The Election Was Rigged and This Is a Coup

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.  —Edward Snowden

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. —Benjamin Franklin

     At the time of writing this, there is still no clearcut President-elect of the USA. Gullible people who believe the news may be unaware of this however, though most of the people who read this blog no doubt are not. The globalist establishment and those who trust them are all claiming that the election is over, that this was a standard election with no significant irregularities or fraud of any kind, and that any claims of a rigged election or illegal overthrow are just symptoms of hysterical saltiness from Trump-supporting sore losers. On the other hand, people who despise the globalist establishment and are capable of critical thought are claiming, lots of them anyway, that the election was obviously rigged and that Donald Trump, if the election were conducted honestly and legally, won the vote by a very comfortable margin. I must admit that I belong to the latter group.

     That the election was rigged is fairly obvious to anyone who cares to consider the evidence. For example, following are just a small sample of the facts:

     ~On the evening of election night, Trump had a very comfortable lead in key swing states, so that it looked like he was very probably going to win handily. Then these same swing states STOPPED COUNTING THE VOTES for hours, often sending poll watchers home…and then resumed counting with the poll watchers gone. By morning Biden was winning in all of these states.

     ~When the counting was resumed in the early hours of the morning, huge dumps of ballots were counted yielding statistically impossible results of 95%+ in favor of Biden, just enough for him to win by a small margin, when Trump was winning by a large one just hours before.

     ~Not only were poll observers sent home in the swing states after they (very temporarily) stopped the counting, many Republican poll watchers who had every right to be present were expelled or not allowed to enter. Some who WERE allowed were nevertheless required to stand so far away that they could not see anything on the ballots. There were many cases of this. At some places when Republican poll watchers were expelled from the vote counting areas, the Democrat activists there would cheer and applaud. At one place they were so obvious that they covered the windows to prevent anyone from seeing them count the votes. All of this of course is quite illegal (except maybe for the cheering).

     ~Absentee and mail-in ballots were obviously fraudulent on a very large scale. In some places more mail-in ballots were cast than were applied for, and overwhelmingly in favor of Biden. Almost no vetting of these ballots took place: the usual amount of absentee ballots that are rejected for lack of a signature or whatever is around 3%, but this time it was less than 0.3%, indicating that any and all ballots cast for Biden, legal or otherwise, were counted.

     ~There are many sworn testimonies that systematic fraud was conducted by backdating hundreds of thousands of late ballots to an earlier, legal date. Again these were overwhelmingly in favor of Biden.

     ~There are also many sworn testimonies to the effect that fake ballots were simply cranked out to favor Biden. Many of these were on pristine, unfolded paper with perfect and identical filled in circles for Biden and Harris…and no voting at all down-ballot. No votes for local candidates or initiatives prevents anyone investigating them from determining which district a ballot came from. And then there is the recently exposed security footage from Georgia showing vote counters pulling out hidden totes full of ballots and counting them late at night after the poll observers had been sent away for the night, supposedly over a burst pipe that didn’t really burst.

     ~The voting machines and associated software were allegedly designed for the purpose of rigging elections in Venezuela, with a back door to allow manipulation of the vote tallies, or simply adding bogus votes. Also algorithms can be used which systematically flip a certain percentage of votes to the preferred candidate. The electronic votes were allegedly counted and tabulated in a foreign country (Germany) by machinery also made in a foreign country. There is clear evidence that the automatic vote flipping took place, which, when discovered, was all in favor of Biden and all cases of it were called “glitches.”

