Still MORE Beauties of Meditation

Even Another Lavish Pictorial Guide to the Harmonious Symmetry of the Undraped Meditatrix

TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE EASILY SHOCKED, EASILY OFFENDED, AND/OR UNCOMPROMISINGLY PURITANICAL: This post contains pictures of women, some of them nude, sitting in non-pornographic spiritual poses. If you are offended by nudity, especially the nudity of healthy, well-proportioned females of breeding age, don’t read any farther, go away, and have a nice day.


     Well by golly, it’s time for another installment of my Beauties of Meditation series. I have already discussed in the first two installments of the series (here and here) that I have never managed to shake my profound admiration for various aspects of feminine beauty, and so I have indulged in a compromise (in military jargon, a strategic flexible retreat) by cultivating a taste for pictures of lovely women sitting in meditative poses, accentuating the fact that not only may women be luscious and voluptuous externally, but they also may be vessels of goodness and wisdom within, filled with the spirit of divinity, AT THE VERY SAME TIME. It is a mysterious paradox that I love, and can’t even want to stop loving it.

     So instead of philosophizing some more about my own heterosexual mating instincts influencing my perceptions of the world around me, I may as well add some potentially useful pointers about meditation, especially about correct posture—which many of the ladies below are not doing very well (though with a few of them there may be some mammalian counterbalancing issues involved).

     First, the legs. When sitting in formal meditation it is good to have one’s behind and both knees touching the ground, or anyway forming a stable foundation, which adds stability to one’s meditation posture and reduces fatigue. Having both knees poking up off the floor results in a kind of balancing act which can distract, even if ever so slightly, from one’s concentration, and possibly cause a sore behind. This is one reason why using a meditation cushion can be a good idea: it helps to raise one’s hips so that one’s knees touch the floor more easily, forming a stable tripod. (The cushion also helps to keep one’s posture straight, but we’re still on the legs.)

     I have found that a serious meditator does well to cultivate the full lotus position, with the top of each foot resting on the opposite thigh. For me, at least, the full lotus automatically improves meditation by at least 3%. I’m not exactly sure why, and yoga people might have some metaphysical explanation involving the kundalini or some such, but my guess is that it reduces blood flow to the legs, thereby increasing blood flow to the vital organs including the brain. Also it is easier to sit in a straight, upright posture when in the full lotus, which naturally improves alertness. It may take awhile to be able to sit in the lotus position comfortably for an entire meditation session though, and one should gradually work one’s way up through the easy (or Burmese) position, the quarter lotus, and the half lotus. Examples of these are given below. When one can sit comfortably for an entire sit in one position, it’s time to move on to the next, more advanced one. The quarter lotus has one foot resting in the crevice between the calf and thigh of the opposite leg, and the half lotus has one foot resting on the opposite thigh, with the other bent flat on the floor (or the mat or whatever). I once met an old hippie in San Francisco who could flop right into the full lotus without even having to use his hands to position his legs, and he cheerfully claimed that “it only hurts for the first five years.” But the discomfort of cultivating the lotus at first is well worth it if you are a serious meditator. And meditating while sitting on a chair is gay for anyone who is healthy.

     I mentioned the easy (or Burmese) position, so I should also say that keeping both legs bent and touching the floor without crossing the ankles is really superior to crossing them with the knees up. I’ve seen even yoga practitioners, western ones I mean, who, although they bend themselves into pretzels as yoga asanas, nevertheless sit with their ankles crossed and their knees up in the air, which is not optimal for deep meditation.

     With regard to arms and hands, any position is fine, especially if the hands are at rest on one's knees, legs, or lap. The usual method in Buddhism is to have one hand resting on the other in the lap with palms up and thumbs touching, though I’ve learned that, especially in very hot, sweaty weather, resting the hands on one’s knees or thighs works just as well, and dissipates heat better. Holding the hands up, like in prayer before one’s chest (like some of the lovelies below are doing), may work for some, but it requires effort that may detract, even ever so slightly, from the meditation object—assuming that one has an object. Hands on knees palms upwards is more associated with Hindu meditation techniques, but it does work too.

     Posture should be as straight and erect as possible, which is easier in the lotus position, and if one uses a meditation cushion or some other object tucked under one’s behind to help tilt the pelvis forward. The head may be level, or tilted slightly up or slightly down. I’ve noticed that one or two meditation techniques are easier for me with head tilted slightly back…but maybe that’s just me.

