Holier Than You: A Tale of Two Commentators

“I have seen people behave badly with great morality and I note every day that integrity has no need of rules.” —Albert Camus, from The Myth of Sisyphus

“There exists an obvious fact that seems utterly moral: namely, that a man is always a prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them.” —the same

     Everyone knows that comments sections on the Internet tend to be toxic. To give a glaringly obvious example, Twitter is a veritable verbal cesspit. Another pretty obvious example is Bitchute, where anything remotely political attracts wild-eyed and foul-mouthed fringe extremists from both ends of the spectrum. I remember that a mainstream conservative blog or news site called The Federalist used to have one of the most consistently toxic comments sections I had ever seen: leftist trolls with names like Gay Bob Has Pride would spew the most virulently toxic insults almost at random, and evidently without bothering to read the articles under which they were spewing. It may be that they were paid to do this, but still. Finally The Federalist was almost taken down from the Internet (by leftists) for all the toxic waste in its comments sections (generated also by leftists), and so the staff there simply removed its comments sections altogether, and the trolls moved on to some other venue, like maybe American Greatness. Just about any comments section on the Internet that isn’t moderated, or that isn’t so obscure or vanilla that trolls and hostile jerks don’t know of it, or care, is liable to become a toxic waste dump.

     Much of this toxicity is just venting pent-up hostility, usually vented behind a convenient screen of anonymity (another way to greatly reduce online vileness: do not accept anonymous comments). Also, a fair amount of it, especially with regard to high-profile sites, is harassment paid for by political activists. But these two sources of vitriol do not account for anywhere near to all of it. This little discourse involves two notable exceptions involving my content, two relevant case histories, whom we will call SD and SJ.

     The first, SD, haunts the comments under the videos posted by my good friend Brian Ruhe on Bitchute. I will give a typical example of his behavior. I decided to refer to the latest video Brian posted on his channel which includes me, but the comments were so toxic that Brian simply turned off the comments under that one, possibly at the request of our mutual friend venerable Varapañño, who was also in that video. So I looked to the next to last video with me in it, and found in the comments no fewer than 68—sixty-eight—comments from SD, including the following: 

You infiltrate little boys' rectums

Stop taking penises into your asshole loser pagan paedophile

crawl back up your mother's asshole LOSER

Ruhe and Probesanassa are paedophiles (SD usually calls me that)

Ahhhh so you are gay as well as a New Age pagan loser. Figures. Stop molesting children you pervert

You like the faggoty looking Buddha. A liitle pudgy slope head who conned a bunch of other slope heads. It is because he appeals to your inner homo. buddha was a homo.

LOL A couple of nazi Buddhist misogynist, sexist, fascists...what a couple of pathetic ugly LOSERS. What do you idiots know about normality, you are a couple of fringe dwelling freaks. Buddhism is not spiritual, it is a load of dumb Asian nihilistic pagan shit. Just get some fuel pour it over yourselves and light up..self immolate you parasitic leeches. See if you find nirvana..losers.


It is always hilarious to see these fringe dwelling losers like Ruhe and Probesanassa crap on about shit that is only important to them and their loser friends. But weak personalities with weak minds always need some group of fellow losers to join, like Hilter and his nazi morons. No self reliance and individual strength. Weak as piss losers! They cannot exist without relying on the parasitic relationship they have with society. You can hear the weakness in Ruhe's child like voice and his moronic ideas. They suffer from arrested development. They take on these fake personas and milk their little mental illnesses for all it's worth, extracting money from gullible idiots who need "leaders" in their pathetic lives. It is like those thieving, parasitic shonky tele evangelists who shyster money from the spirituallly deranged and emotionally under developed in society. The kind of people who gather in groups like dumb sheep ready to be fleeced. The false prophets Jesus warned about. Buddhism is just another shit cultist religious load of deranged crap for lost souls and gullible losers. The weak minded infantile morons who need to believe in some crazy cultist notions.

with regard to someone expressing concern for Brian’s paleness in the video: He has AIDS. Too many nights at the gay bar

personally to ven. Varapañño, who was ill-advisedly trying to remonstrate, then spar with him: You have never achieved anything, that is why you should self immolate.