     With regard to why the votes in key swing states like Michigan and Georgia were suddenly stopped on election night with Trump comfortably ahead, and then resumed late at night with Biden conveniently pulling in front, the reason given by the President’s legal team at a press conference recently seems pretty likely: The voting machines were already rigged to flip a certain percentage of Trump’s votes to Biden, but Trump was winning by such a large margin that the preprogrammed fraud wasn’t enough, so they had to shut down the vote until they could figure out what to do next in order for Biden to win. Biden was intended to win by any means necessary from the beginning. The result was some fairly obvious election fraud, with Biden receiving hundreds of thousands of votes in huge dumps of very suspicious ballots, in record-breaking and statistically impossible numbers. If the election were conducted legally and honestly, then Trump won big. But the entire globalist establishment, including the Democratic Party and a large number of Republican elites, were absolutely determined not to let him win, even if lying, mass censorship, and fraud were required to accomplish that.

     But it wasn’t simply a matter of election rigging on election day itself, and the days subsequent when questionable ballots continued to come in and be counted. Even Fox News, like Brutus pulling out the knife against Caesar at the last minute, was in on the scam and its announcers deliberately biased their coverage on election night to make it look like a senile, corrupt, molester of a potted plant, who did almost no campaigning, could hardly form a coherent train of thought, and doesn’t know where he is half the time, was in the lead all night, to make the rigged foregone conclusion appear more natural and acceptable. States were called for Biden with tiny percentages of votes counted, as in Virginia, and not called for Trump even though he was winning comfortably with almost all of the votes in, as was the case in Florida and Texas. Arizona was called for Biden on election night despite the fact that over a month later the count is still in dispute over rampant irregularities and there is a razor thin difference in votes for the candidates, with Trump behind by a very small margin. Everyone in the corporate media, including the suddenly flat-out anti-Trump Fox News, have pretended that Biden was an actually viable candidate, someone actually qualified to be the most powerful man in the world.

     This is simply a coup. It is an overthrow of a legally elected government, the kind of shit that happens in sub-Saharan Africa and Marxist dictatorships.

     Even before the election the system was rigged against Trump. Consider the 90%+ negative coverage by the mainstream corporate (and globalist) media—with much of that less than 10% of positive coverage coming from Fox, which of course waited till the last minute to turn against him and most of its viewers to participate in the overthrow. Big tech manipulated their search algorithms, and flagged and banned pro-Trump groups and outspoken individuals. The bureaucratic swamp dragged its feet to protect its own, ignoring or just pretending to investigate the obvious crimes committed in the cause of stopping Trump; it has long been demonstrated that the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and Adam Schiff were deliberately lying and perpetrating underhanded attempts to destroy the President, the John Durham probe was intended to be released by the end of summer, and what has become of all of it? Damn near nothing is what, and treasonous criminals will continue to walk free. 

     The efforts to overthrow Donald Trump began even before he outrageously won the presidency in 2016. My own take on what seems to have happened is as follows. It began when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were neck and neck in the race for the Democratic candidacy for President in 2016. The DNC, always willing to cheat for a good cause, rigged the primaries and shafted Bernie. A dedicated Bernie supporter who worked for the DNC, a fellow named Seth Rich, was appalled by the dishonesty and sleaze of his own Party and leaked incriminating information from a DNC server to Wikileaks. The Democratic hierarchy responded by having Mr. Rich murdered (and the circumstances of his murder/execution are very suspicious), and then they cooked up the narrative that the server was hacked by “the Russians.” From here it was a small step to include Trump in the narrative, the Clinton campaign hired a disreputable foreign entity to rely on other disreputable foreign entities to concoct the “pee dossier,” and the FBI and other federal agencies ran with it, even though they had to know very early on that it was all cooked-up bullshit paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party. It was used as a convenient excuse to spy on the Trump campaign and was also used to sully his name and reputation with a years-long wild goose chase (or rather fishing expedition) to find anything incriminating against the man to destroy his presidency. Meanwhile the mainstream corporate (and globalist) media were rabidly, hysterically anti-Trump the whole time, making up slanderous, defamatory stories against him and downplaying or concealing the good that he was doing—and Trump really is a relatively very good President, possibly the best in my lifetime. Attempts were made in Congress to impeach him within a few weeks of his inauguration, and only after the Mueller fishing expedition failed to take him down he was impeached in earnest over an ordinary phone call, the likes of which every President, including Barack Obama, has made regularly. Biden publicly bragged about doing worse, which of course the MSM didn’t mind at all, and he was very probably involved in the underhanded and illegal efforts to derail Trump’s presidency even before he took office—if, that is, Biden wasn’t already too senile to know what was going on while serving as Obama’s VP. And the whole time the mainstream media establishment was going full blast with the hysteria and rage, declaring the walls to be closing in, comparing Trump to Hitler, etc. etc., when their own propaganda methods were far more fascistic than Trump’s pro-America agenda.

