Some Reflections on Indoctrinated Leftists


Only one thing seemed to me calamitously bad. That was the bigotry and Byzantine scholasticism which had grown up around the sacred scriptures of Marxism. Hegel, Marx, Engels, Plekhanov, Lenin—these men’s books contained for the Bolsheviks the last word of human knowledge. They were not science, they were revelation. Nothing remained for living thinkers to do but to apply them, gloss them, dispute about them, expatiate on them, find in them the germs of every new thought or thing that came into the world. Instead of liberating the mind of man, the Bolshevik Revolution locked it into a state’s prison tighter than ever before. No flight of thought was conceivable, no poetic promenade even, no sneak through the doors or peep out of a window in this pre-Darwinian dungeon called Dialectic Materialism. No one in the western world has any idea of the degree to which Soviet minds are closed and sealed tight against any idea but the premises and conclusions of this antique system of wishful thinking. So far as concerns the advance of human understanding, the Soviet Union is a gigantic roadblock, armed, fortified, and defended by indoctrinated automatons made out of flesh, blood, and brains in the robot-factories they call schools. —Max Eastman, ex-Communist; and now in some ways the left is even worse, being castrated and thoroughly irrational

Thus, after taking each individual by turns in its powerful hands and kneading him as it likes, the sovereign extends it arms over society as a whole; it covers its surface with a network of small, complicated, painstaking, uniform rules through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot clear a way to surpass the crowd; it does not break wills, but it softens them, bends them, and directs them; it rarely forces one to act, but it constantly opposes itself to one’s acting; it does not destroy, it prevents things from being born; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, compromises, enervates, extinguishes, dazes, and finally reduces each nation to being nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd. —Alexis de Tocqueville, on Bureaucratic Tyrannies of the Future

     I suspect this will be a rambling not-quite-rant about one remarkable aspect of the social and political situation in the west nowadays, the likes of which I never really noticed before (though it certainly has always been around to some extent, in accordance with the fundamental insanity of human nature). I’ve reflected before on the very weird situation of leftist/globalists and rightist/nationalists, each amounting to approximately half the population of a great nation like the USA, living in radically different versions of reality. And from my point of view as a Buddhist and a student of human nature, although everyone is crazy to some degree, the left has really gone off the deep end and doesn’t know or care. So the situation is so remarkable that I want to remark on it some more.

     The one situation in the west that I can think of that most closely resembles our current situation is the surge of Christianity in the late Roman Empire, in which intolerant fanaticism and hysteria spread like wildfire through the Empire, and through the Germanic tribes beyond the Rhine and Danube, and essentially overthrew the traditional culture of the west. (Fortunately for us, the neo-Marxists have nothing remotely resembling the moral high ground of sorts enjoyed by the early Christians, and must depend on indoctrination and changing the meanings of words to claim any scrap of moral superiority above the level of unrefined feminine sentiment. What little morality they endorse in reality is undermined by the simultaneous attitude that any sleazy act is justified in producing the desired castrated globalist utopia.) Maybe another good parallel would be the hysteria that ensued during the Reformation in Europe, with Protestants hating the guts of “papists” and persecuting them when possible, and the “papists” hating and persecuting the new Protestants as heretics in turn. Even in the 1950s and 60s, with the Red Scare and the radical hippies and civil rights movement, with their rampant hysteria and, in the 60s, race riots, the extreme polarity in outlook on life was probably nowhere as diametrically opposed as it is now. Even in the American Civil War the two sides were in agreement on most things in life, with the notable exceptions of states’ rights and the institution of slavery.

     So how did this radical polarity in worldview happen? Different people have different theories, and I’m sure there were many causes for it. It’s not just the pernicious, insidious effects of neo-Marxism (especially the Frankfurt School), or of Jewish attempts to cripple the potential for antisemitism and to strengthen their own position via mass immigration, multiculturalism, cultural relativism, etc. (as described in Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique), or the hysteria and irrationality of radical feminism, or just the senescence and decline of a centuries-old great civilization—though all of these factors and more are pretty obviously contributing factors.

     At present I’m mainly just fascinated by the very possibility of half my country sincerely believing what I consider to be obvious rubbish and considering the other half, including me, to be crude mouth-breathing knuckle draggers who are not only stupid but plain evil. How in hell is it even possible? And I don’t mean how was it brought about; I mean how can human beings in a civilized society actually believe such obvious crap? Then again, some of the less hysterical and more reflective leftists feel the same about me, and probably you, assuming that anyone who reads this is unlikely to be an indoctrinated leftist.

     It seems to me that the main forces at play are twofold. First, the neo-Marxism already mentioned, bearing the fruits of many decades of patient planning and effort to overthrow western civilization and replace it with the Brave New World—which has amalgamated many social movements and institutions of various sorts, including academia, the corporate mainstream media including the news and the entertainment industry (infecting, most recently, even athletics), feminism, pro-abortion activism, pro-minority rights activism, the mainstreaming of sexual aberrations, and on and on. And second, the election of Donald Trump in 2016, a major symptom of the masses throughout the world resisting a new globalist ruling class who despise them, triggered a convulsion of desperate lying, cheating, and rage by the aforementioned arrogant ruling class to destroy Trump and the nationalism he represents, and to get their Brave New World Order back on track. This latter group, the corporate billionaires and financiers, have allied with the neo-Marxists, even endorsing militant Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM, or rather are playing them, using them as gullible stooges, with the Marxist militants believing themselves to be doing essentially the same: exploiting the gullibility of globalist billionaires to sponsor a revolution that will put their rich, arrogant necks into the guillotines sooner or later. So the globalists are using the welfare class and the soy-consuming middle class revolutionaries as pawns and stooges, and the Marxists from the marginalized groups and the soy militants consider their sponsors to be like neo-Mensheviks doomed to fall by the neo-Bolsheviks, or like the early moderates of the French Revolution who were liquidated when the time was ripe.

