Fifty Progressive Ironies

When Fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-Fascism. Huey Long

Some of these are worthy of a post all to themselves. In fact at least two of them have already proved their worthiness. The irrationality of the new left is an inexhaustible treasure trove of stuff to make fun of. Seriously. (The far right is easy to ridicule too, I suppose, but at present the far right does not pose any significant threat to Western Civilization, except in the form of Islam, and is less fun to mock anyway. The ideologues of the new left have little if any sense of humor, which makes them all the funnier.) 

I could have added more, but 50 is enough.

The political side that is most inclined to deny the validity and existence of race is the side most inclined to emphasize it, through identity politics, affirmative action, quotas, etc. 

The side most loudly calling for an end to racism is the side inflaming racial grievances and racial strife; with racial strife in America escalating dramatically during the administration of a leftist black president.

The side calling for equality and an end to discrimination is the same side which divides everyone up into stereotyped categories and endorses blatant bias against white people, and against white males in particular.

The socialist left, formerly based on championing the working class, has turned against the working class, the proletariat, who are mostly despised white males, and who are now turning to nationalist conservative parties in droves.

Leftist propaganda outlets like CNN, exposed again and again for extreme bias and cooking up false news stories, denounce other outlets like Breitbart as “fake news.”

The side most ostentatiously favoring Love is the side most likely to be rioting, screaming in rage, smashing shop windows, violently assaulting people, and calling for the assassination of the President of the United States—Love trumps hate, but love hates Trump. Kill Trump.

The side most loudly claiming the moral high ground has the least use for religion, considers unrestrained indulgence in sensuality, and abortion, to have nothing to do with morals, and has Hollywood entertainers putting themselves forward as moral guides to the masses.

Conservative gay men are called homophobes by leftists, conservative black men are called racists, and women who are not feminists are called misogynists.

Protesters on university campuses who scream “Fuck you!!!” against perceived hate speech, with their faces distorted with rage, do not realize the obvious fact that this is itself hate speech.

Feminists now defend traditional Islam, which is the most misogynistic mass ideology on the planet.

Leftists defend Islam, which is one of the most radically conservative mass ideologies on the planet.

People who endorse gay rights defend Islam, which is the most anti-gay mass ideology on the planet.

People who endorse multiculturalism defend Islam, which is the mass ideology most intolerant of cultural diversity on the planet.

Third-wave feminists declare the burqa to be a sign of female empowerment, even when women are required by men to wear it.

Feminists consider the imitation of men to be feminine, and disparage as “oppression” the most feminine act possible, the bearing and nursing of children. (Thus feminism is misogynistic! And to some degree, misanthropic also. Plus, of course, misandrist.)

Feminists have more to say against mansplaining and exaggerated sex stereotypes in video games than they have against honor killings, stoning of “immodest” women, polygamy, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and execution of gays in Muslim countries.

The left repeatedly insist that Islamism has nothing at all to do with Islam.

The side calling loudest for diversity is the the side most vehemently opposed to intellectual and ideological diversity, apparently approving only of superficial variety and diversity of sexual orientation, plus Islam.

The side claiming the Russians hacked information from the DNC refuse to acknowledge the information hacked.

Trump’s so far unsubstantiated collusion with Russia has been claimed to be “bigger than Watergate,” whereas Watergate involved spying on the other side before an election…which the Obama administration was doing against Trump.

Trump’s so far unsubstantiated collusion with Russia has been considered by the Left to be the scandal of the century, yet the Clintons’ dealings with the Russians and/or ostensive crimes—such as Bill Clinton receiving half a million dollars for delivering a speech to members of a Moscow bank; millions of dollars donated by Russians to the Clinton Foundation shortly before Hillary, as Secretary of State, approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium assets to Russians; Clinton’s campaign chairman’s brother being a registered agent for a Russian bank; a member of the Democratic National Committee flying to Ukraine and working with the Ukrainian government to obtain information damaging to Donald Trump; Hillary violating the Espionage Act by keeping classified emails on a private server, which was probably hacked; her destruction of more than 30,000 emails, including classified government property, and then lying under oath about having done it; and her sending of classified information to people unauthorized to receive it—all this is certain, not mere allegation, yet is considered by the Left to be a non-issue.

The statement that the most qualified person should get the job is declared racist by leftists, who view meritocracy as a tool of patriarchal oppression.

The side most loudly calling for racial equality considers the statement “All lives matter” to be racist and reprehensible.

The celebrated birthplace of the Free Speech movement, UC Berkeley, is now vehemently opposed to free speech, as are most universities in America, with students, administrators, antifa rioters, and even the mayor shutting down and silencing anyone considered to be “fascist,” which really means anyone as far right as the center.

The left were declaring Trump to be treasonous when he refused to say he’d unconditionally accept the presidential election results, whereas after he won they refused to accept the election results, and many of them still refuse.

The left are continually talking Hitler this and Nazi that when attacking someone, but rarely speak against Marxism (à la Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot) which killed many more people than Hitler and the Nazis ever did, with some young leftists even brandishing or wearing the hammer and sickle flag of the USSR.

Many leftists sneer at Christians who oppose abortion and gay marriage, while stoutly defending traditional Muslims who are more conservative and disapprove of it even more.

What was once called “Liberalism,” i.e. Classical Liberalism, is now on the political right, and called Fascism by young leftists.

The organization employing the most fascistic methods and tactics to attain its goals lately, aside from Islamist terrorist groups, is antifa, the so-called anti-Fascists.

