A Strange Experiment with Patriarchal White Supremacism

     In liberal logic, if life is unfair then the answer is to turn more tax money over to politicians, to spend in ways that will increase their chances of getting reelected. —Thomas Sowell

     First of all, allow me to assert that I am not a patriarchal white supremacist. I may be patriarchal to some extent, but the white supremacist part does not apply—unless I am a supremacist for every race by allowing that every race is superior in some respect. Each race of humanity has evolved to adapt to some environment or other, and it is reasonable to assume that each has evolved adaptations to its own ancestral environment that makes its members superior to the members of other races in some respects, especially within the context of that ancestral environment. West African black people, to give just one example, are superior, on average, at running fast over short distances. That kind of racial supremacism I can accept as valid. Simply to assert that some ethnicity is “superior” or enjoys “supremacy,” without specifying in what respect it is superior is just silly.

     Also of course I freely admit that I am interested in my own ancestral ethnic and cultural heritage, and I make no apologies for that. The European sub-race(s), and the Indo-European family of sub-races, are worthy of admiration and respect when one considers their great achievements over the past few thousand years; and the fact that white people taking an interest in their own ancestral heritage, especially the many aspects of it that aren’t negative, is practically taboo in postmodern leftist culture makes it all the more attractive to someone like me. I derive some satisfaction from the idea that I have Aryan blood flowing in my veins. If a West African or a Japanese person or a Turk likewise derives some satisfaction from reflecting upon their ancestry, and considers their own ethnicity to be superior in some specific way or another, then I have no problem with that whatsoever, especially if they appear to be justified in their considerations.

     I would also like to add, in my capacity as a grammar nazi of sorts, that the term “white supremacy” denotes a situation in which whites actually are supreme; whereas “white supremacism” denotes a mere belief that whites are supreme, or else some sort of deliberate policy to ensure that they are supreme. Consequently I consider most uses of the term “white supremacy” to be a sign of lack of command of the English language.

     All that being said, there is an interesting kind of political experiment taking place in the USA lately, and in various forms elsewhere also. It is a real life experiment, in vivo, on a kind of political superiority, implying a few other factors like rationality and objectivity, and maybe general intelligence, between white patriarchal types and everyone else. This is rather a red hot topic even for me; but really all I’m doing is offering up a hypothesis based primarily upon empirical data…which, however, is outrageously politically incorrect and in direct contradiction to one of the basic axioms of the insanity of the new left.

     Social Justice, alias Cultural Marxism, is heavily based on the (empirically false) axiom that everyone is inherently the same, or at least every human demographic group is inherently the same, and so any inequality of outcome, like Chinese kids doing better at math than black kids, or scoring higher on university entrance exams, is necessarily the result of systemic oppression. Furthermore, this systemic oppression is said to be the fault of evil patriarchal white men, even when, as in the cases just cited, the beneficiaries aren’t white men at all, but rather are East Asian, or maybe Hebrew. Thus, for example, the rather soft-headed leftist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has been attempting to decree exactly proportional racial representation in New York’s elite schools for gifted students. Similarly misguided laws have already been passed prohibiting, for instance, any race of schoolchildren (like black) being disciplined more than any other, regardless of the behavior of the children.

     Ideologically the left has been going off the deep end for the past few years especially, and the meltdown of their “movement,” such as it is, appears to be accelerating. This has occurred right around the same time that “diversity and inclusion” has become a kind of commandment to be obeyed religiously, resulting in certain people who are not the most qualified to enter a university, let alone an elite university, not only being admitted but in many cases being put on the faculty (where they may write third-rate drivel that takes the place of dead white men like Shakespeare and Locke on academic reading lists). Racial quotas in the educational system and elsewhere results in people with relatively mediocre intelligence and scholastic aptitude getting coveted positions that brilliant Asian or Jewish kids, for example, are denied. The marked increase of, say, hysterical young black women on the campuses of places like Harvard and Yale may be a contributing factor to the increased silliness and instability of postmodern Social Justice. On the other hand it may be mere coincidence that an increase in hysterical black women at universities coincides with increased academic insanity…but nevertheless the whole situation is rather fishy.

     I was struck by a similar situation in American politics lately, when watching the spectacle of President Trump’s impeachment, being the Democratic Party’s most recent botched attempt to overthrow him. The Republican side of the show consisted almost entirely of white males, with a few white females (mostly blonde); whereas the Democrat side consisted mainly of females, brown-skinned people, and left-leaning Hebrews. The Democratic Party in America has become increasingly the anti-white Party, the anti-testicles Party, and especially the anti-Christian-white-male-testicles Party; and thus the current, gaping political divide is in part (though not entirely) a struggle for power between white males and the people willing to let white males call most of the shots on the one hand, and on the other hand everyone else—particularly people of non-European ancestry, college-indoctrinated white feminists, “victim groups” in general, and the aforementioned “liberal” Jews, with “liberal” used very loosely, as an ironical understatement.

     This is really a kind of grand experiment, rather like two of the greatest quasi-scientific experiments on Marxism vs. Capitalism, namely East vs. West Germany and North vs. South Korea. Just as they were situations in which a single population and culture was divided into two large societies, each following one of the two systems, even so now we have another case, not merely left vs. right but also women and people of color vs. white males as the people making most of the important decisions for the nation. Going with Charles Darwin as referee, the contest will probably be won by the more competent, the more in agreement with empirical reality, the strongest, and the best adapted to the environment of the nation’s Capitol.