another to ven. Varapañño: if you call yourself a buddhist you are a moron

     And this, mind you, is just a small sample from ONE video. The man (assuming that this individual is an adult male) apparently spends HOURS, pretty much daily, doing this on Brian’s channel. Not long after I began doing videos with Brian a few years ago, SD, while knowing almost nothing about me, publicly accused me of having been deported from Thailand for sexually molesting boys—which wasn’t true at all of course, but this person sees no persuasive reason to tell the truth, at least in such cases as this. I have attempted to interact with him twice that I can remember, both times essentially warning him that he is on the road to hell; the first time, at least, may have actually worked, slightly, temporarily, as he seemed to decrease somewhat his output of sneering and lying at my expense. But now he has begun to attack venerable Ajahn Varapañño also with the same sort of vile accusations, and may decide to start spamming my own channel also, if he hasn’t already.

     The second case history, SJ, is very different in some fairly obvious ways, though similar to SD in at least one or two respects to be noted in due course. Some of you familiar with this blog may know to whom I am referring, just as some of you who have watched my videos on Brian Ruhe’s Bitchute channel may know who SD is. I do not want to malign SJ, who evidently is a Buddhist monastic—hell, I don’t even want to malign or misrepresent SD, who is just plain nasty—so maybe I should explain my past interactions with him.

     SJ first contacted me several years ago, when I was living in Fremont, California, before my final trip back to Burma. I was still writing the Nippapañca Blog back then, and maybe he had come across it and liked it. Anyway, he enthusiastically invited me to join a kind of Buddhist website or forum that he managed; but he was so rigidly, dogmatically fundamentalist in his views, as are most Asian Buddhists too, bless their hearts, and his English was so execrable, that I declined…but he took the liberty of joining me up himself, so I continued to receive newsletter-type fundamentalist emails in barely decipherable pidgin English until I finally flagged them as spam (the process of unsubscribing was so Byzantine that marking it all as spam was much easier). I occasionally heard from him after that, but not often.

     Then recently, after the announcement on this blog of my impending exit from the venerable Bhikkhu Sangha, SJ began spamming my comments with a vengeance, as may be seen from the comments to part three of that post, here. (Spoiler: if you look you’ll find out who he is.) It may be at first that he was trying to cajole, persuade, and/or scold me out of my intention to disrobe, which could be considered his duty as a fellow monk; but obviously, repeated harping has no more persuasive power than simply stating one’s case once or twice with some well-meaning benevolence. He eventually went to the extent of declaring ALL laypeople to be fools and losers, presumably in an effort to scare me away from joining their ranks. (I tended not to publish those, partly because they were insulting most of you, my readers.) I figured that maybe after the deed was done he would give it up as a lost cause…but that didn’t happen. True, his output of scolding comments has decreased gradually over the past few months, but even after I told him that I wouldn’t post his comments anymore he continues to fire them off into my inbox for moderation. Why? What does he hope to gain by this behavior? Here are just a few examples of comments that were submitted long after I notified him that I wouldn’t post any more of them.

to the recent post “The Elder Sister of All Alms Rounds”: Amazing how one can sell off all of ones merits and gifts of the Gems for yonis [i.e. “pussy’s”] sake... sure worthy a topic, but maybe to incorrect for further sells...

to “Beauties of Meditation 4” (which I admit was fairly begging for his comment): There exist fools and also shameless fools, proud to walk the way of a fool. Which one would good householder consider himself, if asked this way?

to “Hysteria and the Holy Life”: Actually the hysterically ways of somebody fear relation and bond to the world, is not only much more common, but leads also to ways of missuse what has been given to those fearing the world, means for liberation, using a heritage for ones belly and never dare of all kinds of ingratitude and shamelessness for ones sales in the world.

another, from about two months ago: Home seeking, home sharing, outsiders of the path, homies... the bad thing is just that giving food for defilements of all kinds in the Name of the Gems, even if actually abounded and far left outside.