The leftist press continually complain of being attacked by President Trump, whereas attacking him has been their primary focus, pursued with hysterical vehemence, since before he became president.

People on the left claim racism elected Trump, despite the fact that millions who voted for Trump also voted for a black man with the middle name Hussein.

Eastern Europe, the enemy of the Free World throughout most of the 20th century, now looks like it may become the last bastion of Western liberal values, of Christianity, and possibly of the European race, with Western Europe converting to a kind of culturally suicidal neo-Marxism.

Marxists still consider Marxism to be a good idea, after economic failure and the genocide of ≈100 million during the 20th century.

Instead of learning from their mistakes and correcting them, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media simply double down on losing strategies, for example emphasizing their hatred of Donald Trump and making grave accusations against him based on suspicion and mere hearsay.

The vital youth counterculture is actually shifting to the political right, libertarianism, and nationalism, with globalist leftism and even radicalism being viewed more and more by young people as pathetically uncool; now it’s libertarian rebel youth rejecting leftist parents trying to force their sons to play with dolls and their daughters to stop liking pink.

Democrats and Progressives continued to believe, falsely, that Donald Trump was under criminal investigation by the FBI, and used this idea as ammunition against him; whereas the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton really was under criminal investigation by the FBI while running for office (a first in US history), and is almost certainly guilty besides, which was considered by them, aside from some Bernie Sanders supporters, to be a non-issue.

Leftist ideologues continue to try to commandeer science by injecting leftist, feminist, and postmodern ideology into ostensibly scientific articles, but continually have them rejected by scientific peer reviews; whereas classical scientists are continually writing pseudoscientific hoax articles as a joke and getting them accepted by left-leaning social science journals.

The left want to preserve the earth for future generations, yet the welfare state they insist upon cannot function with a decreasing population—with negative population growth too many old people depend on the system, with too few young people paying into it to support it. Consequently, socialism requires more and more overpopulation, or at least the current level of it.

Progressives tend to consider globalism and environmentalism to be extremely important, but don’t want to see ways in which globalism damages the environment (for example by outsourcing industry to 3rd-world countries with few or no environmental regulations, and encouraging 3rd-world countries to become more carbon-emitting, with everyone wanting motorbikes, cars, and higher consumption).

Progressives still consider human nature to be merely a cultural construct and a myth, with psychology actually retrogressing as a consequence, despite obvious facts and new genetic evidence clearly demonstrating the existence of inherent human nature.

Postmodern progressives insist that all truth is a cultural construct, but insist nevertheless that their narrative is correct, and those who disagree with them are wrong.

The postmodern left has also begun declaring logic (i.e., rationality) and empirical evidence themselves to be “tools of patriarchal oppression.”

Feminists reject with contempt the qualities that earned men’s respect in the past, like modesty, while insisting that men respect them all the more.

The progressive left continually emphasizes the importance of compassion, yet instead of accepting the  idea that helping the poor and helpless is an individual moral responsibility it foists the duty onto an impersonal socialized government so they don’t have to be bothered by it.

Cultural appropriation, or white people adopting styles or methods from other cultures, is viewed as oppressive and wrong—as a kind of theft—by progressives, whereas every other culture on earth is adopting Western styles and methods without restraint, and this is seen as no problem.

Feminists insist that there is no inherent psychological difference between males and females…thereby displaying stereotypical feminine subjectivity and irrationality in their ability to believe such obvious falsehood.

The men who used to be some of the toughest in the world—Germans, Scandinavians, and Scots—are now some of the weakest and most effeminate.

Many people on the left, especially young ones, call anyone farther to the right than they are Fascists and Nazis, even though they may actually be near the political center, yet refuse to call a Muslim a terrorist after he has shot or stabbed several people or deliberately plowed through a crowd of non-Muslims in a large truck while shouting Allahu akbar.

Members of the radical left are actually unwitting stormtroopers for the elite governing Establishment, fighting for many of the very same things: globalization, mass influx of non-Europeans into European/western societies, socialism (increasing size and power of government), promotion of censorship and propaganda (controlling the narrative), and general weakening of moral backbone in the populace.

Progressives consider the decline and fall of Western Civilization to be progress.


  1. "Progressives consider the decline and fall of Western Civilization to be progress." That's the bottom line - why these people sometimes scare me, and need to be kept 'in check'...

  2. This was a great list. Every time I notice these ironies, I wish that I could somehow compile such a list. It's hard because there are so many. It's not a perfect list, but I'm glad someone has tried to do it. Some things that weren't mentioned:

    BLM movement; Left accusing their opponents of being anti-science; Left pointing to stats and studies when they have already purged from academia researchers who disagree with them; Leftists are generally younger, young people have worse judgement and are easier to manipulate, but this is never addressed (i.e. Leftists generally have less life experience but don't think this is relevant to judgement. Not only that but they encourage the voting age to be LOWERED because they think child activists on TV are oh so wise); Leftists use personal experience (of perceived oppression) to stoke flames but dismiss any testimony of the struggles of their "enemies"; Leftist fight against the elites by supporting movements, and they do this by buying merchandise sold to them by the elites; Leftist say gun ownership is unnecessary because the government can protect us, as if they don't know what the purpose of 2A was; The Left is constantly eating itself, subdividing into infinitely small grades of oppression until nobody can cooperate anymore...

    Anyways, as you know the list grows every day. :)


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