On the Notion of White Genocide

The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists….Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as “the white race” is destroyed—not “deconstructed” but destroyed. —Noel Ignatiev, a Jewish Marxist progressive academic

The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history…. —Susan Sontag, another Jewish leftist academic

     Ever since I started a channel on Minds.com (primarily, especially at first, to hype this blog), I’ve been exposed to a much greater amount of alt-right and white nationalist ideology—largely because people banned from more politically correct social media like Facebook and Twitter, or just censored to an unacceptable degree, gravitate to more free-speech-friendly platforms like Minds and Gab. Minds has become a kind of alt-Facebook. Anyway, one of the issues that is discussed and memed and shitposted upon quite a lot on Minds is the idea of white genocide. This is because it is of great concern to white nationalists and to just about anyone else who is of European ancestry and who entertains ethnic pride in their own heritage—unless of course they are skeptical or blissfully ignorant of the whole idea of white genocide. So I suppose I should explain what it is, or is claimed to be.

     White genocide, according to the people who are most concerned with the issue, is considered to be the attempted eradication of the white race—through discouragement of reproduction and/or diluting the race out of existence via multiculturalism and interracial breeding (or in the parlance of old-fashioned Nazism, “miscegenation”). This is to be accomplished through such cultural Marxist or “liberal” policies as: mass immigration; multiculturalism; encouraging and glorifying homosexuality and other sexual aberrations for white people (which decreases an already low reproductive rate); subverting and breaking up the traditional nuclear family as the basic unit of society; facilitating abortion and discouraging motherhood as a degradation to “empowered” feminist white women; denying the very existence of human races and/or insisting that all races are the same in pretty much every way imaginable; indoctrinating white people, as well as everyone else, to despise the white race and see it as the historic source of all evil and injustice in the world (the “Blame Whitey” dogma, a view that is practically central to the new progressive emancipatory politics), and thus to see the extinction of the white, European ethnicity as a good thing and something to be celebrated; and so on. Actual genocidal violence might occur only in the final stages of the process, as a kind of “mopping up” operation.

     The people alleged to be orchestrating (or at least favoring) white genocide are mainly globalists, especially neo-Marxist ones; although other groups such as black supremacists, Islamists, and anti-goyim tribalistic Jews (that is, aside from the globalist and Marxist ones) may also be involved, especially in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe for the black supremacists, Europe for Muslim migrants, and just about everywhere for the Jews.

     The reasons why the white race is to be extinguished is dependent upon the group alleged to be implementing the attempted genocide: the globalists are claimed to be motivated primarily by the idea of abolishing races and ethnicities for the sake of facilitating a non-nationalistic world state—and possibly also to produce as a result a light-brown mongrel race that will be less intelligent, more sheeplike, and easier to control by the ruling elite. (This is sometimes referred to as the “Kalergi plan,” in remembrance of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an early champion of the idea of racial and cultural homogenization, especially in Europe.) The black supremacist groups (including some members of Black Lives Matter in the USA), as well as the Islamists, are presumably motivated strongly by resentment and hatred of the much more successful, more dominant ethnicity—with the Islamists especially also despising the Europeans and Americans as weak, degenerate, and depraved. Many of the Jews alleged to be involved in this scheme are supposedly motivated by a desire to ruin their main economic rivals as well as to eliminate the possibility of another pandemic of white genocidal antisemitism. Plus, presumably, some of them simply hate and resent whites in the same ways as other non-whites may do, because whites abused them in the past, or else were simply more successful, thereby inspiring a desire for retribution.

     All this is of course dismissed by nonbelievers, especially politically correct ones, as a “conspiracy theory,” or better yet, a “racist conspiracy theory.” President Donald Trump, for example, was condemned in the recent past for instructing his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate claims of multiple murders and land confiscations with the purpose of eradicating whites in South Africa; Trump was accused of “openly promoting an international racist conspiracy theory,” as Esquire magazine put it, simply for having these very serious claims investigated to see whether or not they were true.