     But whatever the actual causes, these two groups, the globalists and Marxists, have half of the USA, and probably well over half of Europe, in a kind of consensus trance, maintained by academic indoctrination, corporate propaganda, fear of raging mobs in the streets and on Twitter, and simple sheeplike herd instinct as people try to be accepted by following whatever absurd fashion comes along. Plus, I suppose, a tincture of reasonable compassion and misguided desire for fairness and equality, although the foundation on which such arguments rest is scarcely more than emotion and false narratives.

     I still have a few good friends who dislike Trump and won’t vote for him—though I’m not sure how many of them would vote for Biden either—and the standard excuse coming from them, not indoctrinated neo-Marxists but “liberals,” is that “Trump is a bad man.” He tells lies. He commits adultery with porn stars. He was friendly with Jeffrey Epstein, before he stopped being friendly. He’s a racist. He’s a sexist. He’s a crude, loutish, bombastic buffoon. In short, he’s a moral inferior who shouldn’t be allowed to be President.

     But my standard response to that is, So What! First of all, pretty much EVERY president is dropping bombs on civilians, and more recently also ordering drone strikes. Mr Obama, who supposedly is beyond reproach because he’s a Democrat and has dark skin, evidently was involved in one of the worst scandals in US history—spying on a rival candidate before the 2016 election and then literally trying to get him overthrown in a kind of bloodless coup after he unexpectedly won. So a little bombast and caddishness is irrelevant to how well he gets things done; and considering that the hysterical left and the globalist neocons of the RNC have been fighting tooth and nail against anything he does or says since the beginning, he is getting things done in a phenomenal manner. His ability to go against the grain, stand up to the rage, not of the mob but of the political ruling class and the people who own them, may qualify him as the greatest, strongest president in the past century—at least to the people whose globalist agenda he isn’t demolishing. As I say again and again, most of the greatest leaders in world history have been ruthless bastards, and I’d rather have a ruthless bastard leading my country in the direction of prosperity and greatness than the nicest guy in the world who’s too weak and spineless to accomplish any more than appeasing enemies and being fawned on by the liberal and globalist press.

     Those friends of mine that I just mentioned, the ones who despise Trump, are in the minority of Trump-hating leftists though, methinks. And even they have had their opinions undermined by the pervasive effects of mass hysteria and the saturation of the news with anti-Trump diatribes, most of it manifestly “fake news” and propaganda. Most Democrats may still believe that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, and that he’s “in Putin’s pocket,” to put it mildly and not obscenely.

     The most powerful Trump-haters don’t give a half a shit if Trump is a “bad man” or not. They hate him because he is derailing, possibly for good, the NWO agenda that has been in the works for a very long time. The power of billionaires is at stake. So they whip up the masses by any means necessary to hate him; and amazingly, only about half the nation has fallen for it.

     I freely allow that lots of people wouldn’t like Trump regardless. Some really do care mainly about whether the President is morally impeccable or not, bless their hearts, and are relatively innocent of the harsh realities of politics. And some, like a great many non-western immigrants, will vote Democrat because they don’t want America to be predominantly white and supportive of traditional western values. Some are just lazy or without talent and want guaranteed support from a socialist government. And some are heart-oriented, soft-headed feminine types who just crave security for everyone and believe, deep down in their glandular system somewhere, that socialism still is the best choice, regardless of a century or more of failed economies, totalitarianism, and genocide from the reality of socialism, not the glandular justifications in theory.

     So we wind up with hundreds of millions of people throughout the decadent western world believing outrageous lies told to them by trusted authorities, and conforming, playing the game, like obedient sheeple. People on the right believe nonsense and conform also, but not so flagrantly at this point. To hear leftists hating on Trump is to hear people devoid of an original idea simply regurgitating the talking points of any and every anti-Trump journalist in the corporate mass media. (And the very fact that the journalists themselves parrot the same phrases and false narratives indicates that they are coordinated from above.) It is essentially a political cult, like Mao’s Red Guards or the Christians in ancient Rome praying for the destruction of the Empire. And it has even taken over western Buddhist groups, let alone liberal Christian churches and yoga studios.

     Sometimes it truly amazes me that so many people can believe such drivel as leftists now do. Just a few years ago people claiming that men can have a uterus, menstruate, and get pregnant, for example, or that statues of America’s founding fathers should be torn down because they were racist white supremacists, or that illegal aliens should receive more privileges and benefits than citizens, would be considered idiotic lunatics even by Democrats. But now it’s mainstream orthodox dogma. Leftist-run “progressive” cities are burning, with leftist rioters and looters running amuck in the streets, and it’s somehow Trump’s fault. But if he offers to send in federal officers to restore order, then he’s a fascist dictator wanting to declare martial law and abolish the Constitution. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, and Democrats just don’t see the obviousness of it, or the hypocrisy. Story after story attacking the President are shown to be made-up propaganda, and people on the left don’t care and simply move on to the next hysterical accusation.

     I have little choice but to assume that the social herd instinct in the human animal is primarily responsible for pandemics of mass hysteria like we see lately. Up until fairly recently, most people in western civilization, including real geniuses, sincerely believed that a Hebrew carpenter turned miracle rabbi was the Creator of the Universe, and that he died as a criminal to absolve us of our original sin, which occurred when a man made from soil and a woman made from a bone were tricked by a snake into eating a certain kind of fruit. People can believe anything. And that includes the hogwash spewed in liberal arts colleges, in Hollywood, and on CNN.



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