from the same post as the previous one, which I also didn’t publish (he apparently quoted this, hence the standard English, and note that I was already disrobed at this point): Maggots When we give rise to right view in our hearts, we can be at ease wherever we are. It's because we still have wrong views, still hold onto ideas that are poisonous, that we're not at ease. Holding on in this way is like being a maggot. Where it lives is filthy; its food is filthy. Its food isn't fit to be food — but it seems fitting to the maggot. Try taking a stick and flicking it out of the excrement where it's feeding, and see what happens. It'll wiggle and wriggle, eager to get back to the pile of excrement where it was before. Only then does it feel right. It's the same with you monks and novices. You still have wrong views. Teachers come and advise you on how to have right view, but it doesn't feel right to you. You keep running back to your pile of excrement. Right view doesn't feel right because you're used to your old pile of excrement. As long as the maggot doesn't see the filth in where it's living, it can't escape. It's the same with us. As long as we don't see the drawbacks of those things, we can't escape from them. They make it difficult to practice....

the same again: One should not deny ones deeds, and good if not doing what is disliked or causes such. Deeds "make" beings... One isn't but does, good householder, and by ones deeds one becomes either an outsider or insider, in regard to the world or toward beyound.

as a final example, this one is apparently admonishing a reader not to waste his time with this blog: So it's good to seek out for the last on the way out and lose no time with doubters and losers, good householder.

     I have received a boatload of this sort of comments from him, most of it unpublished, and although he is not exactly vicious, he is like a pit bull that won’t let go once he bites.

     Anyway, these two people are very different outwardly, one being a devout religious renunciant living in tropical Asia, I think, and the other being who knows what but certainly not Buddhist—SD is continually insisting on Christian dogma, and of course indulging in every kind of wrong speech known to Buddhist ethics.

     But we needn’t dwell on the differences of these two, because their similarities are much more interesting, to me anyhow. They both appear to be, first of all, extremely determined. SD for example appears to spend hours every day attacking Brian’s Bitchute videos, and when Brian deletes them he simply spams another long series of them. (There are some who suppose that SD is being paid to do this, considering all his time and labor, though he may just be living in his mother’s basement without need to work, or perhaps disabled and living on government checks, and I can’t imagine Brian Ruhe is a big enough deal that someone would be paid full time just to troll him and pollute his comments sections.) Second, and more importantly, both of these commentators appear to be phenomenally self-righteous—self-righteous to the extent that they are absolutely certain that they are right and justified in their behavior. (The indoctrinated left in general indulge in this same sort of compulsive self-righteous bashing of others all the time, as do many on the right, but I am trying to keep this post relatively apolitical.)

     It does not appear to occur to either of these two that their own reactions may be more unwholesome than what they are attacking. SD is obviously morally inferior to Brian Ruhe, even though Brian sincerely believes that Adolf Hitler did nothing morally wrong, just for starters. At least Brian does not knowingly lie when he says such things, is not an aggressively malicious person even against his haters, and takes his Buddhism seriously enough to try to live a moral life…which includes no vicious verbal attacks full of untrue accusations of sexual perversion, etc., on anyone. If he says things that aren’t objectively true, it is because he has made an honest mistake, or at least it appears that way to me.

     With regard to SJ, his attempts at persuasion failed, and of course continue to fail, yet nevertheless he seems incapable of accepting the way things are. He is right, I am wrong, and he seems unwilling to stop insisting upon that, and letting me know it. That this is obviously a case of compulsive scolding and attachment doesn’t seem to occur to him, even when someone other than myself (and this has happened) ventures to point it out to him. At least he tries to be honest, as befitting a monk, and he isn’t making up wild accusations of homosexual pedophilia resulting in deportation, etc. At worst he vehemently and repeatedly calls those who disagree with him and his lifestyle fools and losers. I have found that living a life of seclusion can result in one drifting away, largely without noticing it, from a healthy and balanced mental state. This is one reason why interaction with other humans, including those who are antagonistic, has real spiritual value.

     So what we have is two people wallowing in unskillfulness, while believing themselves to be skillful, or at least justified. To be fair, it happens all the time, all over the world. And, as was implied in the previous post, I am not trying to set myself up as the one who is right, in contrast to these wrong-doers; I just think that everyone is wrong; though some, at least, manage to be amiable about their wrongness.