     It is true that such claims involve a conspiracy, or perhaps several conspiracies, assuming that the European race isn’t simply committing racial suicide through its own spontaneous decadence; and there certainly is some theorizing involved; so to call white genocide a conspiracy theory is not exactly false. But even so, some conspiracy theories turn out to be true, like the idea that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was not simply the work of a lone gunman. Even the US government has officially come to acknowledge that there was indeed a conspiracy, with more people than just Lee Harvey Oswald conspiring in the assassination. It is clear, though, that people who deny the very notion of white genocide are calling it a “conspiracy theory” as a way of dismissing it out of hand without any actual disproof. If they were required to present a real case against the white genocide theory they would probably come up with little, if anything, other than appeals to ignorance, plus of course the flinging of derogatory slurs like “racist,” “white nationalist,” “Nazi,” and “conspiracy theory.”

     Furthermore, attempts to dismiss white genocide as nothing more than a conspiracy theory are clearly mistaken, since there really are globalists, social justice activists, left-leaning Jewish academics, college students indoctrinated into neo-Marxism, etc., let alone black supremacists and bragging Islamists, who openly advocate for the eradication of the European race. Even a few American neoconservatives have publicly endorsed the idea that the white working class would be well replaced by hard-working Hispanic immigrants. Also, many of the alleged mechanisms by which the white race is to be eliminated through negative population growth, interbreeding, and replacement by migrants, have been strenuously advocated by globalist leftist groups for many decades. The Frankfurt School, for example, has advocated for such policies since the 1920s or 30s, and has been instrumental in guiding “progressive” ideologies in the west. Belief in white genocide is really going mainstream at this point: I read recently that a poll in France indicates that more than one-fourth of the population believe that the ruling elite are deliberately attempting to replace French Europeans with non-European migrants and their descendants. In Europe especially people are discouraged in various ways from having children, and then are told that immigration from Africa and western Asia is necessary to maintain the population and the socialized welfare state.

     The main objection I might make to all this would be that the term “white genocide” is unnecessarily sensationalist or hyperbolic in tone. That the white race is threatened with replacement by darker-skinned migrants is fairly clear, at least potentially, especially in some areas of the west; although the term “genocide” may be viewed by skeptics as too extreme to be taken seriously. The term no doubt was deliberately chosen by white nationalists for its shock effect, for propaganda purposes. Actual genocide in the sense of racial mass murder could possibly happen in future, especially in places that are, or will be, white-minority areas, like in South Africa or some Islamized European cities or regions. But most of what is called genocide could be more accurately described as “race suicide.” It may be encouraged and assisted suicide, but the European race is for the most part inflicting it upon itself.

a standard white nationalist meme

     With regard to the more or less peaceful phenomenon of interracial miscegenation, from a purely eugenic, evolutionary perspective some interbreeding is actually a good thing. It promotes the spread of beneficial alleles at a much faster rate than does natural selection in isolation, which relies upon chance mutations which may have already become prevalent in other populations. An increasingly well-known example of this is the fact that Eurasians are estimated to have around 4% Neanderthal ancestry. Some Neanderthal genes are almost universal in modern Eurasian people because they coded for adaptations very useful in Eurasia, and in the colder, Temperate Zone in general. This allowed our ancestors to acquire benefits like cold resistance and resistance to certain diseases without having to evolve them much more slowly via natural selection of random mutations. But a relatively small amount of such interbreeding is sufficient. A more fit individual mating with a less fit one (in whatever respect) is likely to produce offspring who are less fit—this is simple and obvious—and although progressive leftists deny any significant genetic differences between ethnicities, there certainly are differences, with some ethnicities being more adapted to a relatively “civilized” urban existence like that found in Europe or the USA. That Europeans would be most evolved to exist in a civilization invented and developed by Europeans should not be difficult to comprehend—except by a person who is ideologically and emotionally invested in adhering to a contrary conclusion.

