A Few Reflections on the Current State of Western Civilization

The great upheavals which precede changes of civilizations such as the fall of the Roman Empire and the foundation of the Arabian Empire, seem at first sight determined more especially by political transformations, foreign invasion, or the overthrow of dynasties. But a more attentive study of these events shows that behind their apparent causes the real cause is generally seen to be a profound modification in the ideas of the peoples. —Gustave Le Bon

Today the claims of the masses are becoming more and more sharply defined, and amount to nothing less than a determination to utterly destroy society as it now exists, with a view to making it hark back to that primitive communism which was the normal condition of all human groups before the dawn of civilization. —the same guy

     I feel like this ought to be a rant in order to be truly effective (at getting the point across and at getting it off my chest), but I am not sure if I have it in me to rant real good at present. Essentially what has happened is that a deeply corrupt system was rebuked and temporarily frustrated by two 2016 election results that weren’t supposed to happen—Brexit and Trump—and instead of learning something about respecting the will of the people, they simply doubled down AGAIN and upped their game of lying, fraud, and censorship in order to retain and maintain power. After all, even during the Trump administration they maintained total control over the main corporate media outlets (including the now despised Fox News), and so they went with Herr Hitler’s (alleged) old idea of the Big Lie, assuming correctly that most people would be naive enough and sheeplike enough (and for some, corrupt enough) to believe that ALL the main news sources wouldn’t all lie to their face 24/7 for more than four years straight; but that is essentially what the mainstream corporate media did.

     Everyone has a basic theme, a prevailing paradigm, for interpreting the current political situation in America and in the world. Normies and lefties tend to simply believe the official propaganda narrative, with even a lot of normie conservatives accepting some moderated version of it (like, “I like Trump but he totally let the country down with his failure to stop the coronavirus”). Alt-Right types obsessed with “The Jews” may be at a loss in this case, since people of Hebrew ancestry are vehemently clamoring on both sides of the issue (as is usually the case). My theme, my interpretive paradigm, is more based on the globalist establishment and the New World Order.

     Some decades ago a cabal of very influential, very powerful, very rich people got together and started working out a game plan for setting up a more or less socialized globalist political and economic system. Everything was more or less on track, more or less behind the facade of superficial world affairs, with all major political parties on board…until Brexit went the “wrong” way, and a very popular (and populist) loudmouthed vulgarian named Donald Trump caught them unawares and became President of the United States and de facto leader of the so-called Free World, and railed against the globalists in America selling out their own people for the sake of global markets and lots more money and power for themselves, plus maybe some approach towards a spineless vision of feminized leftwing “social justice.” President Trump was loathed to the point of mass hysteria, at the urging of establishment-run media of course, not because of any crimes (which they couldn’t find despite spying on him and conducting witch-hunt investigations), but because he was messing up their plans for world domination. And so, regardless of truth, justice, or anything else praiseworthy, they set out to destroy him, with the more sheeplike half of the population going along with it and obediently parroting the opinions spoon-fed to them by their masters.

     This could not have happened in the USA if the former (and very bitter) leaders of the Republican Party had not betrayed their own voting base and sided with the Democratic Party leadership against the new leader, President Trump. They wanted their power back, and their boundless sources of money, with some vision of a feminized, globalized world being secondary at best. Now they are wagering that launching a full-scale attack on Trump and his supporters (most of them Republican voters) will silence dissent and let them get back to the business of being NWO globalists fellating Chairman Xi and essentially selling out American interests to the interests of multinational corporations, and of course Communist China. With regard to that I hope the neoconservative likes of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the Bushes will be sorely, tragically mistaken, but only time will tell.

     If everything were more or less legal and honest I could be optimistic; although the evidence clearly indicates that this is a Machiavellian game of Cutthroat conducted on a global scale, and the “bad guys” are many, influential, astronomically rich, and willing to commit any atrocity in order to win, while still passing themselves off as the good guys in their practical monopoly on mainstream propaganda.

     Recently the President of the United States was banned from most social media platforms almost simultaneously; and more recently an alternative platform that he moved to was shut down by monopolists in an obviously illegal and unethical move to shut down all competition and opposition. The President of the USA was essentially treated like Alex Jones was a few years ago when he started becoming too popular. And if it can happen to the President, let alone Alex Jones, it can happen to ANYBODY who refuses to endorse a narrative that is hysterical blatant bullshit.

     This is not the end of America, but it is a major step away from the noble vision of the American founding fathers, the first real break even with giving them lip service. This is an attack on what America used to stand for. Soon the founding fathers will be considered villains to be ashamed of (and hysterical mobs have already started vandalizing and pulling down their monuments), and we’ll have representations of obese black lesbians, who accomplished nothing great or even all that good, on our money. After all, greatness goes against equality of outcome.

     If we lost the recent elections fair and square, even allowing gullible human sheep being indoctrinated and controlled by mainstream propaganda, we could accept the results with some equanimity, or at least resignation. We could accept the situation more easily. But since not just the election but the entire system is evidently rigged at this point, any faith in the US Constitution protecting our rights, or of free elections changing the direction of the nation, are pretty much hopeless. All that remains to us is the choice between civil disobedience and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. I know which I prefer. Huxley did try to warn us—that’s why he wrote the book—but people don’t listen and normies are too conformist and passive to care.

