The Plight of the Broken Uniparty

“The reason they hate Trump is because the hogs from both parties swill at the same trough. One man alone tried to beat The Swamp. They mounted a jihad against him heretofore unseen in politics. They capped it off with the most crooked election in history." —James Woods, ardent conservative Twitter ranter

     The original intended purpose of this here blog, started years ago in Burma, was political correctness, saying what ought to be said but had become TABOO because leftists and globalists had declared it such. I do occasionally write about Buddhism, as I did in my first blog, and spirituality in general also; but the main point of this blog has been flaunting taboo subjects, while fitting a little Dharma in by the way. I’ve drifted away from politics a little since a certain potted plant was installed as the new President, and since I’ve already had my say on my favorite politically incorrect topics (like the existence and nature of human nature, human genetics conditioning human intelligence and behavior, the N word in classic English literature, and so on), but today I sit down to write about a remarkable phenomenon in the political world: namely, the death of the Uniparty in American politics.

     I’ve said many times that, before Trump ran for President the first time, voting for a US President was rather like choosing between Coke and Pepsi. The billionaire financiers and multinational corporations would contribute money to both sides, Democrat and Republican, so that strings would be attached no matter who won. Besides, both Parties before Trump were working towards essentially the same globalist Brave New World Order; there was a certain amount of variation allowed in the “master plan,” and the Republicans and Democrats simply occupied slightly different zones within that allowable spectrum. The Republicans AND the Democrats were working towards a transnational, tradition-less, effete globalist world ruled by cosmopolitan moneyed elites, with America taking “necessary” hits to bring it down to a level of parity with less-developed nations—who, allegedly, were less developed not because of ethnic or cultural reasons but because evil Whitey colonized and oppressed them, and the poor dears somehow could not recover (except for outliers like Singapore who were conveniently ignored).

     Then a certain loud-mouthed, abrasive, but patriotic American billionaire came along named Donald Trump, who didn’t want America dragged down to the level of, say, Mexico or France. He said what a great many Americans thought but were not allowed to say—because of the artificial taboos imposed upon the population by globalists who had turned news and the educational system into little more than globalist propaganda and indoctrination camps. (And this cold civil war we are in is not really left vs. right, as most seem to believe, but globalists vs. anyone who doesn’t bow their head and submit.) Of course his desires for a secure border, so that we would not be overrun by un-American non-citizens eager to collect welfare handouts; his desire for America to stop deliberately taking hits by agreeing to treaties that harm America and benefit countries who are in some cases outright antagonistic to America; his desire for American culture to be actually pro-America; etc. etc., were popular with the less indoctrinated half of the populace but hated by the globalist elites determined to put America “in its place.” And so we were all exposed to the spectacle of the globalist elites and the politicians owned by them, and of course the media outlets also owned by them, attacking President Trump 24/7 over anything and everything. There was even an impeachment, an unconstitutional attempt at a second (at which the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refused to preside on the grounds that the President they were trying to impeach wasn’t even the President at the time), and now a third desperate attempt to impeach the same man, going with the absurd premise that Trump knew the 2020 presidential election wasn’t rigged but just wanted to overthrow the US government and remain in power, rather like Augustus Caesar without an Uncle Julius. We are all to believe that a senile, feeble, very corrupt potted plant of a man, who was placed in his basement during most of the campaign season, who came in fifth in the first Democratic primary and was lagging behind up until some secret deal inspired the front-runners to bow out in his favor, whose son’s very incriminating laptop was ignored and censored by the mainstream media or simply called “Russian misinformation,” who was portrayed as leading all through election night by the same propagandist media (including FOX News), etc., and who really was behind up until around 3 in the morning of election night due to suspicious ballots counted shortly before dawn—we are to believe, I say, that this fellow won the election fair and square. The Democrats could have demonstrated the fairness of the election by allowing their vote counts to be inspected, but they vehemently refused in many cases, and some of them wiped the data before it could be subpoenaed and collected by force of law. But most of you already know all this, and the few of you who are lefties are inclined to believe whatever excuses you are told by the same people who are, in all probability, guilty of rigging the election. But enough of this setting of a very familiar scene.

