Watch Out for That Tree—

You know you’ve got a drinking problem when you wake up in your car…doing 90. —Richard Pryor (that’s 145kmph for those of you who haven’t yet adopted the English system of measurements) 

     It is very easy to predict calamities of all sorts by observing a trajectory and extrapolating it into the future. When dealing with inanimate physical phenomena, like the path of a comet or a hurricane, or an impending volcanic eruption, such predictions are often correct. But when dealing with human events, similar predictions of doom usually turn out to be wrong. This is because the makers of these predictions fail to take into account the fact that people make course adjustments; just because a car appears to be heading straight towards a tree or wall or concrete barrier, it doesn’t mean that the car will hit it—cars head toward such obstacles all the time, but the drivers of those cars almost always turn the steering wheel a bit and stay on the road. We humans, as conscious beings, are constantly making adjustments.

     The same goes for events on a much larger scale, like the predicted “inevitable” nuclear war during the Cold War for example, or the eventual, inevitable Marxist takeover of world society predicted throughout most of the 20th century. People may see civilization on a collision course with such disasters (or utopias, if you’re a Marxist in the latter case, or maybe a Christian awaiting the Second Coming in the former), may see the direction things are taking quite clearly in fact, yet fail to take into account the fact that people do perceive their surroundings and make adjustments accordingly. Consequently, major disasters of human origin usually take almost everyone by surprise as something unforeseen, like medieval Mongol invasions, the first World War, or the stock market crash of 1929, or else arise from such deep and/or complicated circumstances that the human intellect is incapable of seeing their consequences with any certainty, or sees the consequences as unavoidable, like the collapse of the Roman Empire.

     But now there is a difference. Now we have a peculiar, even bizarre situation, in which the driver of the car, so to speak, absolutely refuses to see a tree in plain sight directly in front of her, for ideological and emotional reasons. To say that the car is on a collision course with a tree is hate speech! That tree can’t be there because if it were, then somebody might feel unsafe! And the fact is that the car heading for that tree is a very big one, with lots and lots of people in it. The car is western civilization, particularly western European civilization.

     Those of the new left, alias “progressives,” value their feelings-driven ideology to such an extent that they have come to disdain empirical reality, and thus refuse to see important details of their surrounding environment and to make obviously necessary course adjustments. In other words, objective reality has become politically incorrect, something to be rejected. So when the new left, and the societies under its sway, appear to be heading for a cliff’s edge, they may really go flying off it, absolutely refusing to accept some pretty obvious (and ugly, and threatening) facts. “You’re heading for a freaking cliff!” “No we’re not, you racist, misogynist, xenophobic hate-filled bigot!” And then off the cliff she goes………boom.

     Getting back to trees though, one could say that the progressive left is progressing towards an entire grove of trees; but the mighty matriarch of the forest, the towering baobab, is this: a large percentage of African and Middle Eastern traditional Muslim migrants simply will not assimilate into western culture—especially “progressive” western culture with glorification of homosexuality, trans rights, and shamelessly immodest (from a traditional Muslim point of view) “empowered” females. There are other trees in the way too of course, but that is the main one standing in the path of the western neo-Marxist automobile. Some of the branches alone, never mind the trunk, would make for a nasty collision. The course the new left has navigated (with neoconservative globalists as copilots) is a collision course with ugly, brutal reality. And by the time they see that a disastrous collision is inevitable and finally, desperately try to change course, it will be too late—hell, it’s already too late in western Europe.

     The PC prophets, messiahs, and demagogues of the new left, who now are directing the course of several western European countries, Canada, and maybe Australia too for all I know (one doesn’t hear much about Australia in the international news) absolutely refuse to acknowledge the very obvious clump of trees with which they steadfastly maintain a collision course. “Nope! No trouble with socialism, open borders, and multiculturalism here! And why? Well, admitting to that would be hate speech.” So, no-go zones increase, rape and other violent crimes increase, terrorist acts and attempted terrorist acts increase, and the new left, along with old right allies embracing the NWO ideal, stubbornly refuse to see any problem at all—or rather, they see a problem with closed-minded people of the “far right” who refuse to embrace the Brave New World with open arms. If some right-winger points out the tree dead ahead, like the little boy pointing out that the Emperor doesn’t have any clothes on, then that person is guilty of criminal hate speech, and may be more liable to arrest and punishment than a rapist or other violent criminal who comes from a different culture, and thus can’t be expected to know that western liberal values do not condone violent crime.

     (All right, I admit that some European governments are starting to realize that the migrant situation has escalated into a serious problem. Recent crime statistics alone are enough to demonstrate that. But they haven’t decided it’s a big enough problem actually to try to solve it. Their attitude is apparently that it’s best to follow the path of least resistance…which of course is downhill…until the tree is hit.)

     Now, as the collision looms and becomes more obviously immanent to more and more people, in addition to the problem that it’s too late to avoid the tree in places like Sweden, there is another tree flanking the first one, so that if the car swerves to miss the baobab, it will hit a banyan anyway. When the folks with the racial deathwish who let in millions of African and Middle Eastern Muslims into Europe (and Canada, and…) finally have no choice but to acknowledge publicly that traditional Islam is not compatible with modern western culture, and that Somalians, for example, are, on average, naturally, markedly less intelligent and more inclined to violence than Europeans, then it will unleash a shitstorm beyond mere epic proportions, the proportions perhaps qualifying as biblical—which is now just one more reason why leftists vehemently refuse to see the obvious. Those whose eyes are beginning to open are becoming afraid, because once you acknowledge that, for example, a relatively large percentage of Somalian Muslims simply can’t and won’t assimilate into a peaceful, technological, liberal culture, then what the hell are you going to do? Ask them to please go home? Set up reservations, like the native Americans got? What you’re going to get is civil war. And to make matters even worse, when the new brown-skinned migrants continue to flounder and live on government support, they will start blaming Whitey for their inability to prosper in western society, as is the case with black people in America today, probably even with indoctrinated leftist idiots encouraging and guiding them in this belief. The situation is bound to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

     Objective reality is now politically incorrect, and to make intelligent adjustments in accordance with it is racist, or fascist, or whatever. But even so: Hey western Europe! Look out! You’re heading straight for a goddam tree! Actually, as mentioned above, the vehicle is headed towards an entire grove, with some of the mightier matriarchs of the forest being: socialism leads to economic decline and stagnation; socialism requires a growing or at least stable population, which is incompatible with liberated women seeing the raising of children as oppression; political correctness hysteria, victim culture, and the banning of masculinity weaken a society to the point of incapacitation; a borderless welfare state is doomed to inevitable poverty and squalor (because migrants will continue to flow in for the welfare benefits until the system is overwhelmed and swamped); Islam is very often not a religion of peace; and a preference for feminine emotional wishful thinking over empirical fact, when responsible for navigating an entire society, leads to projected utopia followed by disaster in actuality.

     But some of these trees at least can be avoided because, after all, people do make course adjustments, if only they are willing to see politically incorrect obstacles in their path.


(Note: Some of you who are ecologically inclined may claim that the political right is also steering a collision course and refuses to see it when they deny catastrophic anthropogenic climate change (or whatever the current correct term for it is); but here I’ll just say that that is the topic of a later post, insh’allah.)



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