How The Republican Party Stabbed Its Own Voters in the Back

Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason. —Sir John Harington

     I am just a common citizen (if a monk can be considered a common citizen), not a political expert, but I do have some intelligence and power of observation and, up until recently at least, I took a keen interest in the political situation in the USA. (And I may as well add that political “experts” are all over the map, which renders their expert status rather doubtful anyhow.) With regard to current events I simply call them as I see them, and what I’ve been seeing is pretty damned obvious. So with that as a prologue, I will begin this little political rant, or diatribe, or philosophical essay, or whatever the hell it is. I am an American citizen; and until the globalist, corporate neo-Marxists of the Brave New World Order take total control of the official narrative, I still have the right to express my opinions.

     As most of us know, in 2016 a bombastic showman and business tycoon named Donald Trump perpetrated a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, with the enthusiastic support of the common people of the conservative right, and quite a few independents also. (This amazing and outrageous feat should be sufficient to discredit all claims, coming from the hysterical left mostly, that Trump is an idiot, a weakling, a hopeless bungler, and/or a coward.) The Republican aristocracy, or GOPe (Grand Old Party elite), were somewhat more principled than the Democrats who simply shafted their own non-establishment challenger in 2016—and possibly murdered Seth Rich besides; so many of the mortified neoconservative brahmins who didn’t simply reconcile themselves to the will of their voters or else quit the Party in bitterness and disgust, bided their time more or less patiently until the time was ripe to stab Mr. Trump in the back and regain power, in a scenario not so different from the assassins in the Roman Senate biding their time till the Ides of March. Even some who went along with Trumpism as a political expedient nevertheless waited for the big opportunity to abandon it, destroy it, and get the globalist New World Order agenda, and their own personal agendas, back on track.

     Obviously, with a few exceptions, the aristocracy of BOTH main political parties hated Trump’s guts, and feared him too, with the GOPe hating him with approximately the same vitriol, if not the same hysterical outspokenness, as the leftists. And so the committed globalists at the top ranks of the Republican Party turned their backs on the overwhelming majority of the Party’s own voters and literally conspired with the Democrat opposition, or at least worked in league with them and the corporate establishment, in order to regain power for themselves and to quash American nationalism, along with the very idea that the government of the USA should first and foremost work towards the prosperity and well-being of its own citizens. Many high-caste Republicans, including the Bushes, notoriously voted Democrat in 2016 and, I assume, in 2020 also, thereby voting against the people supposedly represented by their own Party, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. (The alleged fact that neoconservatism was invented by a bunch of Jewish Trotskyite Marxists in New York City, who were disillusioned by the rough treatment received by their man Trotsky at the hands of the Stalinist government, is no doubt irrelevant, but I include it here in parentheses just for the hell of it.) Moves were made long before election day to defeat Trump, and more importantly perhaps, to defeat America First nationalism, with most of the swing states that were comfortably favoring Trump on election night, then shut down their ballot counting suddenly, and then resumed early in the morning after receiving huge ballot dumps in favor of Biden, being governed by Never Trump “Republicans” who longed for their beloved neoconservative globalism to regain preeminence.

     Approximately 95% of Republican voters voted for Trump in 2020, and most of them did so enthusiastically, sincerely considering him to be a really good President, and one who worked for their interests, let alone their rights as human beings and free American citizens. But the remaining 5%, mostly near the top, the elite, resented the hell out of Trump’s taking of their power so intensely that they were literally willing to sell out their own side, and collaborated with the Democrats to derail the direction taken by a revitalized Republican Party no longer shackled by the elites' corruption and greed…and they lost the White House and both branches of Congress in the process. There can be no doubt that Trump could not have lost the election without the aristocracy of BOTH Parties, and of course the corporate globalists, combining their forces against him. So now the GOPe, like Mitt Romney for example, are execrated by their own Party voters because these turncoats have essentially betrayed their own people, or people they pretended were their own. They betrayed the people they had already been disdaining and swindling for years, and are simply trying to brazen it out.

     The common Republican voter now resents, despises, and loathes the likes of Mitch McConnell, and even more so the more blatant neocon globalists who opposed Trump at every turn from beginning to end. A recent poll shows that a majority of Republican voters now believe Trump should start a new Party, since the GOPe obviously don’t give a damn about them. The likes of Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowsky, et al. are probably loathed more by voters of their own Party than by leftists and mainstream Democrats. But now the neocons, with the aid of the corporate establishment (including mainstream propaganda outlets), are trying their very worst to compel the Republican Party back into the establishment Uniparty, with presidential elections being once again hardly more consequential than choosing between Coke and Pepsi (since the elite oligarchs of both sides are doing the bidding of the same globalist billionaires). But when approximately half the voters in America, and more than 90% of the ones in the Republican Party, enthusiastically endorse Trumpist nationalism, the elites who don’t give the proverbial tinker’s cuss for the common American citizen, and have haughtily stabbed him in the back by collaborating with the opposition, are bound for a brutally harsh reckoning.