     But Trump’s economy and his other successes were actually serving the American people, which the globalists didn’t like so much, and at the beginning of 2020 he was cruising towards an easy second term…so the Powers That Be decided to tank the world economy, ostensibly due to a virus with a death rate at a small fraction of 1% (although this wasn’t JUST to wreck Trump’s thriving economy, but also to ease in globalized socialism and greater dependence of the sheeple on Big Government and Big Corporations). Also the corporate media whipped up mass hysteria and riots in the streets during late spring and summer, and of course happily blamed Trump for all of it even though the left and the globalists were behind practically all of it. And then, when the rampant corruption of their candidate Biden began rising to the surface like a bloated corpse in a bog the MSM refused to cover it, unless maybe with a blanket. Twitter went into Orwellian mode and began censoring even the President himself, with other players like Facebook and Google being a little less obvious, though still they were in on it. During the week immediately following election day, Twitter literally flagged and censored more than one third of the President’s posted messages. The entire globalist system has been involved in this, hell bent on destroying the Trump presidency and willing to be shamelessly blatant about it, largely because they have almost half of the population eating out of their hand and obediently believing and parroting their lies.

     We are supposed to believe that Trump is an evil man and a horrible President, and even though years of investigations and downright spying have failed to dig up anything really incriminating against him, with all of the obvious felonies being committed on the Democrat and globalist side, indoctrinated sheeple somehow prefer a senile and corrupt leftist figurehead…but not enough to win a democratic election, and so the election was duly rigged.

     On the bright side, first of all, this sort of crap has happened before. Andrew Jackson was another uncouth populist who refused to play the establishment game and was kept out of the White House by political schemes in 1824. Also some Machiavellian sleaze was allegedly perpetrated by the friends of John F. Kennedy to ruin the reputation of his rival presidential candidate Richard Nixon in 1960…although it may be that never in American history has such a huge reaction occurred against a President, with almost the entire political, corporate, educational, and entertainment establishments cooperating to subvert American democracy, or at least to control it. But this sort of thing has happened many times in the past in other great nations also, including the famous example of G. Julius Caesar in the first century BCE, and it will very probably happen again. Politics has always been corrupt as hell.

     Also, this isn’t the sinister overthrow of independent sovereignty of nations, democracy, and individual rights to establish a (corrupt as hell) globalist and socialist world government in one fell swoop, with crooks like George Soros at the top. No doubt the (corrupt as hell) corporate globalists and Marxists will continue to creep in that direction, but their own sheer mediocrity, plus the widespread red-pilling of the populace, will prevent them from accomplishing all that much, and certainly not all at once. They’ve relied on gradual creeping for decades and will very probably continue to do so, especially since probably more than half of Americans now see them for the morally bankrupt crooks that they are.

     What happened against Trump wasn’t so much an overthrow for the sake of setting up socialized globalism but rather because Trump wasn’t mediocre and spineless and he refused to play their game of wallowing in corruption, sleaze, and criminal incompetence. He was getting things done in a relatively efficient manner, and moving away from the pre-established game plan. He was rocking the boat, tipping the apple cart. So of course the globalist establishment hated his guts and resorted to any and every method, including fraud and a number of coup attempts, to destroy him. What we’ve got is a case of hysterical starlings and jays mobbing a hawk.