     If possible, sit in meditation in a quiet place, and if it’s in your home try to do it in a place near the altar if you have one, or at least in a place that is treated with respect, and kept relatively clean, physically and spiritually.

     This is not the place for teaching specific meditation methods, so in conclusion, before moving on to the aesthetic illustrations, I do have more of them, and occasionally encounter new ones, so don’t be surprised if there’s a part 4, and maybe even a part 5.

this is intermediate between the easy position and the quarter lotus, although she really should move her lower foot forward so both knees are down

for the sake of politically correct racial diversity, I include an elf babe

this is a good example of a well executed easy position, with a cushion to improve posture and to keep both knees on the floor

another good view of the easy or Burmese position

keep the head straight

pretty much of a quarter lotus

I assume she's very nice, but having the knees way up like that is bad form for meditation

half lotus, though with some exotic contortions

in the previous two installments, in a spirit of fairness and “do unto others…,” I included pics of myself sitting in a nude lotus also…but I’ve run out of publishable pics like that so I include this fellow


  1. I think this shows why Gotama Buddha was hesitant to create a bhikkuni sangha. Women sexualize everything, even meditation.

  2. Inability to get the knees to the floor when in crossed legs is caused by tightness in the hips - specifically the muscles that contribute to external rotation of the femur bone in the hip socket. As you said using a cushion or other height under the pelvis brings the knees to the floor easier. I have been taught that right hand should rest on the left 3 finger widths below the navel. The right hand represents skilful means (upaya) and the left wisdom (prajna) – the combination and balance of the two essential for attaining nirvana. Full lotus position helps to fully align the central (avadhuti) channel which courses along the spine. Lotus or Vajra posture, as it’s called in Tantric iconography, brings the left (lalana) and right (rasana) channels into equilibrium which allows a free-flow pranic energy. When there are no blockages in the nervous and subtle nervous systems then meditation will be clearer and realisations will come sooner.
    I’m glad to see you’ve included some pictures of Devi Dakini (the voluptuous Indian lady) I have a couple of autographed photos from her.. she is a real goddess. Keep up this series as the tips are helpful. Namaste.

  3. I doubt you will post this, but here it is anyway........
    Don’t know if this is an attempt to be edgy but it comes across as adolescent.
    Instead of taking vows of celibacy that cant be kept or castrating the offending article I think it would be better for monks to go and live with a woman for six days or weeks (for the truly lustful it might take six months) - at the end of which most will probably flee back to the monastery with their lust destroyed and their bits intact. What you see on the outside ain’t what’s going on in the inside and ain’t going to be what you get in bed (if at all! - depending on your ability to meet the sometimes incessant demands).
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there aren’t good women out there because there are - unfortunately though there are far too many entitled princesses (means what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine) - a fact that can be proven by considering how many men have had their entire lives ruined, or have killed themselves, because of the unfair settlements produced through lawyers and divorce courts.
    You might want to count your blessings and stop posting soft core porn, because it just comes across as naive and seedy.
    How are your vows of celibacy going?

    1. I am well aware of the complications of feminine psychology. Interestingly, women consider men to be as insane as men consider women to be. But mating instincts are inherent and do not simply go away; and so for many the best that can be managed is to sublimate them, or transmute them into something higher. As for "vows of celibacy," I assume you are unfamiliar with the rules of monastic discipline, which really aren't vows. But I have managed to avoid excommunicating myself.

    2. With regard vows I was referring to monastics in general, thought that was obvious - I assume Buddhists in general also do not cut off their genitals...?
      “Interestingly, women consider men to be as insane as men consider women to be” - is only a statement you can make if you have no experience of women - The statement is true in that women consider men to be insane but the statement is false in actual experience - you have to have experienced it to know it. And to consider that statement interesting simply shows a lack of experience.
      Here’s some of the best advice I ever heard
      “A den of strife is household life
      Full of toil and need
      But high and wide as the open sky
      Is the life the boundless lead”
      Can’t recall where I read it - perhaps you know?
      I do know I wish I’d heard that advice when I was a young man - I would have run for the hills and avoided the Black Widow Spiders I unfortunately ran into instead.

