Reflections on the Jeffrey Epstein Case

     As a general rule, I tend to avoid writing about specific current events, and prefer to write about the anthropological, sociological, and philosophical undercurrents in society that manifest current events as symptoms. I may cite contemporary news items as examples or as evidence supporting a point I’m making, but I’m content to let the likes of Styxhexenhammer and Sargon of Akkad do the day-by-day political commentary on the news. Articles about current events may get lots of views while the news is still fresh, but they go stale fast. Pretty much nobody reads my take on Roy Moore’s senate campaign now, for example.

     Even so, the mysterious death of billionaire and alleged serial child-rapist Jeffrey Epstein is a relatively major current event that has some even more major undercurrents and ramifications that have significant bearing on the civilizational upheavals occurring in recent years. So, what the hell, I feel like making some observations on the subject.

     One ironic effect that Epstein’s death has produced is that it has finally unified the American people: left and right, nationalist and globalist, religious and secular atheist, straight and gay, white and brown, pretty much everyone is in agreement on one thing—the official narrative that Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, of his own free will, is bullshit. Even if it is true, pretty much the only people now who actually believe the official story are naive, indoctrinated sheeple who are willing to swallow anything that someone like Rachel Maddow is willing to dish out to them.

     For those of you who are oblivious to current events, I suppose I should summarize the situation. Jeffrey Epstein was a wealthy and influential businessman who made his fortune in some way that nobody can explain with certainty. He had many friends and associates in the highest strata of society, including American presidents and British royalty. Also, he apparently had a kink for having sex with teenage girls, some of whom were below the legal age of consent. (In other words, he had a taste for jailbait.) Evidently, many of his aristocratic friends also had sex with teenage girls at Epstein’s various homes; and Epstein evidently recorded them vicariously while they fornicated with these young girls. The idea has of course been floated that this is how Epstein became so wealthy: blackmailing the rich and famous. But that is mere conjecture at this point.

     Epstein was arrested for having sexual relations with underage girls back in the early 2000s, but presumably his wealth and influence granted him enough aristocratic privilege that he was found guilty of nothing worse than soliciting prostitutes (the girls were considered such for the sake of lightening Epstein’s culpability), and was given a slap-on-the-wrist brief prison sentence, during which “incarceration” he was allowed to travel at will. Finally, enough young women came forward with accusations that his case was investigated a second time; and the evidence was so damning, and by this time was so public (thanks in part to independent journalists like Mike Cernovich), that Epstein was arrested again, and was likely to be much more severely punished than he was the first time. BUT, while he was in jail, just recently, he suddenly died, apparently by strangling himself with a bedsheet.

     A troublesome complication is that there were no doubt many very wealthy, very influential, and very famous people who would have their careers and reputations ruined if Epstein were to tell the whole truth in a court of law. Some of them also could potentially be arrested and sent to prison—if, that is, a whole slew of ultra-rich aristocrats could possibly be found guilty of raping children.

     Allegedly a library of video was seized from one of Epstein’s homes, full of surreptitiously recorded sex acts between the rich and famous and young girls. So even with Epstein very conveniently dead, supposedly the crimes are still recorded, and many witnesses and suspects remain alive for questioning. The thing is, though, that just as relatively few people believe that Epstein freely chose suicide, few also believe (and these are the gullible sheeple again) that anyone of any importance will ever face punishment, other than Epstein himself, though he faced it only mildly the first time, and briefly the second. Similarly, few expect Hillary Clinton ever to be punished for many obvious and serious crimes, for example those related to her secretly keeping classified government information in a private and unsecured email account, which was probably hacked by foreign government personnel and who knows who else. And few realistically expect anyone important to be arrested in connection with the Russiagate scandal, in which top officials in American intelligence agencies literally conspired to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the next President, and to ensure that Hillary Clinton would win the election—which of course is one big reason why these same people were extremely reluctant to find Mrs. Clinton guilty of any crimes. Instead they tried vehemently to find Mr. Trump guilty of something—anything—sufficiently serious to destroy his bid at the presidency. They believed the mainstream propaganda outlets and the skewed polls and were of the opinion that Trump didn’t have much of a chance, and so they did not try quite hard enough to prevent his victory. Now many of these people, who thought that they would be rewarded by a corrupt President Clinton, are now under investigation; but, as pretty much everyone knows at this point, the aristocracy are above the law.