     Again, Mr. Trump was not supposed to win as big as he did on election night with the carefully orchestrated official narrative declaring him a fascist dictator and worse than antichrist on a daily basis for years. Almost the entire “Establishment,” including the neocons in the Republican Party desperate to regain their power, rose up as a body, like the European powers against Louis XIV or Frederick the Great. For the establishment itself it’s a matter of retaining power more than anything else; for the indoctrinated sheeple it’s more a matter of resorting to any means necessary, including duplicity and fraud, to bring down a Nazi tyrant threatening the free world—which of course is more true of their own side, but which justifies in their own mind the BAMN attitude of “our hatred and hysteria and dishonesty are actually good because they’re all for a good cause.”

     We’ll see what happens next.


I should have added some corrupt neocon Republican governors
and attorneys general also


  1. I believe the electoral college meets Monday to ratify the election, and likely nothing will happen. Biden stole it from Trump, Bush stole it from Gore, JFK stole it from Nixon, and Newt Gingrich reminds us that JQ Adams stole it from Jackson.
    Nothing is new under the sun.

    1. I think the new twist in American politics is that almost the entire Establishment, political, journalistic, educational, and even the entertainment establishment, opposed the will of the people and were rabidly, hysterically against one man and willingly conspired to overthrow him, with the sheer magnitude and shameless audacity of it rivaling the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BCE.

  2. True, and that one man did the people the greatest service by laying bare the elite's brazen contempt for us. And how do we repay him? By doing nothing, as always. Such are the masses...

  3. And this too is a cause and such are the conditions... What will rise out of this??? Are worst times ahead? It is said that weak men create bad times and bad times will make strong men (those that aren't broken and rise to meet the challenge)... Just as Egypt, and Rome fell so too will the west. And Humanity will be brought back down to Nature and the meek will inherit the earth and the wise shall once again prosper and their prosperity will make life easy once again and soon another round of carefree decadence to bring about yet another fall... Yeah, renunciation sounds better by the day... This world needs more Monks! Bless you! Metta!

    1. "Leave the country that is already well governed and go to a country that is in chaos." – attributed to Confucius by Chuang Tzu

      In other words, a philosopher should go where he is needed. And in the west the most effective form for a philosopher to assume may not be that of a monk. Not an orthodox Theravadin one anyhow.

    2. Yes. There are people of a similar inclination who can seem to go one of two ways.

      There is the way of the world and the way to go beyond the world. Interesting how in the suttas and such the Brahmins were interesting in 32 marks of great men and it is said that only a Buddha or world turning monarch would have them. Also, after the birth of Prince Siddhartha they had Brahmins read him and it was predicted that he would be one of the two...

      I guess what I am getting at is that there seems to be this critical point of "departure" and that the kammic cultivation process of beings on these two paths are similar...

      We as Buddhists tend to disregard all the worldly "animal" talk. Some even speak of it in contempt and look down on it. I am one conflicted though if I must be honest. We do need our Philosophers and worldly sages just as we need or renunciate Monks. Why? Because without proper worldly conditions there can be no worldly opportunity for Monks who can then show the way to the higher Dhamma.

      In Buddhism you will hear much about mundane right view and supermundane right view. Many want to go right to supermundane while not understanding the worldly right view...

      One thing that probably doesn't get mentioned much in Buddhist circles is how conservative the Brahmin and Warrior classes were at the time of the Buddha. Their "habit energy" up to that point is probably part of what made them so ripe to recieve the higher teachings....

  4. Mark Passio does a nice job of describing why we get what we deserve in these cases. We would call it karma on some kind of mass scale; he describes it through a more Libertarian/occult language, as those are his areas of expertise. Interesting exercise in self-examination.

    Hopefully the link to his short vid works here:

    1. Ah another sanctimonious anarchist ranting about "authority is evil, government is necessarily evil." Evola would have kicked his anarchistic ass. Also he seems to have a rudimentary, superficial conception of morality. (I'm listening now and he's saying that anyone who accepts the authority of government is an evil cult member who endorses slavery, which is by definition being a BAD PERSON.)