     So the obvious thing to do, if the Republican aristocracy brazenly continue to disdain their own voting base, is to abandon the neoconservative GOP and form a new Party. This could be advantageous to the right in two possible ways.

     First, the new Party could function like Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party did recently, compelling the “conservatives” actually to respect the will of the people, especially the conservative ones, by having an alternative Party they could endorse instead of people they consider to be treacherous elitist vermin. The Brexit situation was not so different from what we have in the USA, with the majority wanting independence but the establishment elite doing all in their power to thwart the will of the people, for the sake of globalism and the privileges of the ruling class. A Party that was formed just weeks before wound up winning the lion’s share of votes in the 2019 European Parliament elections, demonstrating how thoroughly fed up the populace had become with an establishment elite who fed them bullshit promises while doing as they pleased regardless; and it also demonstrated how people fed up with bullshit can effectively strike back by withdrawing support for the bullshitters.

     And secondly, if the aforementioned treacherous elitist vermin insist on having their own elitist way, regardless of populist pressure from their own voters, then the people could simply abandon the Republican Party en masse and bring an end to it similar to the end of the Whigs. Either way, the old neocons are unlikely to be able to continue with their pre-Trump agenda, and most of them are finished politically—unless of course they switch sides and become corporatist neoliberal Democrats. Hell, they’ve already preferred the neoliberals—and to some extent even the Marxists—to the conservative nationalists anyhow. If the ruling elite of the Republican Party stubbornly refuse to submit to the will of the people they ostensibly represent, they will suicide (can I use that as a verb?) their own Party out of a desperate gambit for power.

     Or…they may simply resort to the same kind of sleaze the Democrat establishment (the new Party of the billionaire 1%, which maintains power by handing out crumbs and slogans to the proles) have begun specializing in, gaslighting the people so vehemently and uncompromisingly that a population deprived of its spirit may simply submit…in which case of course America is already dead. America was born of civil disobedience and a willingness to fight and die for the sake of one’s own freedoms and rights, and when that attitude is gone, America dies, or at best becomes a kind of South Canada, and a province of the global Brave New World.

     Some people argue that forming a third Party is exactly what the Democrats and the left in general would want the right to do, because it virtually guarantees that the Democrats will win every election in future and will exploit their wins to make sure that conservatives and libertarians will never win anything ever again. But desperate times require desperate measures, and of course the Brexit Party didn’t destroy the Tories—it just compelled them to do the will of the people instead of following their own corrupt desires. And the system is already fucked. 

     The moral of the story: NOBODY should support the neoconservative globalist Republican elite. They should all be voted out of office, censured, and/or expelled from the Party. Their own mothers shouldn’t vote for them, assuming that voting even means anything anymore. Also, one thing is certain: no matter what happens, the Republican Party will be very different in future.


  1. I think the globalist Republicans within the party stabbed the Republican voters in the back. I feel they were acting consistently with their values, in harmony with their brothers and sisters within the Democrat party. It's globalist vs patriot, or truth vs lies.
    Like you, I'm losing interest in US politics too.

    Soon I will re-release our video about President Trump, "Why Populist Leaders Get Destroyed".

    Brian Ruhe

  2. The best thing Trump, Bannon and others need to do now, is to start a new party! And they should work together with patriotic party's all across europe and maybe all over the world. P.S.: If you could make an article about what is happening right now in Myanmar? Is it good, is it bad? Who are the protesters and who is the military? In Thailand especially the most protesters are communists and they are not hiding it. The leader of the protests in Thailand said his role model is Rudi Dutschke (communist leader in the 60's in germany).

    1. I did a video with Herr Brian Ruhe on the subject of the Myanmar coup and why Myanmar is pretty much doomed to have shitty governments. The Bitchute link is here:

    2. Mr. Trump gave the game away when he told his supporters he'd march with them to the Capitol, then scurried back to the White House. Both parties are working for the elite, it's all theatrical nonsense.

    3. Renunciation beckons! I tend always toward the conservative and traditional spectrum of society and it is clear we are given no true representation. They are all doomed however. Nature isn't kind to hedonistic, glutonous, hubristic fools! Bless their hearts!.... We can only control our own hearts. May we look after ourselves with ease. May we ALL do so!

    4. I saw your and brian's video about the coup in myanmar and it was very interesting. I shared it on my telegram channel Once again i recommend you should make a telegram channel. Telegram is growing fast and big, especially for patriotic people around the world without getting censored. We could make a buddhist patriotic sangha. And you would reach much more people then on Youtube or Bitchute. I think a lot of people looking for sense in life (buddhism) without this left wing buddhist fake bullshit.

    5. I agree I should look into it. At present I'm wallowing in Bitchute, trying to upload lots of old videos with Bitchute being totally overwhelmed by people like me who are fleeing YouTube.

    6. See


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