Why Do Democrat Mayors Let Their Cities Burn?

The boycott of parliamentary institutions on the part of anarchists and semi-anarchists is dictated by a desire not to submit their weakness to a test on the part of the masses, thus preserving their right to an inactive hauteur which makes no difference to anybody. A revolutionary party can turn its back to a parliament only if it has set itself the immediate task of overthrowing the existing regime. —Leon Trotsky

     After a few weeks of abnormally metaphysical philosophy in my critique of atheism and of any other conceptual attempt at understanding reality, I return to something more usual for this here blog, namely a mild political rant about the insanity of the new left.

     This is another one of those discussing a point that should have been obvious to me from the beginning, although for some reason it wasn’t, I assume just because the right words hadn’t yet formed in my head regarding it. But a few nights ago when I was walking outside under the stars, the idea suddenly occurred to me, and so I write it here.

     Ever since George Floyd, a black fellow with a long record of drug abuse, died apparently of a drug- and excitement-induced heart attack under the knee of a police officer, certain cities, almost exclusively run by Democrats, have been the scenes of repeated riots, arson, murder, attempted murder, assault, looting, and other crimes, ostensibly in protest of Mr. Floyd’s (and others’) alleged murder. These have hardly been peaceful protests against police brutality, however, or against “systemic racism and oppression,” but have been orchestrated largely by Marxist organizations, particularly Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The more or less peaceful (at least nonviolent) protests, and there have been many, are not necessarily Marxist or socialist or anarcho-communist, and most of the looting is simply people exploiting a convenient opportunity to steal things and get away with it; but a great deal of the violence has been Marxist, or rather neo-Marxist, in origin.

     Antifa is openly, brazenly, and stupidly anarcho-communist, which is no secret; but many people in the west, possibly most, do not fully realize that Black Lives Matter, regardless of its name and how it began, is saturated with neo-Marxism. The leaders of BLM openly admit to being trained Marxists, one leader of the organization asserted on national television that if BLM’s demands are not met the American system will be burned to the ground, and anyone can see for themselves the neo-Marxist agenda of the group on their own official website: equity (i.e. equality of outcome regardless of merit), the abolition of the nuclear family, and an emphasis on gay and trans rights, which would seem to have little to do with police brutality against black people. Some people, again maybe most, are so clueless that they do not recognize the cant of the new left as Marxist at all, and might not even recognize old fashioned Marxism even if it was parading before them. But that is irrelevant, because the fact is that the recent riots have been acts of violent Bolshevik-like insurrection against liberty in the west.

     Meanwhile, the mayors and governors of the worst of these areas of rioting and tumult, as well as other Democrats and globalists (like members of Congress and the mainstream corporate media), have run defense for the people engaged in the uprisings and acts of violence. They openly deny, as much as they are able, that anything is the matter at all, and emphasize that the “protests” are “mostly peaceful,” even when city blocks are in flames or ransacked by looters—or, in the case of Seattle, declared to be an autonomous zone under its own law. Sometimes they simply assert that protests are good, and part of the American way (as though they supported the American way). Or, if the mayhem in the streets is just too painfully obvious, they deflect the blame for it onto President Trump, or to “nazis” and “white supremacists,” in the face of obvious reality, the obvious reality being that leftists are running amuck in the streets and deliberately sowing utter chaos, and not really because of George Floyd.

     Furthermore, when a police force increasingly neutered and despised by the leftists in authority actually is allowed to arrest rioters, sometimes for attacking people (including police officers) in the street, sometimes for setting fire to buildings with people inside (maybe even trapped inside), sometimes just for looting or refusing to clear the area, the far-leftist district attorneys too often simply dismiss the cases—while still attempting to throw the book at anyone who defies the rioters, like the couple in St. Louis who defended their home from a crowd of “peaceful protesters” who had broken down a gate, trespassed on private property, and were shouting threats, or at anyone who refuses to obey the draconian edicts designed to shut down the economy. These edicts are supposedly for the sake of protecting people from an artificial pandemic with a mortality rate amounting to a tiny fraction of 1%, but more likely, in America at least, they are to make President Trump, and the increasingly nationalist conservative status quo, look as bad as possible.