     I bear no ill will towards either of these antagonists, and I am even willing to break my word in this one case and allow either of them to leave comments below, although SD seems to limit his aggression and insults to Bitchute.

good old Brian Ruhe heiling the Führer, while protected
from the crowd by police officers


  1. It is so true what you wrote about SD! I doubt he will have the satisfaction of reading this blog about him. On your video I preserved good comments by putting them into the description, then turning off comments to delete SD. Ha ha!

    You have given the most thorough treatment on SD, thanks! WE should do a three way video with Varapanno. You can I should do another one soon. Marxism within Buddhism is so important to talk about. Is anyone else telling this paramount truth besides us?!

    1. Sure, I'd be happy to do another show with you, and I think ven. Varapanno also would be willing, but he has been busy preparing for the coming rains retreat, and also has been unwell.

    2. Only because calling it 'not-left' does not mean that it's just another kind of social, national, communist way, marxist treat, to delude people with the most dangerous pride of 'equal am I' or do the good householders think that their 'God's took others than simply the same ideology but just giving it another lable? Sama, Same. Btw. this 'Ven.' Varapanno is really the last joke, but making the show surely more muppets like and more accessable for those seeking junk food. Smöre bread, smöre bread, rem pem pem pe... (and yes, it's not akusal, to often smile on ones stupidy if able to see the fault and gone beyond it already, understanding it.
      "your star guest"

  2. You shouldn't read through such shit at all. Because whether you like it or not, reading yourself through such sick insults affects your mental state. One calls himself a Buddhist ?! That actually says more than enough about his psychological state. The best thing to do is to punish this rabble with neglect and leave them in their hell in this and next life. But you can see here that the middle way is again the best and that there is total lunatic on both the left and the extreme right.

    1. It's roght that words of insults have to be beared by one who trains to get right of all Asavas (fermentations), yet it would be total against it, if using it as 'punishment' which isn't bearing but simple aversion by ignorance, good householder. One could rightly say a notion of common householder-equanimity. Bad meant insults, or wrong, if well condidered and proofed, are not required to take, be touched, while others should be actually high regarded, as it's actually seldom to get put on track again. And as for middle of the Noble Ones, right should be regarded as it, starting by right view... right knowledge of release. This just that good householder wouldn't need to rest in hell here and afterwards, if wishing to take on it. But it's a huge topic, all in all, not because of itself but because of the mass of defilements hindering to get through if lacking base, right association and faith.

    2. It's roght that words of insults have to be beared by one who trains to get right of all Asavas (fermentations), yet it would be total against it, if using it as 'punishment' which isn't bearing but simple aversion by ignorance, good householder. One could rightly say a notion of common householder-equanimity. Bad meant insults, or wrong, if well condidered and proofed, are not required to take, be touched, while others should be actually high regarded, as it's actually seldom to get put on track again. And as for middle of the Noble Ones, right should be regarded as it, starting by right view... right knowledge of release. This just that good householder wouldn't need to rest in hell here and afterwards, if wishing to take on it. But it's a huge topic, all in all, not because of itself but because of the mass of defilements hindering to get through if lacking base, right association and faith.

  3. When one spends hours per day, or days each month devoting their time to criticizing or attacking you, that speaks volumes about the world they have created for themselves...without even speaking a single word about it.

    1. First: Phenomenas has cause, do not arise without.
      Second: Ones 'problem' could be even solved right there, anothers movie, even if good meant, not easy. So fist help, judge yourself does wise.
      Third: isn't it not an effort of critic, that of good householder here? As equanimity and more non-action isnt the highest, right or wrong makes the right judge.
      Fourth: there are people spending huge efforts to appear silent while working on revolutions in the backyards, and at least, as supply for release of certain case, up into the palm, a short story:

      The Wise Crack

      Somewhere far in the South Seas, as dawn was breaking, a little monkey climbed to the top of a palm tree and, swinging a very heavy coconut in his hand, began to shout just as loud as loud could be. A camel, hearing the noise, came a little closer, looked up into the tree, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

      “I’m waiting for the queen of elephants. I’m going to crack this coconut over her head so she won’t be able to see or to think.” The camel thought, “But what’s really the matter?”

