The Next Massive Wave of Ruhe/Paññobhāsa Interview Videos

     Due to the prolonged Internet hiatus last July there was also a hiatus in making Skype interview videos with Brian Ruhe, the mild mannered “Nazi Buddhist.” Shortly after the cable here was fixed we resumed politically incorrect communications. There was some further delay, however, caused by Herr Ruhe receiving a large cache/archive of old videos he had uploaded onto YouTube which were subsequently deleted by the YouTube thought police without backup, and which he has been mass uploading onto Bitchute after getting his hands on the copies. So finally a full month’s supply of our interview videos has been edited and uploaded, mainly onto Bitchute for reasons which should be obvious to the red-pilled. A few of my favorites have also been uploaded onto my long-dormant YouTube channel. May you derive politically incorrect wisdom from them, and may the red pill go with you. 

Session of 10 August 2019

On meditation in various forms and the cultivation of “stillness,” with a longish introductory digression on how attachment and karma mess with people, especially me, and a later digression on mudras or symbolic hand gestures on Buddha images (etc.) (1:04:55)

On the notorious Jewish Question, between a rather disillusioned yet still skeptical monk (me) and a person who avidly follows theories implicating Jews in just about everything (Ruhe, though I have to admit that some conspiracy theories are true) (1:02:12)

On subjectivity, irrationality, and bias in science, especially postmodern science, and on how it has been politicized and weaponized (47:40)

Session of 17 August 2019

On systemic corruption within Theravada Buddhism, with special reference to a sort of hit piece on Theravada written by a senior Theravadin bhikkhu (45:17)

On leftist morals vs. rightist morals, and who holds the moral high ground nowadays (45:53)

Part 1 of a discussion of the dankest meme of all, Adolf Hitler, between a monk who considers him to have been a bad guy but no worse than many other national leaders (including our ally Stalin and many considered heroes), and the President of the Thule Society, who literally considers Hitler to be a god (36:31)

Part 2 of the same discussion (36:43)

Session of 24 August 2019

On why 3rd world countries are poor, based largely on my many years living in one (hint: it’s not Whitey’s fault). (43:55)

Why Sex Is a Moral Issue (38:44)

A short one on western liberal Buddhist Internet forums (10:25)

Session of 31 August 2019

On the possible reality of Bigfoot, and its position within Buddhist cosmology. Actually, I don't say that Bigfoot is necessarily real, since Buddhism claims that even humans aren't real. (35:52)

The Karma of Dumbing Down Society, and cycles of civilization (36:37)

On why civilizations collapse, especially western civilizations (45:33)

Extra Added Bonus Link

On the mistakes of Adolf Hitler, Brian’s interview with Germar Rudolf, a German chemist who was imprisoned for more than three years for expressing skepticism regarding the official narrative on the Holocaust (54:00)



  1. Hello Venerable Paññobhāsa. My rough estimate is that I've watched at least 20 of your shows with Brian Ruhe over the last year or so, including, most recently, two posted on Sept 10, 2019 (Humans are another form of Animal; and How to Get Help from Devas and Brahmas).

    The general subject of Buddhism is a subject I read a few books on when I was much younger (I'm currently 63, and retired), but other than by watching your shows with Brian Ruhe, I haven't learned anything substantial about Buddhism in recent decades.

    You've mentioned in some of your past shows that you have a biology undergrad degree and consider yourself a scientist in your outlook. The overall impression I've got from your videos with Brian Ruhe is that your reality model is basically materialism, and it sounds like you don't think reincarnation is real or that we survive death (correct me if I'm wrong).

    My own background is computer science (I have three degrees in this subject: BA, MS, and PhD), and when I was much younger, at age 19, I read a book that was an English translation of roughly 10 or so of the Upanishads, and in many verses they talked about mentally sounding the syllable OM and good things would result.

    I then did OM meditation for a total of a few hours spread over a few days, and on the last night of doing that, I had my first lucid dream when I was asleep. Soon I settled into a pattern of twice a week doing OM meditation for roughly 15 minutes or so, an hour or two before sleeping, and typically that night when I was asleep, either a lucid dream or, less frequently, what I call a bion-body projection, would result, and I was completely conscious during these OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and remained conscious during the rapid reintegration into my physical body at the end of the OBE at which point I was fully awake in my physical body at which point I would typically think about that OBE for a while and then fall back to sleep, that being the only OBE that night.