     I may as well mention that the mainstream media, especially CNN and MSNBC, were very reluctant to cover the Epstein scandal of around 2004, because Epstein was a major donor to Democrats, and since the mainstream media has degenerated into little more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, they said as little about Epstein as they could get away with. And when the story got too big to ignore, one very high-profile friend of Mr. Epstein, who had flown with him on his “Lolita Express” private jet more than twenty times, and had visited Epstein’s privately owned “Pedophile Island” after dismissing his Secret Service bodyguards, namely former US President Bill Clinton, was never mentioned in association with the whole scandal. However, when Epstein was arrested a second time and evidence was found that connected him with Donald Trump, the mainstream propagandists lost no time in identifying Epstein as Trump’s “good friend” while at the same time still downplaying or ignoring the connection with Bill Clinton.

     Mr. Trump, along with many other rich and powerful people, knew Epstein; although Trump flew on the notorious Lolita Express only once, and never to the so-called orgy island. In fact the evidence suggests that Trump and Epstein had ceased to be friends by the early 2000s over a dispute regarding some property that both of them wanted to buy, and that Trump had banned Epstein from his resort at Mar-a-Lago because the latter was accused of hitting on a 14-year-old daughter of one of the employees there. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein had in common their appreciation of pretty women and high and ostentatious living, but Mr. Trump apparently is more virtuous than his enemies would wish him to be, and evidently is not a pedophile. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, remains an open question, as do many others, including Prince Andrew of the UK, second son of Queen Elizabeth II.

     When Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, few people were surprised, and some had asserted in advance that this very thing was likely if not inevitable. To make the “conspiracy theorists” even less inclined to believe the official story of suicide, various “serious irregularities,” as the US Attorney General has called them, accompanied Epstein’s death, including: 1) He had already attempted suicide or had been brutally assaulted just a few weeks previously, and had been put on a suicide watch in the jail, but later had been taken back off the suicide watch. 2) His cellmate had been removed from his cell and relocated just a day or so before Epstein’s death. 3) All of the video cameras in the area of the jail that would have allowed guards or other personnel to see anyone approaching or leaving the cell, or what was happening inside it, reportedly were malfunctioning at the time. 4) The guards whose duty it was to monitor Epstein had not in fact done so for hours at the time of his death. One story is that they had been assigned to some other duty, another is that they were asleep; and in either case nobody was watching him as they should have been. 5) Having recently attempted suicide, or possibly having attempted it, all means of killing himself should have been absent from his cell, including belts, shoelaces, and of course a bedsheet that he could have used as a makeshift noose. 6) There was reportedly loud “shrieking” coming from the direction of Epstein’s cell shortly before his death, which somehow did not inspire anyone to go and investigate the cause of it. 7) Multiple bones were reportedly fractured in Epstein’s neck, which is more likely, statistically speaking, if he were strangled by a powerful assailant than if he simply tied one end of the bedsheet to a bedpost and leaned away from it to asphyxiate himself. And obviously 8), or maybe 0), there were many very powerful, very influential people who stood to benefit greatly if Epstein were permanently prevented from testifying, as he was reportedly intending to sing like the proverbial canary for the sake of reducing his own punishment. He should have been under very close observation, and for some reason was not.

a popular theory is that Professor Plum murdered Epstein with a candlestick in the library

      It seems to me that there are four possibilities concerning the mysterious disappearance of Jeffrey Epstein from this earth. I will briefly consider these in what follows.

He really did commit suicide, completely of his own accord. It may be that he really did as the newscasters/propagandists say he did, and as the coroner officially declared, and that all the “serious irregularities” that allowed Epstein to so conveniently die were sheer coincidence, synchronicity, or the guidance of a Divine Hand. A recent bit of news to come to light is that Epstein signed and filed a last will and testament just two days before his death, which could be offered as evidence that he intended to kill himself; though it could also be argued that he had enough sense to know that his days were numbered in any case, even numbered in single digits.

He committed suicide, but it was urged upon him and/or facilitated. It is possible that Epstein really desired death rather than enduring public disgrace and humiliation and the disgrace of many of his friends, and that certain all-powerful Powers That Be ensured that he would get his chance to kill himself. Presumably they would have to inform him that the cameras were “malfunctioning” and that the guards were unlikely to be dropping by for an hour or two before the fatal event took place. Or it may be that those Powers That Be informed him that if he didn’t kill himself, then someone else would do it for him, and in a particularly unpleasant manner; or maybe they threatened to wreak their vengeance on everyone Epstein loved, assuming that he loved anybody.