     It is important to remember, methinks, that the far left, represented in part by the culpable mayors and attorney generals aforementioned (along with a few police chiefs, especially in the UK), is traditionally revolutionary. This is a serious consideration. Marxism especially has always fomented civil disobedience at the very least, and too often mass violence as well, as a means NOT of liberating the workers and the oppressed, but of gaining power.

     Consequently, far left “progressives” (as though decadence were progress) do not want to work within the established system any more than is absolutely necessary. They don’t want to work within the system of the US Constitution because they hate the Constitution, while at the same time occasionally bashing something Mr. Trump does or says as being “unconstitutional.” They hate the electoral college, the institution of the Senate, the first and second amendments, a few other early amendments (let’s just say the Bill of Rights), and furthermore they hate democracy whenever they don’t win, and have refused to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election while at the same time, in totally typical hypocrisy and hysteria, accusing Trump of not being willing to accept a lost election.

     The glorious revolution that overturned czarist Russia depended largely on labor strikes at the hands of Bolshevik revolutionaries and their gullible allies, with also some secret presses for propaganda, the occasional political assassination, the stockpiling of weapons, occasional orchestrated mass violence, and so on. This time it is more a matter of rampant hysteria with the bourgeois corporate media actually defending it if not cheering it on (no secret presses required this time), blaming Mr. Trump and his minions for what is obviously a gambit by the far left to overthrow the American political system and institute globalist and global socialism.

     Hence these mayors and others, being stereotypical leftists, are actively working against the system that they supposedly represent and have sworn to uphold; they value socialism more than they value America and what it has stood for in this world for almost two and a half centuries. In fact they appear to positively hate America and what it has stood for, claiming that it has stood for racism, white supremacism, slavery, and just about anything else that is vile.

     These leaders of the people are literally willing to let America (and other western countries) burn, largely for the sake of alarming people into voting for them out of fear—out of a desire to get the mayhem to stop, since obviously people on the left are committing most of the violent atrocities in the streets of Democrat-run cities, though of course blaming Trump and the right the whole time. This is all the more obvious when they are defunding and demonizing their police departments while at the same time releasing violent criminals out of prisons and into the public, supposedly to protect the poor criminals from the artificial pandemic, while at the same time prosecuting people who try to maintain their livelihoods, or who refuse to wear a mask, or who defend themselves against the criminals with no police in sight. It appears that the globalist left, including far-leftist Jacobins in positions of authority, are willing at this point to do damn near anything to attain power in America and keep it, which would include overthrowing or just ignoring the US Constitution and all the liberty that it stands for.

     So anyway, this was my little epiphany the other night while walking under the stars: Those new leftist “progressive” politicians in places like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Kansas City, and Atlanta, and most recently Kenosha, are so Marxist in their views and their agendas that they are helping to foment the overthrow of the system itself, the system that they are obligated and sworn to protect. They are essentially neo-Bolsheviks, like foxes guarding the henhouse, or shoplifters running the shop. This is why they have let their own cities burn—or at least it’s a major contributing factor.

     A civilization in moral decline becomes self-devouring, not even requiring barbarian invasions to finish it off, like the late Roman Empire in the west or like Russia before and during the First World War. Whether we wind up like late Rome or Czarist Russia will depend on whether there are enough patriotic Americans, and westerners in general who value their own heritage, who still have some cojones and are willing to defy the radical and hysterical minority, even if they happen to be in positions of authority. Only time will tell, but personally I am still optimistic.

beautiful downtown Portland
beautiful downtown Portland


  1. Miles Mathis, who may or may not be legit, offers an interesting take on all this in his paper on Social Justice Warriors. All this chaos, including the pandemic, is being played up and manipulated by the leading Families to keep us all divided and scared, depressed, etc. so that we'll remain just maladjusted enough to take solace in buying more drugs and distractions to line their pockets.
    Right, Left, it's all part of the scam.

  2. Truth well spoken. The question still remains, what are we going to DO about it?

  3. After writing the original post, I actually wondered IF we can actually do anything about it, karma being what it is. WE made all this over many lifetimes, so I guess we would have to change it over countless more lifetimes, one person at a time.

    1. Agreed but I remain skeptical that "we" can do much of anything . My flimsy understanding is that the most one can "do" is awaken the aspiration for buddhahood and stumble-struggle accordingly, everything else being a part of samsara (collective delusions like politics, philosophy, or individual daily crap, for that matter).


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