    Obviously, not everyone who meditates by mentally repeating OM or some other syllable or phrase has OBEs, and my guess is that less than half who do OM meditation have OBEs, but I haven't seen any data on this question so I'm only guessing.

    Also, given what you say in those many shows I've seen you in, I'm guessing that you haven't had any OBEs (correct me if I'm wrong). However, with all your years in Burma as a Buddhist monk, you perhaps heard stories of OBEs as a result of meditation from one or more Buddhist monks or teachers when you were in Burma. Talking about that with Brian Ruhe would be interesting assuming you have something to say on the subject.

    Anyway, being a science guy myself I wanted a reality model that would explain how it was possible that I was able to move out of my physical body in a body of particles (what I call a bion-body), then move around in different ways outside my physical body, and then reenter my physical body roughly a minute later (or briefly reenter my physical body and then exteriorize again repeating the process up to a few times).

    To explain my OBEs, I assume our reality is computed and I've written a free book (roughly 160,000 words) in a single webpage as my website's homepage: The book's title is "A Soliton and its owned Bions (Awareness and Mind)" and its subtitle is "These Intelligent Particles are how we Survive Death".

    I respectfully suggest you take a look and not limit yourself to either materialism or a pre-science religion as your reality model.

    1. Hello Kurt, I appreciate the input/feedback.

      First, I am not a materialist. Going with philosophy of science I'd be more of an instrumentalist than a scientific realist. In other words, science obviously finds repeating patterns in our empirical observations which can be very useful, but even so science is in no position to make metaphysical claims, regardless of the fact that most scientists are scientific realists whether they realize it or not. I'd be more inclined to accept some sort of idealism than materialism, or better yet Madhyamaka, which is "heretical" Mahayana philosophy.

      I've *maybe* had one OBE in my life, that I can remember, but it was drug induced when I was a hippie teenager, and is questionable. On the other hand, my father was very much into that sort of thing, and claimed to have had many, including astral traveling. He also practiced witchcraft, trained spirit mediums (nowadays called channelers), and did a lot of amateur experimentation on ESP, dream communications, etc.

      I can't say what happens after death, but I do have an intuition that something survives (from the Buddhist perspective it's karma, or the momentum of mental energy, approximately what Schopenhauer called Will). Also people much wiser than I am have vouched for it. I doubt that rebirth works the way the books say it does though, and it may be simply beyond intellectual comprehension.

      I have done some meditation on OM (which I usually pronounce like AUM), and which arises spontaneously sometimes, especially if I'm walking or begin to feel tense. I haven't had any paranormal experiences associated with it though, unless the spontaneity of it is a holdover from a past existence.

      I'll take a look at your book, and will tell Herr Ruhe of your suggestion. Cheers.

    2. Venerable Paññobhāsa, thank you for your reply. I'll comment on a few of your points:

      Regarding drug-induced OBEs: I don't have any experience taking illegal drugs myself, but I've read at least a few accounts over the years by others in which they say they had an OBE as a consequence of drug-taking. DMT is one such drug that has been credited by others with being able to induce an OBE. Footnotes [16] and [17] in my book deal with drugs affecting the mind, and footnote [17] specifically gives an explanation for how hallucinogens such as LSD give the mental results that they do.

      Regarding your dad's active interest in psychic subjects, which I assume resulted from him having, as you say, many OBEs including "astral traveling" (note: astral traveling and being on the astral plane is older terminology for what is more currently labeled as lucid dreams and lucid dreaming): I think it's safe to say that there are few men like your dad in terms of his having those interests to that extent, and also there are few men like yourself who spent years in an alien society (Buddhist Burma) seeking understanding of reality. Both you and your father wanted to understand reality more so than typical men, and that shared goal was a basis for compatibility between you two and I assume contributed to why you were his son. I discuss this subject of compatibility between a child and his parents influencing which family one reincarnates into, in subsection "6.3.1 Birds of a Feather, Flock Together" in my book.

    3. Actually my father became interested in "the occult," as he called it, as an Army x-ray technician interested in hypnosis used in a medical context. Later as a combat medic he found that a soldier in a state of injury-induced shock was in a suggestible state similar (or identical) to hypnotic trance, so that a wounded soldier could be instructed to reduce bleeding, not feel pain, etc. (Because of this he acquired the name of "the Voodoo medic.") Later he just happened to marry a woman who was an extraordinary hypnotic subject with great "psychic talent" who began automatic writing in various languages, channeling "spirits," etc. From there it was off to the races.


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