Bad News (for me)

     Hello everyone. OK, the situation is this: I am presently living at a smallish forest monastery in upper Burma, and my computer has died. As in totally non-functional.

     The plan was to send the computer to a supporter in Rangoon, who would send it to a shop where people are actually qualified to fix Macs…but this is Burma, and things just don’t roll that way. My supporter in Rangoon knows a guy in the nearby town of Pyin Oo Lwin who sometimes can fix computers, so my Mac was sent to him with the idea that if it isn’t something simple that he can fix he would send it to my supporter in Rangoon. But, the guy, after failing to fix the thing, unilaterally changed the plan and sent my computer to a buddy of his in Mandalay…and that’s the last I’ve heard of it. I’ve been told that it’s got a charging problem, which I don’t believe, considering that before the computer completely went inert charging was one of the only things it WOULD do. There’s a significant chance that an expensive logic board will be ordered from overseas which won’t even fix the problem.

     This is third world Burma. It may be that my computer will be repaired, or it may be that, considering that the guys working on it aren’t really qualified to work on Macs, and that this is Burma, the computer will be messed up more than it already is—and I may have to wait months just to find out which is the case. The best case scenario will have me online again within a matter of a few weeks (I’m borrowing someone else’s computer to post this); or, the most realistic worst case scenario will have me without a functioning computer until I return to the United States around 10 December.

     What all this signifies is that maintaining this blog is too much of a pain in the neck without a computer…so the blog is going into Sleep mode until I have possession of a working computer again. I’m not shutting the blog down totally, mind you, just putting it on hold until further notice.

     I’m very sorry about this. It would be nice if things were otherwise, but they aren’t, so here we are. I hope to start posting again before we’re all dead of old age, and that you will once again experience the delight of reading my politically incorrect rants. Have a nice day.



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