     Thus far it appears that the white males are gaining ground if not yet winning, not just in America but all over the western world, with few exceptions. Even the places that are still enthusiastically ultraliberal and “woke” tend to be in decline and losing political ground to white-male-predominating nationalist parties. Where the whites are losing, it’s primarily because they are functionally emasculated and have given up, or else have not yet begun to fight. Meanwhile, non-white and non-East-Asian nations are mostly wallowing in squalor and corruption, with nineteen of the twenty poorest, least developed nations in the world, according to the United Nations, having a black majority population (with the outlier being Afghanistan); and the feminist-run nation of Sweden is also degenerating into a proverbial shithole, with their compassionate borderless welfare state not working out so well, with a surge in violent crime and women being afraid to go outside alone for fear of being assaulted by non-white immigrants.

     With regard to the political experiment in the USA, I would guess that, regardless of all the Ashkenazim and East Asians on the left, the average IQ of the Republican half of the federal government, especially the elected officials, is significantly higher than that of the Democrats—a shed which includes such unsharpened tools as AOC, Hank “Guam might tip over and capsize” Johnson, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna “the US Constitution is fundamentally sexist” Pressley, Mad Maxine Waters, Al “we must impeach Trump or else he may be reelected” Green, and so on. This is not merely a racial or gender issue, as the politics are also a major factor; yet the politics lately have become irrational and based on emotional wishful thinking and irrational PC fashion trends largely because of a relative incapacity, or just distaste, for reason. I seriously suspect that the rampant irrationality and foolishness on the left lately is partly the result of people not qualified to get into a university, or into a business or a political office, but who get in because of racial or gender quotas or just political correctness hysteria, thereby taking the place of a person who is much more qualified to be there. Many of the “diverse” members of the US government, including a former President, were voted into office IN PART because it is simply “woke,” fashionable, and PC to vote for a POC.

     Please note that I am not implying that all dark-skinned people, or all females, are inferior in any respect, or should be held back in society. If a black person, for instance, is successful and makes a lot of money at some honorable and legal profession, then God bless him and I have no problem with that at all, so long as he was really the most qualified person for the job, and not filling it just because of some social justice affirmative action diversity quota. If he is indeed the most qualified person for the job, then ipso facto he is the right person to be there, and he will help to promote the prosperity and success of the society in which he resides. One unintended problem with affirmative action is that, if one meets a relatively high-ranking black professional, one might have some reasonable doubts as to whether he or she is actually well qualified, or just filling a place for the sake of diversity. Seeming success for an otherwise marginalized individual may be little more than just another welfare handout, and one that effectively weakens the system.

     So anyway, my prediction is that the people managing the political right in the USA have a significantly higher level of intelligence and capacity for rational thought than the people managing the left, even with God’s Chosen People boosting the IQ statistics on the left (with no significant help in that regard from that senatorial East Asian goofball Mazie Hirono). Also I predict that the nationalist right will win this time, as the left is collapsing under the weight of its own raging absurdity. And I hypothesize that this is due largely to a difference in average cognitive skills and capacity for rational thought. As Charles Murray has notoriously observed, intelligence as measured by IQ tests is the one most important factor in determining worldly success, being much more important of a determinant than the wealth and social standing of one’s parents, let alone any “white privilege.”

     This great experiment may not be conclusive, however, especially if, as appears possible, large numbers of non-whites walk away from the increasingly incompetent and hysterical Democratic Party and join the Republicans, resulting in more non-whites being represented in the Republican establishment. That would be just as well, since people’s noses should not be rubbed humiliatingly in the ugly fact that white males are probably better at running a complex, technologically advanced nation than are radical feminists, brown people, and dysfunctional and/or hysterical leftists in general.

     A good question may naturally arise after reading all the heresy and blasphemy above: What is the point of being racist, sexist, and bigoted like this? Why should I write this stuff, even if it’s true? Wouldn’t it be better just to keep quiet about it, for the sake of social harmony, or good manners, or some such?

     Personally I feel that although embarrassing racial and sexual disparities are real, it is probably best overall not to talk about it much. With regard to anyone not adept by nature at abstract logical reasoning, well, it’s not their fault and they can’t help it. BUT, now the game is rigged so that Blame Whitey is the default position of the new left, practically the new religion; it’s certainly the go-to answer to pretty much all social inequality in the west. Consequently, I’m just pointing out, in various ways, that the left is plainly divorced from empirical reality. When lefties insist that inequality of outcome is proof of systemic oppression (therefore Blame Whitey for it), I call bullshit, and present a counter-explanation for the observed data. And although my explanation is utterly taboo and damnable heresy and socially suicidal, I do suspect that it comes much, much closer to the truth than does Blame Whitey.

     When the left stops denying the truth, covering it over with false anti-European propaganda, and even trying to silence and ban non-leftist empirical statements altogether, then I’ll be much more inclined to keep my incendiary observations to myself.

The latest anti-Trump attack team: a black guy, a woman, a Jew, a woman, a Jew,
a black woman, another woman...and way over to one side, maybe not even Jewish,
a white guy, not included in this picture because he was way off center



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