Donald J. Trump: Savior of Western Civilization? (Ha, I Love This) part 2 of 2

Trump isn't perfect by any means but boy am I glad he's our president right now. (—a person calling himself Solyndros, in a comment to a YouTube video about the racial/cultural suicide of Germany)

The legacy media thinks their anti Trump headlines are damaging him, they're dutifully fighting the cause, but to the contrary, they are actually helping him immensely by showing how hysterical the left is, and instead of switching their tactics they double down and just keep digging a bigger hole. He's playing them like a harp and frankly, it's beautiful to behold. (—another person, Travis Hammer, in a different comments section)

If you’re going to be the cool kids, you cannot be hysterical every day. (—Dennis Miller)

     Consider, if you will, the events in Charlottesville, Virginia in summer of 2017. A group of white nationalists, bona fide right-wingers, decided to hold a demonstration near a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee which politically correct leftists wanted to tear down. They got a permit from the government to assemble at the site, and would in all probability have done little more than give a few speeches which few but themselves would hear, wave some flags and signs, cheer and applaud, and then go home and drink beer. But a larger number of left-wingers, including some extreme radical antifa types, showed up spoiling for a fight. They brought weapons too, in the form of pepper spray and throwable bottles of urine at least, and proceeded to attack not only the first demonstrators but also the police trying to maintain order. Finally one of the right-wing demonstrators apparently snapped, got into his car, and rammed into the crowd of leftist counter-protesters, resulting in a person’s death. Mr. Trump, very rightly I might add, condemned both sides of the melee—whereupon the leftist mainstream media, essentially the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, howled in a frenzy of contrived indignation, declaring the antifa radicals to have been very correctly protesting against racism and bigotry, and mostly ignored the extremists’ attacks on the police. Even some anti-Trump Republicans, including Mitt Romney and John McCain, defended poor antifa against the manifestly sane observation of Mr. Trump. Then, just a week or two later, in Berkeley, California, antifa rioters were seen beating people up in the street in broad daylight as a “protest” against a conservative Christian group gathering there. This was so obviously foul that even the MSM had to back away from their fawning praise of the anarcho-communist radicals.

     Another obvious example of the left’s mania for Trump-bashing, is the media’s hyping of Mr. Trump’s alleged one night stand with a porn star approximately one decade ago, long before he became President, and also his alleged dalliance, at around the same time, with a Playboy bunny. That quite a few former Presidents, especially Democrat ones, have committed adultery in the White House itself while serving as President, is conveniently ignored or downplayed. Really though, I doubt that Donald Trump will be involved with anything remotely resembling illicit blowjobs in the Oval Office, if only because he knows that any dirt against him that becomes public knowledge will be played for all it’s worth, in a kind of hysterical frenzy of vindictive hatred and rage.

     Even utter trivia is warped into weapons against Mr. Trump, like the episode of feeding ornamental fish in a pond with the Prime Minister of Japan. Video clips shown on leftist media outlets displayed Mr. Shinzo Abe sprinkling fish food into the pond, followed by Trump, oaf-like, dumping in his entire boxful. It turned out that some malicious, propagandist editing had taken place: first both men sprinkled, then the Japanese leader dumped the remainder of his box into the pond, and then the American leader followed suit. But any incident bears the potential to become a weapon against the US President. Any number of examples could be given.

     Yet by far the most obvious single symptom of the “destroy the President” movement is the infamous Mueller probe—ostensibly for the purpose of finding any collusion between Mr. Trump and the Russian government with regard to secretly influencing the latest presidential election, but having gone far beyond that boundary long ago, as Mueller’s team investigates anything related to Trump that might serve as plausible grounds for impeachment. Some have even theorized recently that Mueller’s flagrant overstepping of the specified bounds of the investigation is one last desperate attempt to bring down the President—they have found nothing of substance against Mr. Trump with regard to the Russians, so Mueller is trying to stir up trouble by getting himself fired. But clearly, the purpose of the Mueller investigation, from start to eventual finish, has been to find anything that can be used as a weapon against Mr. Trump, and thereby to destroy his presidency—and more and more people are starting to realize this. It’s essentially a witch hunt. But instead of finding what they seek, evidence continues to surface indicating that the Obama administration, possibly including Mr. Obama himself, conspired with so-called “deep state” bureaucracies in a Watergate-like scenario to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency, and that Trump would lose, even before the “resistance” began trying to produce grounds for impeachment—this includes the evidently spurious “Pissgate” dossier that inspired the Mueller probe in the first place. But the mainstream propagandists aren’t especially interested in investigating or reporting this. They’re more interested in ornamental fish gaucheries and confessions of porn stars, plus of course the never-ending Russian collusion mania.

     The fact is that the Uniparty Establishment and the presiding President of the United States are locked in a political death struggle. The stakes are extremely high, namely, the future course of western civilization.

