Do Only White Males Have Moral Agency? (a diatribe)

I don’t know but I’ve been told, a big-legged woman ain’t got no soul.  —Led Zeppelin

     Way back in 2015, back when so-called Social Justice activists were making their grand move to take over civilization, seemingly with little opposition, a now infamous case of alleged rape arose at Amherst College in the state of Massachusetts. What happened was that a slightly drunk young woman led an extremely drunk young man, her roommate’s boyfriend in fact, back to her room, and performed oral sex on him while he was allegedly so shit-faced wasted that he was blacked out and not fully conscious. After he left, she texted a friend saying, “Ohmygod I jus did something so fuckig stupid,” mentioning that her roommate might never speak to her again, as “it's pretty obvi I wasn't an innocent bystander.” Also she promptly invited another man to come over and spend the night with her. Later she expressed some frustration to a friend in another text that it had taken this second guy several hours to finally start having sex with her.

     Sure enough, when her roommate found out what happened, the fellatrix in the slutty dress lost most of her close friends, as her social circle took the side of the roommate, since she pretty obviously seduced the drunken boyfriend. Some two years later some of her new friends, so-called victims’ advocates—the Social Justice version of ambulance chasers—persuaded her that she had been raped while sucking the first guy’s organ of generation; whereupon she duly accused him of raping her. The young man was brought before a Kafkaesque Title IX kangaroo court on campus and was essentially convicted of rape, despite the young woman’s semicoherent testimony, with his extreme drunkenness declared to be no excuse for his behavior, whatever that was. He was then expelled from Amherst with the public stigma of being a sexual predator.

     This sort of travesty of justice is now common in American academia. It has been reported, for example in the New York Times*, that approximately 90% of cases in the “campus rape epidemic” are situations in which the sex is consensual, with the female not being compelled against her will at all, but in which the female later feels regret or other negative feelings, and chooses to blame the man for her unhappiness or foolish decisions. (If the man feels regret—for example he wakes up sober the next morning and realizes that the girl he screwed looks like a hippo—well that’s just too bad for him.) Often both students are drunk—which in the case of the woman renders her incapable of responsibly giving consent (thereby making sex with a drunk party girl automatic rape), but which in the case of the man, as with the fellow mentioned above, is no excuse at all. He’s just as responsible drunk as sober, even if he’s more or less unconscious, and passively receiving a blowjob. If a drunk man and a drunk woman have sex, even if the man is drunker than the woman, even if she’s a total wanton, even if she herself initiates the sexual behavior, then the woman has been raped, because a drunk woman has no moral responsibility, whereas a drunk man still has it. Supposedly. Welcome to feminist Social Justice.

     This lack of female responsibility is not simply a matter of drunken sex on college campuses. It has become pretty much pervasive in western culture. Men, especially white men, bear responsibility for just about everything unpleasant in a woman’s existence, except maybe for menstrual cramps. There are fewer women in technical professions such as metallurgical engineering? Forget psychological differences between men and women as an explanation, because that’s sexist; rather, it’s all men’s fault for intimidating women away from such fields, possibly inadvertently, and towards preferring useless degrees in Gender Studies, Social Justice, Transgender Anthropology, and Lesbian Dance Theory.

     In any case in which women are not as successful as men, it is attributed to white patriarchal oppression. Forget about obvious facts concerning human nature, for example that women are more subjective, more emotional, more timid and insecure, and less competitive; forget that women earn less money mainly because they’re not as inclined to obsess on work, take more time off, prefer to spend more time doing personal stuff, and avoid technical or dangerous careers that pay more (unless we blame that on intimidation, as mentioned above)—not only because acknowledging this is sexist, but also because obvious facts are reasonable evidence, and rationality is a tool of patriarchal oppression, also the fault of white men. The modern feminist female is victimized at the drop of a hat, whereas, on the other hand, feminists laugh at the very idea of white men being victimized, or being treated unfairly by others. Only members of the patriarchy bear responsibility.

     It is not just white women who bear less moral responsibility than white men; the same goes for anyone who isn’t white. Brown-skinned people are infantilized too. Consider Muslim terrorists. After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France a number of leftist publications, including The New Yorker and Salon, published articles with titles like “Nobody to Blame but Ourselves,” claiming that colonialism and other evils perpetrated by white men oppressed those poor Muslims to the breaking point, so that they were no longer responsible for their own actions—it’s white men’s fault. Every terrorist attack in the west (and their numbers continue to mount) is the fault of the Middle East and other Islamic areas being politically destabilized by white men, and brown people being victimized and marginalized. The poor dears just don’t have any choice but to shoot or stab or run over or blow up groups of complete strangers while howling allahu akbar. Never mind that the Middle East especially has been an unstable war zone since prehistoric times. In all likelihood Mesopotamia became the Cradle of Civilization because the people there finally realized that if they built fortified city walls and congregated inside them they were less likely to be slaughtered. The inhabitants of these regions have always been relatively violent people, generally speaking; and the fact that Islam is one of the few religions taken seriously nowadays that condones the killing of other human beings (let alone animal sacrifice) doesn’t help much. To acknowledge such facts is not an option for the anti white male left however, as that would be racist, Islamophobic, oppressive, white supremacist, and just plain abominable. To be fair, it is true that western politicians (including black progressive messiah Barack Obama) have helped to mess things up in Islamic countries like Libya, Syria, and Iraq, but those places would be hotbeds of violence and terrorism regardless. One reason why western powers interfere in the first place is because they are hotbeds of violence and terrorism.