     The thing is, after Joe Biden was installed as President of the United States, despite his obvious lack of qualifications to be the most influential man in the world, his policies (or rather the policies of the people who installed him) have led America into a kind of nose dive. The anti-virus hysteria that started during the Trump administration totally unnecessarily derailed the relatively strong economy that a patriotic President and businessman had done much to set up. Paying everyone in the country NOT to work after printing up who knows how much fiat currency caused people unwilling to work for a living and massive inflation. Biden bragged about shutting down the petroleum industry before he became President and now blames everyone but himself for skyrocketing gasoline and diesel prices. His withdrawal from Afghanistan and the de facto donation of tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military hardware to a terrorist organization were a national disgrace and humiliation. His refusal to perform his constitutional duty to defend the American borders, in this case against economic migrants who enter the country illegally, is undermining any sense of American-ness. His championing of the whole rainbow of sexual deviations is eroding the moral backbone of the nation. And on and on. And what is the result? Even the brown people are turning against him. His incompetence, plus maybe some ruthless “America-leveling” on the part of the globalists pulling his strings, are causing the Democratic Party to become a nationwide dumpster fire. Or rather Biden (that is, his handlers) has been pouring gas on a pre-existent dumpster fire and fanning the flames.

     And now we get to the point that I’ve been aiming towards. Back in the old days of Coke vs. Pepsi, all that would happen is that one globalist Party would be voted out and the other voted in to continue with a drive in almost exactly the same direction. Thus disastrous policies would never really be rectified, they would just be ever so slightly modified in order to continue the march towards a more or less socialist Brave New World. But Trump changed all that—not exactly single-handedly, but virtually so. It probably wouldn’t have happened without him. Hence the hysterical fear, hate, and desperation of the globalists, and the people indoctrinated to be their sheep, at the fact that people in America have a refuge to turn towards, an increasingly nationalist and populist Republican Party.

     So of course the lefties, and the globalist neoconservatives, declare a party of people dedicated to a strong and prosperous America—in accordance with the principles established by America’s founding fathers and the US Constitution—“fascists” who are “destroying democracy” and striving to maintain “white supremacy,” and so on and so forth, blah blah blah. The fact is that populists literally want what The People want, and so they are essentially democrats (with a small d) par excellence. They adhere to the Constitution and want it enforced, while the leftists hate parts of the Constitution with a visceral loathing. The right to bear arms is a prime example: the primary purpose of the 2nd amendment is to allow a free people to fight against tyranny—and of course the tyrants and their sheep don’t like that.

     So this is the terrible (for them) dilemma for the globalists. Their policies are emphatically NOT to benefit the common person in America, and they have even (mis)led the “liberal” half of the country to hate traditional America as inherently racist, white supremacist, misogynistic, even “fascistic.” But they have become so desperate and obvious since Trump that the cockroaches are out in broad daylight, and even the most mainstream of normies are seeing how fucked up a country these globalist policies are creating. And now they have a direction to turn to to champion their own cause. And the left and the old neoconservative elites like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan on the FOX News board of directors, and the Bushes are practically foaming at the mouth in a desperate desire to return to the good old Uniparty. (After all, the first President in recent memory to emphasis the New World Order, aside from the motto Novus Ordo Seclorum on the back of one-dollar bills, was George W. Bush, a globalist neocon Republican.) The Republican Party is becoming the Party of the American people, as opposed to the anti-American people, and the recollection of the relative prosperity of the Trump administration, near miraculous considering the hatred of Trump coming from the elites of his own Party and the non-stop attacks from the mainstream propagandists, isn’t helping the globalist cause at all. And all their attempts to destroy this movement by destroying Trump are backfiring. Trump has become the underdog, and Americans love an underdog.

     A lot of people on the “hard right,” like fascistic white nationalist types, have despised Donald Trump because he didn’t instantly deport all illegal (and maybe even legal) immigrants, didn’t single-handedly drain the Swamp (which has struck back with a vengeance of desperate malice), didn’t denounce the Jews, etc.; but considering that a President isn’t a God Emperor, and considering that, during his first term, RINO neocons were probably in the majority of his own Party and hated him almost as profoundly as the Marxists did, he did amazingly well in promoting American prosperity. I have long been of the opinion that the globalists haven’t just had the man assassinated because they knew it would elicit a mass uprising, a nationwide shitstorm of biblical proportions; but a friend of mine told be another theory just recently: He claims that Trump is still alive because he is pro-Israel. The Israelis, along with many other nationalities, respected Trump as an upholder of national values and for defying the would-be overlords of the cultureless Brave New World (with the Democrats evidently preferring Iran as the main power in the Near East); and when MOSSAD has your back, you don’t have to worry about thoroughly corrupt American law enforcement agencies, the upper echelons of most of which were actively working against Trump when he was President.

     So yeah, if Trump runs again I’ll vote for him. I’m even intending to buy an American flag—though I prefer the Betsy Ross flag with 13 stars in a circle, as it represents what America used to stand for and not the degenerate mess that it has been becoming. (Also I live in one of the original 13 states now, and the first to fire on the Yankees and secede from the Union.) I almost got such a flag a few weeks ago at a store that sells patriotic paraphernalia, but the damned things were made in China. I may have to order one made in America…from Amazon. May the gods have mercy on us. Oh yeah, and if you’re American, help vote out the RINOs.



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