     The left were so confident of winning the 2016 presidential election, they were so sure that they had already won, with victory in the bag, with the Republican elite even collaborating, that they hardly bothered with a contingency plan for the unthinkable abomination of Trump actually winning (other than the FBI’s “insurance policy” of the Russian collusion hoax). Then the unthinkable did happen; and having the supposed endgame of their great mission stopped in its tracks by a populist vulgarian outsider was just too much. Butt-hurt rage was unleashed in an explosion upon the nation. Consequently, the left, with its propaganda arm the mainstream media (most of it anyway), went stark hysterical in their attempts to destroy Trump, first by outraged tumult, then by attempting to discredit and overturn the election results, then by latching onto any and all scandals that they felt might gain traction—which latter strategy continues to this day. They thought they had already won…and now this! Actually, first came the European migrant crisis as a spanner in the works, then Brexit, and then came America’s rebellion against “progress” towards the neo-Marxist Brave New World. The Establishment powers were so sure of victory that they hardly even bothered with concealing their (alleged!) criminal activities, figuring it would all be covered up when a criminal co-conspirator named Hillary won the election; and now they’re doubling down in desperation, as if it’s all or nothing now—which may really be the case.

     Furthermore, as the media and the Establishment in general have been attacking him relentlessly since before he won the election, Mr. Trump has had little choice as a self-respecting alpha but to fight back. Any man with a pair of cojones and some vertebrae is going to hit back when attacked, especially if he isn’t a saint; and Mr. Trump knows how to hit hard, too—he has the killer instincts of a shark business executive. And being an outsider to the political Establishment, he doesn’t play by their rules; this makes him unpredictable and particularly dangerous and scary to them, throwing the media especially into chaotic disequilibrium (the true secret for defeating an opponent), thereby increasing their hysteria and recklessness all the more, causing them to expose their own false motives, in addition to Trump exposing them. So Trump continually bashes the media, and thus the official narrative, mainly out of self-defense, like the beast in a French song: 

Cet animal est très méchant: / Quand on l’attaque, il se défend.

(This animal is very nasty: / When you attack it, it defends itself.)

He thereby encourages others to question the official narrative the left has been so careful about controlling, but are now too careless to protect effectively. Incidentally, it must be particularly galling to the propagandists and those who believe them to be continually outwitted and shown up by a man they portray as a bungling, bumbling imbecile. But I digress.

     It appears that the tide is turning, that, as the Breitbart commentator Dekai Kuma remarked, there is a change in the air, a wave of reason, or of something, that is coming over the west. And Donald Trump is probably the one person most responsible, at least in the USA. In Western Europe, alias Europistan, it may actually be Angela Merkel.

     Some in America, especially some “retro” fundamentalist Christian types, see Trump literally as a messianic figure, come to save us all from the social decadence, moral degeneracy, and civilizational suicide of the new “European values.” But few even of them consider him to be a good man. Trump is obviously no saint, even to his staunchest supporters. I’ve been told that some Christians see him as a King David type, no doubt with regard to “Bathshebagate.” But I am reminded of the evil King of Assyria mentioned, I think, in the Book of Isaiah, who unknowingly, uncaringly does God’s bidding by destroying Israel—in other words, bad guys can be agents of Divine Providence also.

     I am also reminded of an observation made by Jordan Peterson concerning the American people, that “they decided that they like the unscripted, impulsive lies of Trump better than the conniving, scripted lies of Clinton." But there is more to it than preferring spontaneous untruths to calculated ones. Trump is doing much to undo a globalist lunge in a disastrous direction; and, perhaps more importantly, he is an audacious bastard stirring up, with a huge shit-stirring stick, a cesspool of corrupt Uniparty Establishment politics, and letting everyone smell the stink. And the denizens of this same cesspool are becoming so desperate and berserk in their attempts to destroy him that they are betraying themselves, hardly even trying anymore to conceal their corruption and attempted propaganda. It is a fight to the death. And people, including some indoctrinated sheep and long-time sleepwalkers, are starting to wake up to the hysteria, thus hastening the fall of the new left. 

     The PC movement is cresting; it is encountering increasing resistance and losing momentum, yet it is still seemingly very strong due to the aforementioned hysterical doubling down process (as though the PC thought police hadn’t descended into mass hysteria already). Yet the desperation is increasingly evident, the smell of fear is in the air; and it may eventually result in more extreme acts of reckless abandon before the final ugly collapse. Real civil war is still a possibility in the USA, but much, much more likely, methinks, in western Europe, facilitated by so many feminized people there being in denial of plain reality as anti-western, anti-liberal, low-IQ migrants continue to flood in, bringing their aggressive medieval tribalism with them. Western Europe has reached the point where it must choose between civil war or simply collapsing into a third-world hellhole of poverty, squalor, and astronomical crime rates.

     So, yeah, the gods willing, I’m going to vote for Trump in 2020. Assuming that the corrupt Establishment continue to fail in their attempts to penetrate his karmic Kevlar. If so, he’ll probably win by a landslide. And, depending on who ultimately wins the ideological war, Donald Trump may go down in history as a villainous buffoon, or as the man who saved us all from global neo-Marxism, intersectional feminist hysteria, and PC thought police, the man who preserved our right to freedom of thought and expression, and kept the Free World free. Amazing. I just love this. Hallelujah and Amen.

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