On Jewish Racial Supremacism

For you are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. —Deuteronomy 7:6

Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world—only to serve the People of Israel. —attributed to Ovadia Yosef, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, in 2010

     First of all, as I’ve mentioned before, I have no axe to grind against Jewish people in general, or against the religion of Judaism. I have had very few interactions with believing, practicing Jews, and quite possibly have never met a kosher one. Most of the “Jews” I have known have been practicing Buddhists, and I’m sure most Jewish people are just ordinary people wanting to live their lives in peace. I do have a certain respect for the nation of Israel, considering that they continue to survive, maybe even prosper, while surrounded by enemies who yearn for their utter destruction. The Israeli military are badasses who have kicked the backsides of all the Arabs around them whenever they have gone to war. Furthermore, I have some lukewarm sentiment of support for Israel because if it were to be defeated by Arab Muslims there would be a flood of millions of Jewish refugees into the United States. All that being said, one should still be able to face empirical reality, even if it is unsavory or just politically incorrect. When the utterance of plain facts becomes “hate speech,” or if it is made illegal even, then freedom is dead. So, let the foregoing be a sort of preface and disclaimer.

     This post will simply point out the obvious—or rather, it should be obvious, yet hardly anyone seems to notice it, or if they do notice it, they are afraid to speak of it in public. (To be fair, if any person with a high social profile were to speak of this publicly, that person would almost certainly be attacked for it.) The point to be made is based on a very simple logical argument, a conclusion which follows from two rather obvious, straightforward observations.

     The first observation is that being a Jew is not simply a matter of religious belief, as is the case with other religions; it is also hereditary. A person can be an atheist who doesn’t give the slightest damn about Yahweh or Mosaic Law and still be officially Jewish. According to the most prevalent sects of Judaism, if a person’s mother is a Jew, that person also is a Jew by default, regardless of his feelings on the matter (although he may be able to stop being officially Jewish by formally renouncing his Jewishness—apparently, eating pork isn’t sufficient). Traditionally tribalistic Jews have set themselves apart from the Goyim (often with the Goyim having a mutual sentiment on the matter) and have discouraged assimilation or intermarriage for centuries, although of course there have been many exceptions to the general rule. There is even biblical support for this ethnic purity: for example in the Book of Ezra, the prophet Ezra required all Jewish men married to non-Jewish, non-Hebrew women to divorce them, with the women’s conversion to Judaism not being an alternative. Unlike many other religious systems, the Jews have tended not to seek out new proselytes because they consider themselves to be a people, a nation, an ancestral tribe into which they have been born.

     Thus, aside from a relatively few people who are born Gentiles but convert, like Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., or Ivanka Trump, most Jews are members not only of a religion but of an ethnicity. The Ashkenazim, for example, are by far the most numerous population of Jews, and I have read that they have, on average, around 60% Semitic west Asian ancestry. And if we can say that most Jewish people are of Hebrew ethnicity, we can say that Judaism is not simply a religion, but in large part is also a race, much as being a Kurd or an Albanian or a Nordic European can also be called racial. If one is an ethnic Hebrew, then one is practically a Jew by default, even if one is an anti-religious Marxist radical, is not circumcised, and eats bacon burgers regularly during Passover. It’s built in.

     The second observation, or logical premise, is that the Jews/Hebrews traditionally consider themselves to be God’s Chosen People—and that of course implies a kind of spiritual supremacy over other groups of people. Of course, most religions are chauvinistic and supremacist in the sense that they claim a monopoly on the highest truth, and claim for themselves, and not for others, the highest good. Christians tend to believe that salvation is only through Christ; Muslims say only Muslims go to heaven for those black-eyed houris; and even Buddhism, although freely admitting that followers of other religions can get into heaven, reserves the highest goal, Nirvana, for Buddhists. So in and of itself, Jews claiming themselves to be specially chosen by God Almighty to be the exemplars and leaders of all the world is not completely outrageous.

