More Beauties of Meditation

Another Pictorial Guide to the Harmonious Symmetry of the Undraped Meditatrix

The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.
The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.
The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God.
The nakedness of woman is the work of God.
     —William Blake’s Devil

Trigger Warning for Snowflakes, Puritans, and Uncompromising Moralists: This post contains images of relatively beautiful women adopting non-pornographic religious poses, with some of them possibly even really engaging in religious meditation. If you are offended by nudity, then go away, and have a nice day.

     In the first incarnation of Beauties of Meditation I mentioned that I am by nature a lustful and oversexed person, even by normal red-blooded masculine standards. As I get older my blood is cooling, and celibacy no longer has me so frustrated that I’m occasionally (when my hormones are high) wanting to cry or smash things or howl like a dog. But still I have a profound appreciation for femininity, especially when a lovely form encloses goodness and sweetness and wisdom.

     So, I have made a strategic, flexible defense against my own lustfulness by making a few compromises. (People who are not very lustful may think this is idiotic at best, as well as vile heresy, just as people who are not much attached to food may think overweight people preoccupied with eating are simply weak-willed and should just change their habits and outlook; but such judges obviously do not understand the situation.) One compromise is the æsthetic attempt to combine both worlds, so to speak, of spirituality and stark feminine beauty, by collecting pictures of scantily clad or unclad lovelies sitting in meditation—and if they’re sitting in the full lotus and appear not to be faking it, then so much the better. A spiritual woman is a truly beautiful woman, at least internally.

     I may as well add, since the issue has arisen on my Most Clicked-On list, that another “compromise” with my own hot libido has been to adopt more or less philosophical approaches to understanding human sexuality, and discussing them on this blog. This resulted in my writing an essay several months ago (“Lust Epidemic: the Quest for a Voluptuous Adolescent Ideal”) about a seemingly incest-oriented pornographic video game…which has received so many views that it is slowly climbing up the ranks in popularity. This is a little embarrassing for me, but so be it. I am a monk, and a Buddhist, but still I can’t help but like women, especially beautiful ones, and I like hourglass figures, and titties, and smooth, soft skin, and big dreamy eyes, and a sweet, musical voice, just to give a few examples. No doubt it is improper for a serious Buddhist, but I can’t help it, it's completely natural, and I can’t really even wholeheartedly want to help it. So I fight against it less, and watch my feelings, and try to understand my mind and my heart as well as I can.

     So anyway, the main part of this post consists of photographic examples of my attempted compromise of ideals with the reality of my own nature. For all I know this may turn into an extended series, because I still have more. A few of them are porn models, but it doesn't matter. Enjoy, or study and try to understand the mysteries of the human heart and endocrine system, or revile me for posting such naughtiness on a Buddhist blog, or whatever feels right to you.

"Enlightenment," by Justin Bonnet

I'm assuming she's at least eighteen

she's supposed to be the goddess Durga

vintage nudist meditation

this young lady, and the one just above her, do not have the best meditative posture,
as the back should be straight and perpendicular to the earth
(although the Indian-looking one may have some counterbalancing issues with her breasts)

not trying to be blatantly suggestive here, but a little too much was showing
below the navel to be appropriate even by my own standards


  1. "The craving which causes rebirth and is
    bound up with pleasure and lust,
    ever seeking fresh delight, now here,
    now there ; namely, craving for sense pleasure,
    craving for existence, and craving
    for annihilation...

    Becoming disenchanted, their passions fade away ;
    with the fading of passions the heart is liberated ;
    with liberation there comes the knowledge :
    `It is liberated`, and they know : `Destroyed is birth,
    the Holy life has been lived out, done is what had to be
    done, there is no more coming into any state of being`. "

    That is what the Buddha said. Of course you can not have both Samsara and liberation. Seeking the happiness of this life and seeking the Dhamma do not occur together. If you seek the happiness of life then you lose Dhamma.
    Dhamma and liberation are lost when you seek both Nibbana and Samsara. Fact.
    Much respect.

    1. Well, we wind up with Samsara regardless. The phenomenal world remains. If you can completely transcend all attraction, aversion, and delusion, then that is wonderful; but my experience is that the overwhelming majority even of those who try, fail, and most don't even try. Very few are really ripe for nibbana, it seems. So my ideal of some sort of compromise remains, even if it is not a realistic ideal.

    2. In my experience I find it actually easy to deal with natural instincts that rise up in me through craving for forms of perceptions and feelings and formations. But, and this is where it gets crazy, it is the forced outside stimuli that one cannot dissolve with sheer mindfulness. It is then required to fight like magicians, sorcerers and maybe shamans do. Because we are dealing as I call them "psychic parasites", and they are everywhere. In bad environments, big cities and they are broadcasted especially through the infernet. As I call this chain netting in which everyone is caught these days, and which looks like some kind of higher or even outside sorcery per se. I recommend vigilance for what is absorbed by the mind trough and from the net and let`s just not give our consent for the propagation and harvesting systems that create swarms of psychic parasites like pornography and any immorality .
      It is the Mara`s army shooting the bullets of attraction, aversion and delusion at us, indeed. In my case I was shot at so many times that every new bullet passes trough the old bullet holes. Soon there will be no bullet holes left at all, and everything that is left will be invulnerable empty space.
      Because, what is a person anyway ?

      [Rădha :] "A being, 'lord'. 'A being', it`s said.
      To what extent is one said to be 'a being' ?"

      [The Buddha :] "Any desire, passion, delight or craving
      for form, Rădha ; when one is caught up [satta] there,
      tied up [visatta] there, one is said to be a 'being' [satta]

      Any desire, passion, delight or craving for feeling ...
      perception ... fabrications...

      Any desire, passion, delight, or craving for consciousness,
      Rădha ; when one is caught up there, tied up there,
      one is said to be 'a being'. "

      Saṁyutta Nikaya 23.2

    3. There is a bit of the exhibitionist on our friend here, and yet none of this helps our no fap diet or desire for the sensual (but hasn't broken my streak either).

      I would like if our dear most venerable would write more articles on Enlightenment which have been the most fascinating articles I've read on this unique and important blog.

      Any articles on compartmentalizing thoughts or pain, by living in the present moment, as an observer of the self, and not identifying with the the self or pain and ruminating thoughts (as popularized by Tolle).

      Yet I believe the original Eckhart and the Stoics themselves used such techniques, by utilizing superior detachment to life's suffering.

  2. The fact that he feminine allure of Bella Abzug or the enticing fullness of womanhood of an Andrea Dworkin or even the bulbous beauty of Betty Friedan escapes your discerning eye is a cause of concern to me.

    I will light a candle. ...


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