He was murdered. This is probably the option that most people in America would consider most likely. Epstein’s death is the reason why #ClintonBodyCount was trending so bigly on Twitter the day after the event. There probably was a time when most Americans believed that “dark ops” political assassinations might occur in someplace like Russia or China or some Banana republic, but not in the USA. Those days are apparently over, regardless of the actual facts of this case, and to hell with the official narrative. Those interested could do a little research on the aforementioned Clinton body count and see that people who are in a position to testify against Bill or Hillary Clinton have a disturbingly high risk of committing suicide or dying in freak accidents. I’m pretty sure that the body count is now well above fifty. Regardless of the truth about Epstein, I consider the death of Seth Rich in July of 2016 to be pretty damn likely a political assassination, also presumably orchestrated by people associated with the Clintons. But this discussion is about Jeffrey Epstein, not Seth Rich. So assuming that he was murdered—Epstein I mean, not Rich—as I’ve already pointed out, there were plenty more powerful, unscrupulous people above the law who could have had him killed. One sobering point is that if Epstein was murdered while in a supposedly high security jail cell and while being the most famous criminal in the United States, then these privileged super-elites can eliminate pretty much anybody, anywhere. That includes the coroner and her family, which could serve as a counterargument to the point that his death was officially declared a suicide. Coroners tend not to be stupid; and though they deal with death on a regular basis they generally prefer not to be the victim of yet another political assassination.

He is still alive, and was spirited away by powerful friends or associates. This option seems least likely to me, although I’ve seen it championed several times on the Internet by various people. Similar theories are associated with Osama bin Laden. Both were publicly declared deceased without any sort of public examination of the body. So according to this theory, some unimportant person like a hobo or petty criminal was killed instead of Epstein, with the latter escaping to some beautiful tropical island, though not the orgy one.

     I really can’t say what happened to Jeffrey Epstein on 10 August 2019. I have insufficient data. It may be that some conclusive proof will materialize which confirms the truth one way or the other, but few people with an ounce of sense consider that to be very likely. Few are holding their breath for it. The non-resolution of crimes involving the ultra-powerful elite is becoming commonplace, the status quo.

     Nevertheless, this whole Epstein fiasco has generated some positive effects—positive from the point of view of an anti-establishment nonconformist at any rate. First, it has driven home the fact that the establishment elite (with most of the alleged child rapists leaning in a more liberal than conservative direction) are moral inferiors, if not full-blown amoral monsters. Second, it also drives home the fact that these same elite moral inferiors are above the law, and almost never face punishment in the way that anyone else would. And most importantly, third, this case is yet another massive red pill for the American populace, and maybe the British populace as well, considering that a member of the British Royal Family is near the top of the list of alleged child rapists.

     The effect is that, all in all, another brick has been removed from the wall of “the establishment’s” hold of the official narrative. The Powers That Be are steadily losing their control over what we, the people, believe. This is primarily due to the Internet and the so-called Information Revolution.

     The American government may have always been outrageously corrupt and sleazy, but now the corruption is coming out into the open and stinking to high heaven, again mainly because the Internet provides almost instantaneous access to a relentless onslaught of information, circumventing the conventional propaganda outlets, and the establishment is simply unable to force the genie back into the bottle. (Recent scandals revealing ultraliberal bias in Google, Facebook and the New York Times are just incidental symptoms of the impotent desperation of a smug elite that, until recently, thought they had already won the culture war.) Nevertheless, they are trying like hell to replace that genie, though the harder they try the more obvious and despicable they become in their efforts to blue-pill us all and turn us back into obedient, more easily managed sheep. Hell, the mainstream establishment propaganda machine is unable even to lead the majority into hating Donald Trump, despite their continuous and fairly desperate efforts. But again, the desperation is becoming obvious to all but the most sheeplike.

     And so, a post-globalist, populist, anti-establishment era is arising, ironically in reaction to the former anti-establishment baby boomers becoming an even worse establishment than the ones they themselves rebelled against. The future is likely to be much more ideologically diverse than the present, and it’s bound to be damned interesting.



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