    3. I am sorry to see this comments section degenerating into a MGTOW encounter group.

    4. Sorry - why? Isn’t it a statement of how men have woken up to how they are being disadvantaged by the current form of “relationships” in this system? Isn’t that a good thing?
      If you’re going to post soft core porn pics are you not open to all angles of the situation?
      I have read of some ancient societies where the men and women would only meet to mate. Male children would then stay with the women until they were seven when they would then be initiated and join the male group - would this fit better with your vision of a warrior Buddhist system? Then it would be ok to “idealize” women via soft core porn pics, yes? After all, they didn’t have to live with them.....
      Alternatively you could just post some porn pics of men and see how much “luv” you get from the raging feminazi nut-bags.
      It wasn’t my intention to rain on your fantasy porn pic collection post so this will be my last comment.

    5. I'm sorry that this has become a MGTOW encounter group thread because it shows the whining weakness and degeneracy of so many western men nowadays, who allow themselves to be abused and then sit around bitching about it.

      For those unskilled in dealing with females in a romantic relationship, yet would nevertheless prefer to be functionally heterosexual, here is a good introduction:

    6. MGTOW doesn't mean a failure with women. You're thinking of incels and what incels call failed normies. MGTOW are chads who see the same things the Pali canon says about women and renounce. Not renounce property and become a mendicant, but renounce women and keep their money.

    7. So long as a person is celibate for positive reasons it is positive. But when celibate guys spend much of their time bashing females, it becomes something negative and unskillful, and generates "bad karma," and is essentially the male version of radical feminists. Personally, I can't help but like females, and I became celibate in spite of that; and of course it is good for the human race that most males do like women. Many are no doubt better off celibate, but it certainly is not optimal for everybody.

    8. "But when celibate guys spend much of their time bashing females, it becomes something negative and unskillful,"

      It may be necessary at the early stages to maintain celibacy. In MGTOW they call it "redpill rage" and say it goes away over time, an it actually does, btw.

    9. There are better ways of maintaining celibacy than nursing hatred or resentment. There are definitely positive ways of going about it. Even some of the traditional Buddhist methods like imagining rotting corpses are not particularly effective. Negative mental states produce "bad karma," regardless of one's reasons. Even if "redpill rage" arises spontaneously it is best not to nurse it, although trying to suppress it artificially also tends not to work so well.

  4. As any MGTOW will tell you, seeing the true nature of women doesn't erase all lust automatically. But you can do so by constantly reading the hypergammy stories on the subreddit. Similar to reading and re-reading the parts of the Pali canon that praise celibacy and talk about how fickle women are. Just more modern.

  5. The only images here acceptable for a monk to look at are the ones up to Mona Lisa, without having to make a confession. Isn't it?

    1. There is a minor rule forbidding a monk from looking at a woman's crotch area with lustful desire. But to look at the mere representation of a woman's crotch area is arguably not against the rules, even though it does involve unskillful mental states. For example, fondling a real woman with lustful desire is a serious offense, but fondling a mere representation of a woman (like a mannikin or statue or love doll) would be only a minor offense (dukkata, or "wrongly done"). So if ogling a woman's crotch is already a minor offense (also a dukkata), then ogling a mere representation could be argued to be no offense at all. But again, the lust is still there.

    2. So are you trying to train yourself to look at pictures of naked women without jacking it, or what?

    3. My philosophical reasons for posting these are mainly laid out in the first two installments of this miniseries. Also I am pushing the envelope a bit to see what kind of neurotic outbursts they elicit.

  6. You should know the “elf” genre is hentai and is illegal in some countries - isn’t a breach of law against monastic code?
    Is this what you spend all day in your trailer doing? Maybe I could be a monk.

  7. MGTOW is the male equivalent of feminism. Two negative and self-defeating ideologies. I find irony in the neuroticism of MGTOW men who go on about the neuroticism of women. You become exactly what you fight, as we are all part of the same human consciousness, and consciousness cannot fight itself, as Mr Icke would say.

    The man or woman that you love is a direct reflection of your own self. Look inward man, and you may unravel the mystery of "waaahmen," as the MGTOW like to call them. A mirror is a powerful weapon.

    1. Excellent point! If I understand the concept of karma correctly, then we've all been Male and Female over many eons. Projecting outwards is part of the trap, we need to mind ourselves, look in that mirror and soak in what Gurdjieff called "the terror of the situation ".

  8. Yes, out there are crazy and ugly feminist women. But apparently there are many men who develop a women's shelter out of their inability to speak to women. As pathetic as feminism.


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