     I have compared Marxism in its various forms to Christianity in classical Rome. History does repeat itself, at least with regard to the universality of human nature, cultural themes, and the cycles of civilizations. Rome was undermined in large part by a hysterical “progressive movement” of Hebrew origin, with fanatical self-righteous fools (though not ALL early Christians were fools, the most influential ones were) hating their own country and civilization and fervently praying for its destruction. Trump appears to have been our Julian the Apostate, the last Pagan Emperor who stood up to the hysterical mob (very powerful by that time) and protected the conservatives and traditionalists of the Empire; and although I was hoping Trump would fare better than Julian, it looks like maybe he didn’t.

     On the bright side, it’s not the end of the world. Every negative has an equal and corresponding positive, and everything that has a beginning also has an end—including the New World Order, Marxism (neo- and otherwise), and corporate globalism. I’m starting to feel like I did as a teenager when I despised ALL political systems and ALL politicians; so in that sense I feel young again.

     Democracy in America may not be totally dead, but damned few have an ounce of confidence in it anymore, or the guts, balls, and spine to defend it. And when the majority of people stop believing in the system, the system inevitably dies a whimpering death. Also, when democratic votes no longer count for anything, again, the only alternatives are civil disobedience, or slavery, of mind if not of body.

I was planning to post a pic of the fall of Rome, with a caption explaining

that we haven’t reached that yet but have definitely moved in that direction;

but what the hell, let’s go nihilist just for shits and giggles

ah, what the hell


  1. the political stuff you write is as if I wrote it , that must be why you have captured my attention lately , I have always been a ron paul style libertarian and have been living with this frustration for years the way both sides and media have shut out anyone who was for the people or country or just had common sense , sadly our system of western democracy depends on the public having some trust in the leaders they elect , that trust has been dead for years now and sadly is only as good as the citizens because the government is a reflection of the people it represents , it is very scary how high the percentage is of people that allow the media to create the reality they live in for them , just to live in the reality of the moment is a certain level of self enlightenment alone the general population cant even grasp the concept of living in freedom , they want the government to become their faith and God because the general population is insecure , I bet you learned to live in some kind a faith with no steady job , living outside , I lived for years self employed mostly day to day now I dont worry about making it big financially because I have turned my focus to my own enlightenment instead of worrying about money its such a waste of my mental energy .

  2. There are no political solutions and there never were - it was always a shit show. Always.

    The USA was always an illusion, if not before the 1873 Constitution Act by virtue of it. The only place it ever existed was in the heart of the hopeful person - I read a quote attributed to Frank Zappa - something like: imagine you're in a richly decorated theatre and the furnishings start disappearing one by one until eventually the curtains are pulled back to expose a brick wall. It could be we've reached brick wall stage, that's all. It was always there.

    The problem isn't the politicians because by their very nature you expect them to be corrupt lying scum, and this current bunch have lived up to their nature in exemplary fashion.
    The problem is people. So long as people hand over their autonomy on mass to other people/politicians you can expect civilizations to keep falling; so long as there is a class system and a hierarchical system of any kind you can expect civilizations to keep falling because those at the top have consistently sold out those below them. History is the history of sell outs. These systems, by their nature, inculcate envy, greed, power plays, corruption, and so on.

    The only system I have come across that could work would be if we were to return to tribal living - with the leader of the tribe being open to be re-elected or kicked out every six weeks. A limited number of people in each tribe, trading with other tribes who produce what they cannot. The two problems with this is that the tribe will always operate according to the quality of the people in it, which may ensure low iq/vibratory living; the second problem is that for this to occur there would have to be some kind of massive reduction in population. When I look around me in 2021 I have to concur with Pentti Linkola - this might not be such a bad thing.

    I diverted - so I restate my initial point - there are no political solutions and there never were.

    1. Sure, no human system will ever be ideal or perfect, because it is designed by and composed of imperfect deluded humans, with the wisest tending to opt out of the whole shitshow. Also, having class stratification and a ruling elite is in some ways superior to universal equality for the very same reason you said tribalism may not work: even the dregs of society are helping to make political decisions. But some ways work better than others, so long as the people are more or less unified in a more or less wise and functional ideology. And Marxism isn't it.

    2. Perhaps Tesla was right then - he said by the end of the 20th Century eugenics would result in a glorious civilization; without it we seem destined to flounder in our imperfections and glory in our baseness.

      You are right - the wisest opt out - kudos to you then!!

    3. Except eugenics is Politically Incorrect because of muh Nazis, so the more likely route is genetic engineering and transhumanism...for the elites. As for the wisest tending to opt out, I for one have decided to opt back in, if only a little, to do my part not to let western civilization collapse under the weight of its own degeneracy. One person against a civilizational trend is pretty futile, but still it's a matter of principle. I feel like a classical Pagan in the late 4th century.

    4. I want to fact-check myself! It appears the 1871 (not 1873) Constitution Act did not turn the USA into a corporation - further it was repealed three years after being enacted. Makes little difference to the final outcome - it’s still a brick wall - but I don’t want to spread misinformation.

  3. Engaging in political theatre is like plunging your ship into a bog of quicksand. Drowning in delusion and samsara, all the while believing the bog was just a soft, sandy shore to protect your hull from the fate of the rock strewn coast. We must trust our sails.


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