      At midday, a lion came by, heard the noise the little monkey was making, looked up at him, and asked, “Is there something you need?” “Yes,” yelled the little monkey, “I need the queen of the elephants. I’m going to crack her on the head with this coconut and split her skull right open.” The lion thought, “But what does he really need?”

      In the afternoon, a rhinoceros came by and became curious about the little monkey, and looked up and asked, “So what’s your problem?”

      “I’m waiting for the queen of elephants. I’m going to crack her on the head with this coconut until she can’ see or hear.” The rhino thought, “He realy does have a problem.”

      In the evening, the queen of the elephants herself came. She scratched her back on the palm. She reached up into the branches to pick a few leaver with her trunk. Above her, it was just as still as still could be. When she looked up and saw the little monkey, she asked: “Do you need anything?”

      The monkey replied, “No, nothing at all. It’s true, I was yelling a little bit earlier today, but surely you didn’t take that seriously, did you?” And the queen of elephants thought, “He really does need something.” Then she saw her herd in the distance and stomped off.

      The little monkey thought quietly. After a while, he climbed down with the coconut and cracked it on a rock until if broke open. Then he drank the coconut milk and ate the coconut meat. (https://forum.sangham.net/index.php?topic=892.msg3008#msg3008)

  4. I'm a moderator on a Theravadan forum (Dhamma Wheel https://www.dhammawheel.com/) and SJ is well-known to us. At least in your case he has a discernible reason for posting. We normally can't work out what he means at all. With us, he tends to post for a few weeks, and then goes away again. He's had a few warnings and temporary bans, but as you may imagine it's water off a duck's back.

    1. "We normally can't work out what he means at all."

      So SJ is Coemgenu?

      (da dum tschi)

    2. It's not to be assumed that this 'person' is well known under your kind and those bond in this wheel. But as it is said by the Sublime one: "One thinks like one (is capable to) perceive" And such is mostly very limited in ones world of prefered food of the four kinds. This four are ways of kamma: doing oneself, order/encourage others to do, rejoice with deeds, approve deeds. An simply association, at least, one get's assumed to part-take by good people around. So may one take care in all of this regards. Many lockdowns, are selfmade, even not voluntary thought.

    3. Btw 'I just think that everyone is wrong; though some, at least, manage to be amiable about their wrongness.' this very lefties approach is a grave notion of wrong view and leads straight downward. At least, if of that view, good if abounding the Tripple Gems as marketing lable, at least from the very notion 'I could be wrong' and make grave misuse, as actually complete doubter, of it. But of course, all of the factors of right view (the 'worldly one) are based on gratitude and abound caught by ingratitude (btw. the reason of no ( further) Jhanas, paths, fruits, as well) Locked down.

    4. Maybe of interest for those wishing to know the difference betweebn this two kinds appearing equal for one with much dust in the eyes (of course also misused by lefties (micchas) of all kind): Abhaya Sutta: To Prince Abhaya "'The Tathagata would not say words that are unendearing & disagreeable to others,' then you should say, 'Then how, lord, did you say of Devadatta that "Devadatta is headed for destitution... https://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/mn/mn.058.than_en.html

  5. My person would have prefered if good householder, rather than to react like a rebuked child (obiviously and reasonable not able to proper rest the case), would have considered all said in frames of the Sublime Dhamma, but as it would possible turn out that his stand isn't one which could be maintained on it, he acts usually in lefties ways, and brings up comparison with common foolish aversions, lies and mistreads behaviour. Nevertheless, aside of most, he (aside of compairing and adding opinions) does not miss-recite and shows certain effort in trying to get true the case. As for "pit pull": if one does not listen to pleasant, nor to unpleasant, not to both (not delight on benefits, not fear backwards, not seeing it in combination), it's of no worth to sacrifice further. Just one: as one (and this would be good to consider by many, actually), if acting against, slander, abuse or misinterpret one who does not act on defilements or repeats what does without told in right context, has no more change to prosper in this Dhamma, headed downwardly, unless seeing the fault and admit to correct, it's just because of this tiny opening to maintain for one, that even later on, approaches may happen if being given way.
    At least, how ever good it might be, it's not only burdensome but also not the best political correct way to rebuke householders and point out their faults, although it might be accessable and a blessing for some. And good householder does not need to hide up my persons 'identity', as nothing ever said in disguise.
    Maybe he does know: My person even encouraged his friend Brahman Brain, to act as clever as possible, that the former Venerable would not leave for the low, but maybe he feared to lose a trade partner more than a Venerable to be proper encouraged by his disciple.
    May good householder nevertheless find ways to arrive on real 'political incorrect', on the very right side, instead to nourish the belly and birthes by taking on what ever lefties ways, calling it left or right. An extreme, hard to adopt, to abstain form what ever stand for the sake of aging sickness and death.

