. The very fact that the globalist establishment (mostly Dems and Never Trump neocons in America now) hates Trump with such desperate fury is because they know, and you should know too, that it is mainly his administration and his base that stand between the corporate billionaires and their Brave New World Order.


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