     Even so, some Hebrew apologists deny that the Jews being the Chosen People implies that they are somehow superior to anyone else. Some rabbis have claimed that all people(s) are chosen by God for some reason or another; although this receives little if any support from Jewish texts, including the Old Testament of the Bible. In the Wikipedia article entitled “Jews as the chosen people,” this sticky issue is discussed, and in the final section of the article, subtitled “Ethnocentrism,” the final statement on the subject is, “Some people have claimed that Judaism’s chosen people concept is racist because it implies that Jews are superior to non-Jews. The Anti-Defamation League asserts that the concept of a chosen people within Judaism has nothing to do with racial superiority.” But then again, the ADL is itself a Jewish group, and one wouldn’t expect a Jewish group to condemn Judaism for being supremacist in its traditional attitudes, would one.

     But now I’ve already anticipated the conclusion to the logical argument, which is as follows: 1) The Jews are members of an ethnicity or “race,” at least as much as they are followers of a religion; and 2) The Jews believe themselves to be the Chosen People of God, implying, of course, that they are somehow superior to other ethnicities. Therefore, ergo, the Jews as a rule, in accordance with their traditions, are racial supremacists—quad erat demonstrandum.

     There are of course many exceptions to this generalization. Some Jews are quite liberal and willing to accept that they’re no better, necessarily, than Gentiles. Some Jews aren’t religious at all, as was already mentioned, and some are even confirmed atheists, and thus they might give the whole idea of God’s Chosen People no credence whatsoever. If they still consider the Jews to be the supreme ethnicity of the world it would be because of some sort of social qualities perceived as superior, or possibly something like intelligence, or just out of tribalistic chauvinism. But the general logical conclusion arrived at appears pretty much inescapable as a general rule for Jews. Their race is the superior race, supposedly.

     This results in some outrageous hypocrisy on the part of many socially engaged Hebrews when they strive vehemently against racial supremacism in other groups, especially white Europeans. They have done this for more than a century, largely for the purpose of combating antisemitism, which is understandable; although also with the rather Machiavellian desire of weakening the political and economic competition for the benefit of their own “tribe.” They may acknowledge this duplicity—being racial supremacists while at the same time bitterly denouncing racial supremacism in others—among themselves, but they are understandably very reluctant to do so publicly, amidst the unbelieving Egyptians and Babylonians, so to speak.

     This same supremacism is a major reason, though not the only one, why Jews have been resented and despised everywhere they have lived for literally thousands of years. The perceived attitude is something like, “We’re better than you, and if you don’t agree, then you are hate-filled antisemitic savages, and cursed by God Almighty besides.” Even for a non-Jew to claim equality, to treat Jews as though they are no more special than anyone else, may be condemned as antisemitism by some of these Chosen People.

     I experienced a little bit of this just recently, to my mild semi-astonishment. One of the few blogs I follow is Powerline, dedicated mainly to conservative political commentary, and written by four old fellows, at least two of whom are Jewish. Apparently quite a lot of Jewish conservatives also read that blog. Anyway, there was a post discussing the political left’s drift towards increasing antisemitism; and in the comments section to that post I pointed out that antisemitism is increasing on the far right also. I certainly wasn’t gloating, or even trolling; I have seen quite a lot of antisemitism expressed online by members of the alt-right, and simply mentioned this situation. A few commenters scoffed at my observation, so I backed it up with further argument, for example by pointing out the growth of far-right movements all over Europe. I was then denounced as antisemitic by at least two other people in their responses, and although I denied bearing any malice in my comments, the denial was apparently rejected—as I was promptly banned from posting in the Powerline comments section. Even to observe that antisemitism is increasing is itself evidently condemned as antisemitism by Jews who are so sensitive to the idea of antisemitism that their own attitudes inadvertently prompt it in others. No doubt this little composition that I am writing at this moment will be condemned as antisemitic, despite the fact that I really am trying to be factual, do not hate Jews, and am writing this mainly just for the sake of flouting stupid political correctness taboos. How could anyone hate Scarlett Johansson, or Leonard Nimoy? Geddy Lee also is a Jew, and although his singing voice is outstandingly horrible, I consider him to be one of the greatest bass players in the history of rock ’n’ roll.