    2. More like a collective karma. When you support a gov't that imposes itself upon citizens of your own country, do not be surprised when you yourself are imposed upon.

    3. The guy has no more sense than a Marxist, with the idea (which he arrogantly insists upon as the only truth) that without any government authority whatsoever everything would somehow be wonderful. And furthermore he calls everyone who disagrees with him evil.

    4. If you went back in time you might find the "gas showers" people were allegedly shoved into were not as prevalent as supposed. But the fact remains that people within a culture or ethnic group will tend to have similar beliefs and drives, which would condition similar karma, even though Buddhist philosophy also rejects the notion of collective karma in the sense of karma affecting a group as a unit.

    5. Hello Paññobhasa,

      Thank you for responding, and writing on current events.

      I am aware the gas showers were not the most prevalent of causes of death for those in the concentration camps. Was simply using as an example.

      Hope you keep writing your opinions on current events.

      I enjoy reading your perspective, and people's comments.

  5. Elsewhere on the internet's I see that there's some minor violence going down in DC, if you can call even a few shots and stabbings minor. It should all go away after the Electors meet, and the philosophers can go on bullshitting while regular dummies like me continue to worry about paying the Bills...

  6. Here's another variation:

  7. Excellent summary, spot on.

    One thing that has become clear to me in the last couple of years is the American idea that liberty, conscience, pursuit of happiness and freedom are given to man by 'God' and that the work of government is to protect these fundamental rights of freedom.

    Unprecedented in human history.

    This stands in contrast to the history of human governance where the idea that the king, the tyrant, the dictator, the dynastic family is 'God' and that his word is the word of 'God' and therefore his governance must be obeyed. A governance that is not there to protect the fundamental rights, freedoms and welfare of the people; but rather to protect the structure of governence whose word is God.

    When government as 'God' religiously prosecutes the ideology and institutions of state out of compassion for the benefit of the people, then you have tyranny exacted by government upon its own people in the name of goodness.

    _'Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences'. - C S Lewis_

    This as I see it is the fundamental principle of the current political global culture war and battle. Do we uphold the principles of freedom, democracy and pursuit of happiness or do we allow ourselves to become emeshed in a dystopia of high tech surveillance, vicious security apparatus, media brainwashing and corporate/government rule on a global scale?

    The US last century fished us out of the teetering dynastic family wars - WW1. Saw off fascism, Bolshevism, Islamic fundamentalism and communism while protecting liberal democracies. As a New Zealander I am grateful to have lived my life under US hegemony. So it is with some dis ease that I view the current gangsters passing through the electoral college with their para military wings on standby.


  8. Only problem is that the vote was not rigged but real and hence you are trying to overturn and not listen to the will of the American people. Look whats happened now. People dead because some right wing snow flakes cant handle the truth that the majority of americans dont like Trump. Turnout was huge all over the country. People decided they have had enough of the lies and voted him out. Simple facts. Wakeup.

    1. Did you even bother to read the article or look at the evidence? Oh yeah, "people dead because of some "right wing snow flakes." Many more people died with the establishment's and MSM's approval during the riots and burning and looting over the summer, essentially a case of simply hating America because black criminals resist arrest and are treated harshly for it. Try reading the damn article before parroting what you've been told to believe.

    2. To 'Anonymous',

      "Trump knows he is an illegitimate. President."
      --Hillary Clinton

      ..."Biden should not concede under any circumstances."...
      --Hillary Clinton

      I do not know if the election was rigged, but after four years of many Dems ranting about Trump being an illegitimate President, and claiming Putin was the reason he was in office, (along with a formal investigation) why the heck should any Republican roll over and concede? I am sure you know, if the shoe was on the other foot, the Dems would have just rolled over and conceded the election, riiiiiiight?