     Another group of infantilized brown people is American Hispanics. For example, I personally attended the notorious Trump rally in San Jose, California back around June of 2016. After witnessing an exuberant celebration inside the venue, at which quite a few Mexican people were cheering for Donald Trump, we went outside to face gangs of violent leftists and enraged Mexicans who began physically assaulting anyone who was wearing a Trump cap or shirt or carrying a Trump sign. At one point a guy next to me, with a torn shirt and an exasperated spirit, said he hadn’t been attacked until he tried to defend a woman being ganged up on by crazed Mexicans, whereupon they turned on him, and one of them actually bit him. This case of radicalized leftists and hysterical Mexicans chasing down Trump supporters in the streets and beating them like dogs (with a Mexican woman shrieking “Get him! Get him!” to urge it on) was referred to as a “clash” by the mainstream media, implying that the beatings were not unilateral; and the mayor of San Jose laid the blame for the whole riot squarely on Donald Trump and his “rhetoric.” The leftists and Mexicans were not responsible for their own actions. It was all a white guy’s fault. Trump did it.

     Similar riots, involving not only Hispanics but also black people and indoctrinated leftist radicals, have been blamed on Mr. Trump as well. Berserk people smashing windows, setting fire to parked cars, throwing rocks and bottles, and beating and pepper-spraying people, including the police, all of this, is not the fault or responsibility of the perpetrators of these acts, supposedly, but the fault and responsibility of the constitutionally elected President of the United States, mainly because they wanted the other candidate to win—the one who wasn’t a white man. If at first you don’t succeed, blame a white guy.

     Other riots, mostly involving black people running amuck, have been blamed on “racist” police, especially those who shoot black criminals resisting arrest, sometimes shooting them in self defense. Again, these black rioters are not responsible for their own actions. It’s the fault of racist police gunning poor, innocent black people down in the streets—when in all actuality a white criminal suspect is more likely to be shot by police than a black one. The police know that in today’s ideological climate, shooting a black criminal, regardless of how justified it may be, can easily bring hysterical persecution down upon them and destroy them professionally and socially.

     And with regard to black people, it’s not just rioting that they can’t help; the very fact that so many of them are struggling and floundering in American society, i.e. being marginalized, is vehemently maintained to be the fault and responsibility of white men. It’s because their ancestors were enslaved long ago, or because their more recent ancestors had difficulty in obtaining home mortgages, or because of unconscious discrimination or “stereotype threat” or…… It can’t possibly be because they grow up in fatherless homes, choose to drop out of school, have a higher incidence of violent, impulsive behavior, and score significantly lower on intelligence tests—even to consider that would be racist. It can’t be their own responsibility, their own doing, so blame systemic white patriarchal oppression. (Not long ago the Vice President of the United States walking out of a football game, because players, mostly black ones, refused to show respect for the National Anthem, was publicly declared to be a sign of “systemic oppression” against blacks. Go figure.)

     It’s not even just black people in America whose troubles are blamed on white men. It’s black people everywhere. There is not a single black majority nation on this planet that is prosperous and not a “backward” third world country—except maybe for South Africa, which however is now in rapid decline after acquiring black-majority democracy. The ten poorest nations on earth are all black majority nations: nine in Africa, plus Haiti. Also, it has been measured again and again that the average IQ of a sub-Saharan African black person is approximately 70. Well, the complications of this situation require the politically correct to blame white men for it in various ways: here it’s past slavery that caused it, there it’s colonialism, and it’s political destabilization somewhere else, with disease, malnutrition, tropical parasites, and drought thrown in to round it all out. It can’t possibly be black people’s own responsibility, it just can’t be—because only white men bear such responsibility! Similar arguments apply to every other non-white racial group, aside from East Asians and, if they are not considered “white,” Jews.

     Black guys objectify and abuse women, and boast about it in crude rap music; they may even act out the murder of white people on music videos. That’s seen as no problem, even one involving the dramatized lynching of a little white boy not long ago—it made it to at least #3 on YouTube’s trending list. If white men did likewise and lynched a black kid on a video, why, it would trigger social Armageddon, with leftists caterwauling in hysteria, with flecks of foam flying from their mouths. Why is this? Largely because black morals are held up to a different, much lower standard. They are not as responsible as Whitey.

     Black criminality is pandemic in the United States, with less than 7% of the population, black men, committing approximately half of the violent crimes. Black people shooting each other (and the leading cause of death for young black men is murder) is claimed by the left to be more of a gun problem than a black crime problem. Same goes for Muslims and others: a Muslim man walks into a gay nightclub and blows away dozens of people for Allah, and it’s a gun problem, not an Islamist one. True, with a white male killer it’s also a gun problem, but with him it’s also an evil white masculinity problem. He’s got nobody to blame but himself, unless it’s Donald Trump.

     It appears that regardless of all else, white men are viewed as responsible for all social ills, or as many as possible, even those with which the connection is not obvious at all. (They bear responsibility for most of the good stuff too—just look around and see for yourself; almost every modern comfort you enjoy was invented by them.) So here’s the thing: If people who aren’t white men apparently aren’t responsible for their own actions and condition in life, then it’s no goddamn wonder white men run the show! They’re the only ones responsible for their own actions! They’re the only ones not totally infantilized and morally dysfunctional! If all this politically correct ideology is true, then white males DESERVE to rule the world! If women are no more responsible for their own actions than they are inclined to show, then barefoot and pregnant is the ideal state for them—away with them to the kitchen and the bedroom where they belong! They might even be happier that way, as they are pretty obviously messed up now, and less happy than their non-feminist grandmothers were. And dark-skinned people may as well go back to living half naked in grass huts with bones through their noses. Why accept all the evil of white men’s civilization? Why appropriate such an evil culture? (And white men did create it—don’t kid yourself.) Patriarchal western civilization is the fruit of knowledge for such people, and the tasting of it leads to sin, death, judgement, and hell.

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