     Although I value the existence of the European race (and bear some chauvinistic ethnic pride in having Indo-European ancestry, and in the many accomplishments of Indo-Europeans throughout history), and although I can see some real validity in the claims that the European race is threatened with white genocide (or whatever it would most accurately be called), I’m inclined to think that the white race is NOT facing imminent extinction—unless every other ethnicity is also. I do not consider even South African white people to be in serious danger of being wiped out as a people. My optimism is based mainly on three reasons.

     First, people tend to prefer mating with their own kind. This is partly from instinct—we are naturally biased in favor our own family, which shares similar genes with us, and a race is literally an extended family—and partly because members of the same ethnicity are likely to hold views and attitudes in common, and thus be more compatible. Consequently there will always be fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonds and freckle-faced, green-eyed redheads with an IQ of 100 among the human race, even if the majority gradually become homogenized to a shade of light brown, with an average IQ of 90.

     Second, people in the west are slowly—painfully slowly—awakening to the disaster that progressive leftism and globalism lead toward, and are beginning to rebel against it. With almost every passing democratic election in the west, especially in Europe, the people are shifting towards populist nationalism, and are rejecting the politically correct propaganda that has been fed to them since toddlerhood. Globalism is turning into a train wreck, and multiculturalism is an organic element of that wreck, and there’s not much the globalists can do to stop this. They can’t stop reality, no matter how politically incorrect it may be. Consider that poll in France, or the rioting that has been occurring there for months. The massive influx of non-white migrants is being resisted increasingly by the indigenous populations, and the flux may soon start flowing predominantly the other way as the migrants find themselves increasingly unwelcome and unsupported.

     Third, and perhaps most importantly, the people of the European race have demonstrated repeatedly that they have the ability to conquer and subjugate the other nations of the earth, and that really without much difficulty. At present we Europeans are in a degenerate stage, culturally speaking, but that is primarily the result of moral decadence and progressivism. Good times make weak men, weak men make bad times…and then bad times make strong men; and when there are enough strong, angry white men totally fed up with multiculturalism and dark-skinned foreigners taking over their homeland, then they will find their inner Viking, or Saxon, or Roman, or whatever, and fight back. And when they do fight back in earnest, the feminists, the decadent progressives, the globalist elite, and also the African and west Asian Muslims that the feminists invited with open arms (and sometime open thighs), will be defeated and driven out, killed, or “marginalized” to the point of being almost totally irrelevant. Races are different; and the white race have the energy, intelligence, creativity, and capacity for systematic ass-kicking to dominate over other races, if they make up their mind to do so.

     With regard to the more graphic, literal claims of white genocide in South Africa and Zimbabwe, although there certainly are race-motivated murders of white farmers in these countries, and also high-profile (and hostile, and stupid) black political figures publicly calling out for the extermination of whites, the situation probably isn’t nearly as bad as many sympathizers of the Boers believe it to be. I’ve seen some statistics—which of course may be unreliable, but still—that, as in the USA, black people in South Africa are still much more inclined to murder each other than to murder whites. Europeans in South Africa amount to around 9% of the population, but reportedly compose only around 2% of the murder victims. This is largely because most white people live in relatively safe neighborhoods in town, and not on isolated farms. Even so, the grisly photographs circulating on the Internet of white families disemboweled and hacked to pieces with machetes, or worse, are not something to be idly dismissed as insignificant. Still, it appears that the white population of South Africa is not facing an extreme existential threat so long as the situation doesn’t get much worse than it already is.

     Time will tell if western civilization, and the European race that created it, have run their course and are dying of moral decrepitude. History has shown that such decadence is reversible; and I personally do not believe that intersectional feminists, Jewish academics, black supremacists, Islamists who gloat over their impending supremacy in Europe, et al., will be happy with what eventually comes to pass. If the west finds a new faith, plus maybe a charismatic leader to lead the white masses in a fresh and inspiring new paradigm, then so much the worse for the haters of white patriarchy, and so much the better for the European race as a people. At any rate, regardless of the outcome, I see a large scale civil war, especially in western Europe, as practically inevitable at this point, and looming ever larger on the horizon. If not that, then the suicide not of a race, but of a great civilization.

have fewer children, even with negative population growth,
and then import migrants to maintain the population



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