      And, I like how I heard it was "mostly peaceful" protests last year in many American cities. I know if it had been, "just a few" groups of Nazis vandalizing, and rioting the media (whores) most definitely would have claimed they were, "mostly peaceful" protests.

      Just sayin'

  9. As yourself why Trump did not pardon Assange after you check out an email he sent me before he was famous

    >>>> From: "Julian Assange)"
    >>>> To:
    >>>> Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 3:15 PM
    >>>> Subject: Al Jazeera on Iceland's plan for a press safe haven
    >>>> FYI: Al-Jazeera's take on Iceland's proposed media safe haven
    >>>> More info
    >>>> Julian Assange Editor WikiLeaks
    >>>> From: "David Amos"
    >>>> To: "Julian Assange)"
    >>>> Cc: "Dan Fitzgerald"; "Byrne. G"
    >>>> Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 8:35 PM
    >>>> Subject: Re: Al Jazeera on Iceland's new plan Thanx Here is
    >>>> something
    >>>> about Iceland and Banksters Al Jazeera would enjoy
    >>>> Checkout this old pdf file from 2005 at about page two or three
    >>>> Then read on and chuckle
    >>>> From:
    >>>> Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009
    >>>> Subject: Re: RE: Iceland and Bankers etc I must ask the obvious
    >>>> question. Why have you people ignored me for three years?
    >>>> To: David Amos
    >>>> Dear David Amos
    >>>> Unfortunately there has been a considerable delay in responding to
    >>>> incoming letters due to heavy workload and many inquiries to our
    >>>> office.
    >>>> We appreciate the issue raised in your letter. We have set up a web
    >>>> site where we have gathered various practical
    >>>> information regarding the economic crisis in Iceland.
    >>>> Greetings from the Ministry of Finance.
    >>>> Tilvísun í mál: FJR08100024
    >>>> From:
    >>>> Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008
    >>>> Subject: Regarding your enquiry to the Prime Ministry of Iceland
    >>>> To: David Amos
    >>>> David Raymond Amos
    >>>> Your enquiry has been received by the Prime Ministry of Iceland and
    >>>> waits attendance.
    >>>> Thank you.

  10. Many years later.......

    ---------- Original message ----------
    From: Póstur FOR
    Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 14:51:41 +0000
    Subject: Re: RE FATCA, NAFTA & TPP etc ATTN President Donald J. Trump I just got off the phone with your lawyer Mr Cohen (646-853-0114) Why does he lie to me after all this time???
    To: David Amos

    Erindi þitt hefur verið móttekið / Your request has been received

    Kveðja / Best regards
    Forsætisráðuneytið / Prime Minister's Office

    ---------- Original message ----------
    From: Michael Cohen
    Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 14:15:14 +0000
    Subject: Automatic reply: RE FATCA ATTN Pierre-Luc.Dusseault I just
    called and left a message for you
    To: David Amos

    Effective January 20, 2017, I have accepted the role as personal
    counsel to President Donald J. Trump. All future emails should be
    directed to and all future calls should be
    directed to 646-853-0114.
    This communication is from The Trump Organization or an affiliate
    thereof and is not sent on behalf of any other individual or entity.
    This email may contain information that is confidential and/or
    proprietary. Such information may not be read, disclosed, used,
    copied, distributed or disseminated except (1) for use by the intended
    recipient or (2) as expressly authorized by the sender. If you have
    received this communication in error, please immediately delete it and
    promptly notify the sender. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed
    to be received, secure or error-free as emails could be intercepted,
    corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late, incomplete, contain viruses
    or otherwise. The Trump Organization and its affiliates do not
    guarantee that all emails will be read and do not accept liability for
    any errors or omissions in emails. Any views or opinions presented in
    any email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily
    represent those of The Trump Organization or any of its
    affiliates.Nothing in this communication is intended to operate as an
    electronic signature under applicable law.


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