The Second Series of Ruhe/Paññobhāsa Interview Videos

     Following are links to the most recent series of conversations between Brian Ruhe and me, conducted on 4 May ’19. This round of interviews places somewhat more emphasis on Brian’s interest in emphasizing common ground between Buddhism and National Socialism, and also in the identity of “reptilians” in Buddhism and in modern theories often associated with New Age. Plus I threw in some of my own favored emphasis on Ultimate Reality, and how we can’t understand it perceptually.
     Anyway, more interviews are in the works, and will be posted when they’re ready. Enjoy.

On past life regressions and the Buddhist idea of rebirth (37:44)

On western religion, ancient Indo-Europeans, the term “Ariya” in Buddhism, and the Buddhist attitude toward political violence (26:09)

On the nature of ultimate reality (20:02)

On George Washington, history, and the new left’s aversion for both (32:48)

On “reptilians” and the reliability of religious texts (31:48)

On Buddhist attitudes toward militarism, with some remarks on Germanic “Aryan” Spirituality (19:05)


  1. Very useful, thank you Venerable Pannobhasa!

    1. You're welcome. Installments of the third series are being uploaded on YouTube and Bitchute now.


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