    Time will come when getting aware of the stupidy of drunken in health, age, life and the many damages done toward those having given in faith, yet beings are heirs of their kamma, which holds true also in regard of being in touch. (By the way, as possible not found in this way in the text, the maggot-simily is one of late Ajahn Cha, a simile 'in simple words' and causes usually much rebellious reactions placed under householder, or let's say 'common one's

  6. There is still another good householder would again censure, a birth-giving matter, a matter of a-yoni-so-mana-sikha, for the sake of protecting ones yoni, wouldn't he? If, after getting disenchanted on new gains a little, maybe, as suggested, making an own topic on it.
    Sineha usually last 3 years, if good maintained, under humans, before looking after the next, or at least hope for it to arise.

  7. It's possible that my person again overstretches an open window, but to proper appreciate this not ordinary indirect pavarana of good householder, maybe some general encouragements in regard of his way of 'entertainment' (lifelihood) and it's focus are accessable. What if making out of actually 'dhammic incorrect polit-blog' a real and very needed 'political incorrect Dhamma blog' in taking on topics most hard to bear and getting with it by modern marxists and demo-crazies. It's of course to be assumed to risk a material and 'social' poor life, but one of great merits and good preperation for the time when he then realizes that it would be good to really go forth, his final ordination, sson to come. Thinking on topics like, starting with the most 'credits destroying' (in homies spheres of today) one: " The Buddhas warnings on woman in a gender-degenerated world", going further to "Authority phobia in a world leaded by Mara", to "The Buddha wasn't a Democrat", then "Actually you have no rights at all", to "How can a pets lover possible gain heavens?", salted by "Not even a Coke you'd go after without faith, so how thinking to relay just on known?, and peppered by "Ariyan life doesn't matter, black does" and maybe inbetween "Is going forth actually legal and possible, caught in Marxist world?" before getting ride of the wellness section by "The Buddha didn't taught meditation to householder" and "Sangha of monks, the only virtually Refuge, already decayed, and now?"

    It's surely hard to transport a heritage as is under those seeking to beauty there homes and may be assumed to be to ugly for such, but maybe good householder, who might at least remember things by word, is fit enough for a real political incorrect dhamma-blog which might not feed may of the stands of his fellows here, but some might get more familar with food that leads to freedom from hunger for food and it's not needed to count the merits done by real letting go of just taking on another Mein-ung (own stand, Opinion).

    In this way, at this point, may good householder take time to consider that all his way and particulary destinies, had been predicted not only by the Sublime Buddha but also by fellows, never wrong, so way not, instead to go for agati another time, follow the Gems advices, for what could he lose of what isn't already lost, the things holding him back from taking refuge into Sublime for a beyond.

  8. As it is custom to let known leave, my person thinks that it is time to do so. May possible unwelcome and uninvited encouragements and rebukes, in case having been unwelcome, be pardoned.
    May good householding wanderer David conduct in ways leading toward long term happiness, finding way toward release by himself with most possible ease. May he conduct in best ways for the benefit of those bond to him likewise and may he never lack of admirable relations and recognize them always timely and right.

    1. Thank you bhante I appreciate that, and same to you. May your practice be successful and may you find what you seek.

    2. This path, this Dhamma-Vinaya, for good wanderers possible arising of Saddha, is one with an end, one which releases from any search, having done the task of the Noble Search. If right effort wouldn't lead on there, the Sublime one as well all Wise of this lineage wouldn't teach it, and leave all their way, uninformed, not encouraged. But out of compassion, following their father, their ancestors, they do, since it's possible, for wise with less dust in the eyes.
      Good then. Householder have many duties.


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