     So the takeaway from all of this, if you, dear reader, remember only a few points before moving on to the next thing, is this: that 1) Jews are almost all members of a Semitic (i.e. Hebrew) race, and Jewishness is hereditary; 2) Jews traditionally consider themselves to be specially favored by God over all other peoples, to be Chosen, and thus, by obvious implication, superior; and thus, ergo, 3) traditional Jews are racial supremacists, who claim to hate racial supremacism. The case is similar to Jewish activists’ continual condemnations of ethno-nationalism and vehement support of multiculturalism throughout the west, while Israel itself has become a blatantly ethno-nationalist state. Even the Jews of the Diaspora may refer to themselves as a nation set apart, while at the same time condemning nationalism for everyone but themselves. It’s in their own interests to be this way, so it’s understandable, but still.

     Again, not all Jewish people go to these relative extremes. Most are not political activists, possibly not even race supremacists; but many are very rich, very influential, very traditional in their chauvinistic Jewishness, and also very far to the left politically. All Jews should not be blamed for the fact that most Jews in the west lean leftwards, many of them radically so, or that Marxism, including the updated version of cultural Marxism, has been predominantly created and promoted by Jews. I am certainly not in favor of any new attempts at a Final Solution, but I am in favor of calling such people out, and of waking people up to the situation (which is difficult, considering that Jewish leftists control most of the mainstream media and are dominant in academia, and also declare such calling-out to be antisemitic “hate speech”), and to punish only those who are guilty of crimes. The most important thing is for people to be aware of the situation.


  1. “ergo, the Jews as a rule, in accordance with their traditions, are racial supremacists.” Well, you make a case, but it is not “one size fits all.” The Jewish friends I’ve had over the years have been normal (and often highly admirable) people who exhibit none of the ethnocentric/religious elitism which you call out. The blog response you reports show that some have the traits you report; that’s not to say it’s universal or stronger than in some other ethnic/religious groups, although it might well be. Whether or not it has been fostered by the Jews’ own separateness, anti-Semitism is a strong and deplorable force.

  2. I am not attempting to make Jews no different than any other people, but I actually do believe in that supremacist religion you are speaking of, (high Iq people, as well as hard working people and more believe in their own supremacy in many ways and overall. AKA leaders & powerful people) and it says that the cause of conflict is exacerbated by the Jewish soul, we all have different races and interests. A soul doesn’t require belief, it has a physical manifestation, it is defined by the Jewish inclination to believe in majority numbers in healthy homogenous environment in the superiority of good over evil, and the infinite nature of existence, perpetually compelling the Jews to tear up all foundations around them as a sacrifice to G-d in an attempt to reach for perfection. The Jews are perpetually demanding for the society around them to be better than it can reasonably be, because they don’t realize they are attempting to implement Jewish standards in gentile nations. There efforts are turned into dust and their Mitzvas in exile are not worth anything, like the poor white gentile woman with the high standards, high levels of integrity and moral demands in the black schools attempting with all her effort to make the black children be like white children, desperately wanting someone to make her believe that they have improved in some way, missing the point that a high iq white woman should be focusing her effort on high iq white children as her most natural fit and the best expenditure of her time. People who pray to trees might under estimate the importance of grass, people who pray to the sun will probably in large numbers have phobias pertaining to the night, the people who love division but not multiplication will probably miss out on a great many mathematical discoveries. Pray to a single G-d who fits the answer about the impossibility of existence itself, and you will be blessed by the infinite perspective. Believe instead in a magically appearing giant land mass and ball of gas, and your mind will be abnormally limited and hobbled by what is provable around you when you know so many things are being lied about like racial and gender equality. In G-d I trust.

    1. One peculiarity is that even Jews who renounce religion and become Marxist materialists retain their Hebrew tribalism. Much or even most of the radicalism perpetrated by Jews is evidently due to two causes: Desire to stop antisemitism against the tribe (rather than the religion), and promoting the economic interests of the tribe. The great Jewish emphasis on multiculturalism in the west (except in Israel) is primarily due to a Jewish realization that, historically, antisemitism is more likely in a homogeneous white Christian culture.


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